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Crowdfunding Round-Up 11th July

This week starts off with a massive surprise and a massive campaign. Dice Throne Santa VS Krampus launched out of no where and is already passed its goal by £400,000. With a holiday themed addition to the already popular Dice throne and guaranteed delivery by Christmas, I'm not surprised. Moon and One Hundred Torii (Expansion) both have my attention this week, its going to be an expensive week.

Moon depicts an almost plausible rush to construct lunar bases that are attractive places to live and work for the people of Earth. The most prestigious base will become the new lunar capital!

The game employs the familiar "pick & pass" or "hand drafting" mechanism for players to select a new structure cards to add to their base. Each hand of cards represents a convoy of experts and equipment travelling between the players' outposts, giving the player the choice of one new construction each turn. In a new twist on the genre, each hand always contains one of a number of "Expedition" cards that grant a special free action every turn before passing on to the next player.

Wooden lunar rover tokens are a neutral resource that add a worker placement element to the game. They are also used to break ties and so must be used with care.

Over the three distinct eras of the game, players compete for majority in 5 aspects of their bases: housing, transportation, science, industry, and food production. At the end of each era, the leader in each of these areas as determined by flag icons on their constructed buildings, collects bonus victory points.

Each game also features a number of randomly selected "Reputation" cards which provide one-time or ongoing bonuses for the player who meets the requirement and claims the card.

Moon is the third game of a loose trilogy, preceded by Villagers and Streets.

Long ago, the once-gentle leviathans lost their minds and tore the world apart. After generations of hiding and struggle, humanity discovered that the frenzied leviathans can be restored. Climbers willing to take the risk must explore the wilds and work together to remove a series of binding crystals to heal the leviathans roaming the world.

In Leviathan Wilds, 2-4 players will confront these colossal beings, with each creature being depicted across the spread of a spiral-bound storybook that makes up the game's board. The book also forms the basis of a connected campaign mode built around the game's story, with each of twenty included scenarios estimated to last around 45 minutes. Tougher difficulty levels are also available for added replay ability.

Each character's deck of multi-use cards is unique, allowing them to climb, jump, and glide around the board in different ways. The number of cards left in the slim deck represents their grip on the leviathan's body; if the deck runs out, the player loses their grip and begins to fall down the board until they're able to reach a rest space, which resets their deck. Moving onto rest spaces also provides a way to regain one's grip without falling. Other spaces reduce a character's health or grip or they increase blight, a status that reduces their overall hit points.

The leviathan has its own deck of cards, which triggers various effects at the beginning of a player's turn, from targeted attacks that reduce health to effects that move players between spaces or loosen their grip. As the game progresses, the leviathan gradually gains "rage", which intensifies the effect of its event cards.

Players' characters can move around a square grid overlaid on the creature's body by spending action points — the number being determined by a card played at the start of their turn — and their remaining hand of ability cards to reach the crystals and reduce them to zero. Victory is achieved by reducing all crystals, which vary in strength, to zero.

Two new and original Dice Throne heroes battle in this exciting, accessible stand-alone duelling game.

Dice Throne is a game of intriguing dice, tactical card play, powerful heroes, and unique abilities.

It's a fast-paced 2-6 player combat game (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all). Select from a variety of heroes that play and feel completely distinct from one another. Attack opponents and activate abilities by rolling your hero's unique set of five dice. Accumulate combat points and spend them on cards that have a large range of effects, such as granting permanent hero upgrades, applying status effects, and manipulating dice directly (yours, your teammate's, or even your opponent's).

Dice Throne: Santa v. Krampus introduces two new heroes that can play against each other or any other hero in Dice Throne. Also compatible with Dice Throne Adventures!

This is a stand-alone release supporting 2 players. Additional heroes are required to play with more than 2 players.

League of the Lexicon is a word game for language lovers, pedants and the incurably curious.

The game comprises two thousand questions in five categories; from etymology to definitions, word usage to archaic meanings. A dice roll decides what category players must answer. Correct answers earn Artefacts, and the correct Artefacts earn victory.

The game has two levels of difficulty so younger players can join in too.

With stunning hand-drawn artwork and carefully researched questions, League of the Lexicon is a language lovers dream.

Welcome to the Isle of Trains, where you are the conductor, and constructor of one of the island’s locomotives. You’ll build trains and load a range of goods to complete contracts across the island, and also deliver passengers to their destinations.

Isle of Trains: All Aboard is a card-based engine building game where cards have multiple uses: You can use cards as locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, or buildings to improve the effectiveness and abilities of your train. Cards can also be spent to pay for the construction of your new train cars and buildings, or you can use your cards as cargo and load them onto available freight cars.

You will also have a range of passengers who want to be taken to different destinations. You will draw these passengers at random from a bag when you build passenger cars and certain locomotives. You can then load passengers into any available passenger car. When passengers are delivered to their destinations, they will give you an instant powerful bonus!

Loading cargo and passengers into opponents’ trains is important on the Isle of Trains as it’ll also gain you extra bonuses that turn! But this will help the other train conductors get a little closer to completing their goals, by giving them the cargo or passengers, which they can then use for deliveries and big end game points!

