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Crowdfunding Round-Up 9th October

There are 9 projects in this week's crowdfunding round-up. Described as a 'Next-gen, Hybrid Dungeon Crawler', 'Erune' promises to bring something new to the dungeon genre; I'm very interested to see how the campaign unfolds and the level of YouTube content that accompanies the launch.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

A new island has appeared from the fog out o' nowhere 'n wit' it, a curse! A loot chest filled t' the brim wit' gold was found on this wretched island, but it wasn't 'til 'twas nigh' spent that the curse was discovered...

Any ship at sea wit' even jus' a single piece o' gold from the chest on board be haunted by The Banshee & 'er fleet 'o Ghost Ships. She appears from nowhere, using 'er lantern to Siphon the souls of the crew! Unable t' fight back, ye must explore this Phantom Island t' find a way t' defend against these ghosts 'n break the curse that has been plaguing' the seas!

In Act 1, find the cursed gold & bring it back to the chest to break the curse! Brave the haunted Phantom Island in search of Spectral equipment to help in the battle against the Ghost Ships... But don't take too long, as every round The Banshee's curse grows stronger!

Once the last piece of cursed gold is placed into the chest, The Banshee is summoned & Act 2 begins! Carefully navigate the waters in battle to avoid Sea Stacks & Reefs, dare to return to Phantom Island in search of Grimoires to turn the tides in your favour, & use your Spectral equipment to siphon the souls back from The Banshee & send her back down to Davy Jones' Locker!

The first expansion to Davy Jones' Locker: The Kraken Wakes brings all new enemies, equipment, crew members, & all new ways to defeat your enemies!

Mediterranean sea, southwest coast of Sicily island.

It was the early morning of 10 July 1943 when the first landing craft their ramps at Gela and the first units of US Rangers set their boots on Italian soil. Together with the British and Canadian units that had landed further east, the Western Allies launched an unprecedented landing operation to push open the gate to Fortress Europe.

The night before, on 9 July, American and British airborne troops had already dropped into enemy territory behind the planned beach landing zones to occupy important positions. This was to prevent or delay timely counterattacks by Italian and German troops on the day of the landing.

This operation, called Husky, was the beginning of the end of the Italian army as an ally of the German Wehrmacht. It was the additional front, long demanded by Stalin, and thus brought the necessary relief of the Eastern Front.

Assault Sicily 43 is the second volume in a planned series of tactical level wargames in which players lead historical units into battle during the landing and airborne operations around Gela Beachhead in July 1943.

Americans, Italians and Germans fight bitterly for the backdoor Sicily as a launchpad for the invasion of the continent.

The definitive version of a Michael Schacht classic, Patrician: Towers of Influence features an updated presentation, new two-player rules, and two expansion modules.

Welcome to 13th Century Italy, a time when wealthy Patrician families build magnificent towers to represent their power and prosperity: the more influential the family, the taller the tower! You are a master builder, ready to profit from the vanity of the Patrician families. You take building orders, adding floor after floor, and when a tower is complete, you’ll be there to take the credit. At the end of the game, the builder with the most victory points wins!

Patrician: Towers of Influence is delightfully effortless to play. Each turn, play a Building card, which allows you to add to a tower in the matching city. Some cards allow you to take special actions that help you or hinder others. Next, take the face-up card from the pile next to the city where you just built a tower. As the game goes on, players will continue to build up the various towers, and points are scored for who controls the tallest towers in each city, as well as for playing Patrician portrait card sets. In the end, the builder with the most points wins!

This new version of the classic game includes several expanded ways to enjoy the game. When playing with two players, you compete against the Architetto, a wily bot opponent who thwarts your plans. The Trade Routes and Delegates modules can optionally be added in to increase the decisions and affect final scoring.

In a world where dragons were thought to be extinct, somehow a clutch of eggs survived. Now hatched, the siblings must struggle to thrive in a harsh world that doesn’t seem to want them there. Worse yet, they have attracted the attention of an evil presence that has begun to stalk them…

In Flame & Fang, players will have to manage the three different aspects of their dragon: the need to fight, the desire for flight, and the thirst for the hunt. Each turn players will draw and play cards that will let them fly around the board, gather resources, upgrade abilities, battle enemies, and turn new pages to reveal their story.

During the game, 1-4 players will cooperate to guide a group of dragons through a series of adventures. Players will each control their own dragon to navigate the chapters that continue the tale of how the dragons will grow, mature, and overcome obstacles. The game requires deck crafting, hand management, action selection, and cooperative planning to ensure success!

