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Crowdfunding Round-Up 6th March

After a huge round up last week, we are back to a steady pace in the crowdfunding realm. Sentinels of the Multiverse, will be another big outing for Greater Than Games, and the biggest of the projects launching this week. Most of the remaining projects look to be smaller with their own interesting quirks, like giant tiles and carboard constructions.

Remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Greetings, heroes and villains alike!

The Multiverse and its many disparate realities has always been a place of great pandemonium, and of great interest! Hundreds of bizarre stories have come out of the Sentinel Comics book known as Disparation, and now it is time for those stories to leave their mark on your tabletop!

Announcing Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation, the latest expansion to the Definitive Edition of the hit cooperative comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse! Hot on the heels of the incredibly successful first expansion, Rook City Renegades, this new expansion explores the heroes, villains, and environments of the Multiverse — those who travel through it, those who have been touched by its vast impossibilities, and those who would seek to destroy it!

Besides adding a truly staggering amount of content to the roster — six capable heroes, nine dangerous villains, and five ever-changing environments — Disparation also includes variants, events, critical events, and even new options for different ways for you to play your heroes to their principles

Hellbringer is a SOLO-COOP Dark Fantasy Roguelike card and dice game where you play as a hero venturing into the darkness of a dungeon to slay its mighty demon.

As you venture deeper and deeper in the dungeon, you will equip items, learn skills and earn attributes points by eliminating monsters, making you even more powerful.

The game is fast paced, last about 45 min per player and the set-up is simplistic.

In Star Tycoon, players will take on the role of an interstellar business with the goal of out-performing their business rivals by the last round.

Each player gains Victory Points by claiming sets of planets and developing them with production facilities and other buildings.

Central to Star Tycoon is the Galactic Exchange, a fluctuating market that reacts supply and demand. Knowing when to buy and when to sell is key creating a profitable business.

In From the Moon, players are representatives of factions trying to complete space missions departing from our Moon in order to help Humankind survive elsewhere in the Galaxy. Indeed, the fate of the Earth is sealed and time is running out!

The plan is to launch three survival missions before all life on Earth ends. To do that, each faction will contribute by building parts of the ships and build their own Lunar base to store the necessary resources. In the end, which faction will be most suited to lead the future of our race out there, far away in space?

Each player chooses a paragon and takes their deck of 7 unique cards. Every turn, players choose a card from their hand and play them simultaneously. Both cards are revealed and then characters either take damage, have their card cancelled and sent back to their hand, or are defeated. Play the right card at the right time and have a strong read of your opponent's intentions to win!

This box features 8 total characters. 6 from Acquisitions Incorporated and 2 from the Penny Arcade comics.

Welcome to Ynaros Fallin’! The world-shattering strategic game for 1-2 and 4 players! Navigate through wild Lands and harness their power to increase your magical might. Meet the other Shaman and prove your mastery. Do you have what it takes to become the wisest Shaman the Land has ever seen?

Each turn has up to 3 phases: Deeds, Fate, Cantrips.

In the first phase, a player can play 2 actions from the following: a) Draw 5 cards from the common pile b) Play cards from their hand c) Use the personal die to move miniatures d) Sacrifice a Magic Crystal to perform a control on one of the opponent's characters

During Fate phase, player can discover and conquer Magic Lands, evoke new characters and play Magic Battles.

During Cantrips phase, player can convert Magic Crystals to get experience points and get Boons from Red Magic Lands.

The game ends if one of the following conditions take place : a) A player completes their 6 spaces for magic land in their personal board. b) 3 magic land piles are depleted. c) A player loses all their Vital Crystals.

A player win when : a) Has the highest amount of Experience Points. b) The opponent lost all their Vital Crystals.

In Mandala Mind: The Card Game, you play as the frame of mind of a person who is meditating on an image of a mandala. This person is distracted at the beginning of their meditation, and your goal is to help them focus. Once focus has been achieved, you will have succeeded in bringing them into the joy of the present moment!

A game is played over a series of rounds, where you will move a pawn around a 3 x 3 grid of mandala cards removing distraction using frame of mind actions and mandala abilities. Before each game, you will choose a scenario to play, which provides a unique puzzle to solve. Each scenario has two phases that have different goals for you to complete. You win the game by achieving optimal focus at scenario-specific mandala cards in the warm-up (first) phase and by removing all distraction from every mandala in the meditation (second) phase.

A 2 player card-based fighting game. The aim of the game is to be the last fighter standing in this competitive, tightly-designed fighting game.

Fatal Knockout aims to embody digital fighting games like Smash Bros, Street Fighter and more, and the card play reflects move sets which you would see in the genre. Fatal Knockout comes with six fighters with completely unique decks. Player's play cards which allow them to move, change orientation, and attack on the board. On top of that, each fighter has one-of-a-kind abilities that are triggered by playing cards.

On a player's turn, they draw to their hand up to three cards. The leader of the round places one card face down, the second player follows. At this point the leader can choose to play another card, or reveal. This continues until either the leader reveals all cards or players run out of cards.

Throughout the game, players will be dealing damage to each other with fighter specific cards. The game ends when there is only one fighter left standing, the player left standing is the winner.

Fatal Knockout can be played with just two players, but can also be played in a tournament style where players advance through brackets with the aim of being crowned the winner!

The Quest Kids: Giant Adventure is a LIFE-SIZED fantasy game experience for kids ages 5+.

Using 36 giant cardboard tiles players will create a dungeon in their own home and act as the game pieces as they search for treasure, silly bad guys and stars.

Giant Adventure features the same award-winning mechanics as The Quest Kids board game, but in a new one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

Tiny Ninjas: Tournament is a collection of challenging dexterity mini games for 1-4 players.

Played right inside of the Game Box, Tiny Ninjas: Tournament is immensely portable and takes up very little space.

An entire tournament system the size of a book. Take it with you anywhere you go and play on virtually any surface.

Rules and scoring for each game are incredibly simple and can be learned in seconds.

To master these games however will take a keen eye and a steady hand.

Gameplay is lightning-fast and very addicting.

Score more points and reach new heights - become the Ninja Champion!

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