The game ends when a certain number of contracts have been completed, or a certain number of passengers are delivered. You win by scoring the most points, which you earn by building up your train, completing contracts, and delivering passengers.

Isle of Trains: All Aboard is all about balancing the need to upgrade your train, with loading cargo or passengers onto opponent’s train for big bonuses, and delivering cargo and passengers to their destinations before anyone else. Build your engine effectively enough to be remembered as the greatest train conductor on the Isle of Trains!

A mighty artefact is hidden in a forgotten Temple. An obscure spell makes it unreachable. The only way to break this arcane magic is to find the tombs of the Evil Champions, which rest in the Temple, evocate them and defeat all of them! Find the Artefact and escape from the Temple before all Evil creatures dwelling there wake up! Explore an ancient dungeon, avoid traps, kill monsters, challenge Bosses, grab treasures, gain Experience points, increase your character abilities.

Temple of Horrors is an innovative dungeon crawler game for 1-4 players, which lasts about 90 minutes, where typical Euro game mechanicals mix with the American style.

In ToH, players create the dungeon map directly, choosing which tile place from their available display when their Hero explores a new area. By creating large Rooms of the same type, players will increase their chances to find clues about the Artefact position. Placing or not, particular game Rooms, from Library to Trap Rooms, or Treasure, Healing, Monster Rooms, will determine their chance of survival. Activating the Tombs Rooms, players will be able to fight mighty Bosses and find Clues. Combining Clues, they will discover the Artefact position, and if they will able to take it and escape from the Temple in time, they will win. Escape? Not so easy! After entering the Temple, the Entrance collapsed. So players must find a secondary exit. Different in each game, an ancient Map will reveal the path they have to take to find it. The game can last up to 14 rounds. In every round, the opponents will be stronger and more challenging to win.

You can play the game also in PvP mode. In this case, one or more hidden players will try secretly to win alone, distract the rest of the party on a false path, and grab the Artefact. This kind of game adds a lot of RPG aspects to the game.

Each Hero has their powers and abilities and can improve them during the game, gaining experience points, choosing how: by this way, each Hero is different in every game. Magic Items, potions, weapons will improve and differentiate each character more.

The Lost Artefact is one of the 100 different Adventures of the game! Each Adventure is playable multiple times by players, and each play will always be different!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Wonder down every path... What wonders await you deeper in the garden? You might wander upon shrines of extreme beauty and peace such as the many gates of Fushimi Inari or the bamboo paths of Nonomiya. Score a path next to a shrine and enjoy its own special blessing. Joining you on this journey are two new characters, the gambler and the pilgrim, each offering a unique advantage. There is wonder down every path...

the sun's horizon; shrines emerge from the trees; flowers turn to light

OBJECTIVE Your objective in this expansion for The One Hundred Torii, is the same as the normal game: earn the most journey points by expanding the garden and walking through as many torii gates as possible as you move between similar landmarks. However, playing with the shrines offers new ways to score journey points and there are two new characters to help you.

The One Hundred Torii: Diverging Paths is an expansion requiring the original game.

The Keeper of Vaile has fallen and chaos has enveloped the realm. The time has come to find someone worthy to take up the Mantle of the Keeper and bring order to Vaile. The protectors of the Cosmos, known as the Ascended, have each selected their own candidates, called Chosen, to compete in the Keeper Trials.

In this 2-4 player card-driven skirmish game, players take on the role of one of six Chosen characters to either battle head to head or on teams to become the next Keeper of Vaile. In Mantle of the Keeper, each Chosen has its own individual playstyle, deck of cards, and abilities, allowing players to leverage its Chosen’s strengths. Construct the arena to create a fierce battle experience while placing Hazard tokens to push the limits of movement and strategy. Utilize your Chosen’s distinctive skill set to unleash devastating attacks upon your foes. Counter the attacks of your rivals with powerful defences to gain Favour, which can be spent to upgrade your Chosen and use your unique abilities.

Do you have what it takes to overcome your opponents and take up the Mantle of the Keeper?

The King is coming to the city and will feast at the tavern offering the most tempting banquet. Send your minions into the cursed forests to gather the rarest ingredients for your recipes. Magic mushrooms, wild plants, dragon eggs... nothing is too dangerous for the King ! Sharpen your blades and heat up your pans!

Taverns & Dragons combines dice placement mechanics with worker movement, in an adventure game full of heroes and dragons. At the beginning of each round, players roll their dice. Then, each player will play one dice, either to move a minion, get resources or cook a recipe. Your minions may also collect ingredients, visit locations to get bonuses and engage in a risky (but rewarding) dragon hunt. Valiant heroes are waiting on the marketplace, willing to offer their skills in exchange for a few shiny coins...

To win the game, you must have the highest prestige points at the end of the game. These points are earned by cooking recipes, completing missions, engaging heroes and hunting dragons.

Planting Evidence is a card game for 2-4 players that pits you against your criminal friends.

Each round, players must choose between planting incriminating evidence on their fellow criminals or using similar evidence to build up their alibis.

Build sets of cards to assemble fingerprints from partials, reconstruct DNA, build a car license plate profile, or submit weapons for review.

Be careful not to trigger the end of the game unless you have the least evidence against you, or you lose!

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