Moonstone is a whimsical fantasy Skirmish game for two or more players, which sees you leading a troupe of fairy-tale inspired characters across farmsteads, town centres, and the darkest of forests in search of precious Moonstones.

When your troupes encounter a town or field belonging to another player, it is a mad scramble to grab as many stones as quickly as possible while also denying the opponents whatever stones they may be foolish to lay claim to.

Robert Fortune’s Green Fingers

In the mid-19th century, Robert Fortune embarked on an epic voyage to the heart of China, a journey that would forever change the course of tea history. Among his many achievements, Fortune introduced some of the finest flowers used in the art of scenting tea. He didn’t just bring tea plants back to the West; he brought the essence of Chinese gardens.

Enter the world of Erune and roam through its darkest dungeons... Experience epic quests, fight hordes of monsters and thwart the Master of Shadows' evil plans!

Erune is a Dungeon-Crawler for 1 to 5 players.

Thanks to the mix of a board game with a mobile app, you can talk with your game!

The Spirit of Erune is the privileged companion of your adventures. Guardian of the ancestral knowledge of the world of Erune, it resides in each and everything. Impartial, it does not take part in the conflict between the Adventurers and the Master of Shadows.

The Spirit of Erune is the narrator of your adventure It allows you to speak with the characters you meet during your adventures. It punctuates your quests with all kinds of events. Beware! Your choices have consequences that influence your story!

The Spirit of Erune is a source of knowledge It will answer all your questions about the rules of the game and the objects of the world of Erune down to the smallest detail.

The Spirit of Erune is luck It unveils the treasures, the traps and the effects of items among thousands of possibilities!

The Spirit of Erune makes you evolve It reveals your earnings when you level up, your quest objectives and the winner of the game.

The app is free on iOS and Android but requires an Erune Game Box to be used.

The kingdom is shattered, its towns are divided, and its people are distrusting. The newly crowned ruler, El Cascadero, seeks to reunite the land, but he can’t do it alone. Thus, he appoints four ministers to visit the people and restore civil harmony. While the ministers are obligated to bring prosperity to the entire land, each of them also has one dedicated responsibility: Farming, Crafting, Mining, and Markets. El Cascadero also records in his book the successes of his ministers…

Cascadero is the next epic tile placement strategy game from acclaimed designer Reiner Knizia. Ministers visit towns by placing their envoys adjacent to them; but towns are distrusting of single envoys, so newly placed envoys will only trigger town scoring when they are part of an established group or carry an official seal from El Cascadero himself. Towns with Royal Messengers at them or a history of envoy visits are even more valuable, as they willingly collaborate for even greater successes.

Players must decide between two competing strategies: build long chains of their envoys to achieve synergies and objectives, or establish smaller, separate groups of envoys to trigger timely town scoring. Both will award victory points, yet your victory points will mean nothing if you don’t also reach the end of your appointed success column.

By triggering town scoring, you’ll advance along that town’s matching success column, gaining bonuses as you pass over them. Bonuses include earning victory points, advancing further on any success column, claiming an official seal, repositioning an envoy, or even acquiring an additional turn. Through careful timing and clever plans, players can trigger a cascading combo of exciting bonuses that swing momentum in their favour.

Cascadero provides a wealth of replay ability through emergent player interaction, variable board and tile setups, and an advanced player mode featuring traveling heralds. Yet the game will always end in one of two ways: when one player reaches fifty victory points or must place a tile but has no tiles left. The players who reached the end of their appointed success column qualify for victory, and whoever among them has the most victory points wins.

Date an owlbear, make friends with a gelatinous cube, backstab your best friend’s orc boyfriend! Dungeon Date is a fast, fun card game for 2 to 4 fresh-faced adventurers. Build an outfit of stylish adventuring gear, then use your sweet look to romance, befriend, and slay a dungeon-full of monsters!

Each turn, players choose and reveal action cards, visiting one of four dungeon doors to encounter monsters in the dungeon. Romance, befriend, or slay the monster you encounter by matching the style symbols for that action on the monster card. Plan carefully around the other adventurers in the dungeon -- if you visit the same door, you must fight, comparing fight values from your current action card plus the card you played on the previous turn. Visit the stylomancer to enchant your outfit with additional style symbols and claim a personal style. At the end of the dungeon season, score renown from sets of monsters collected and for in-fashion style symbols in your final outfit. Most renown wins!

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