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The Quacks of Quedlinburg – The Alchemists

The Alchemists of Quedlinburg are as famous as they are notorious. People seeking help come from far and wide to have their – sometimes extremely exotic – complaints treated “expertly”.

In this latest expansion, distill essences to free the citizens of Quedlinburg from these afflictions and receive valuable bonuses to become the number one alchemist.

A copy of The Quacks of Quedlinburg is required to play.

The Quacks of Quedlinburg – The Alchemists

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    • Player Count: 2-4
    • Play Time: 45 mins
    • Age: 8+
    • Genre: Fantasy
    • Play Style: Family, Competitive 
    • Key Mechanic: Push Your Luck
  • At the start of the game, choose a patient to treat. Every patient needs a special essence as a remedy. You must make this essence in your alchemist flask and will receive special bonuses for it.

    Follow the usual Quacks rules. There is now an additional phase to play once all players have finished the “Preparation Phase”, but before the scoring, called “The Essence Phase”.

    During this phase, you distill an additional essence from your potion.

    Complete the following three steps one after the other:

    • Count how many different ingredients (colours) are in your cauldron. Do not count the white chips here! Place your essence marker on the appropriate space in the alchemist’s flask.
    • Add up the white chips in your cauldron. If the sum totals exactly 7, move your essence marker forward 1 additional space in the flask.
    • If the cauldron of the player directly to your left or right explodes, move the essence marker forward yet another space. If the cauldrons of your two immediate neighbours explode, move the essence marker forward 2 spaces

    In the ninth round, there is a final “Essence Phase”. In this round, you do not earn any of the bonuses, rat tails, or points shown on the essence, but rather 1 point per space that you advanced on the alchemist’s flask.

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