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The land of the thousand castles Live on Kickstarter now

Become a True Master

Enter a mystical kingdom ruled by an eccentric Majesty besotted with the idea of building the perfect castle. Deft guilds and shady allies thrive in a realm that the world will remember as Castleshire: the land of the thousand castles. You are a rising master-builder and dream of leaving a lasting legacy. You decide to compete in building the chambers of their Majesty’s perfect castle. You are driven by one goal: To become the most famous master-builder of all time.

How does it play?

Every player remains active. This game has no downtime for players. On your turn, you set out to build the castle and increase your fame. You either do this certified using your limited resources or chaotically, throwing caution to the wind. When you are not the active player, you endeavour to bring your adversaries down.

Use the unique skills of your guild that have been mastered over generations. At any time, everyone is able to force a turn of events to a certain degree with the help of allies who are sprawling in the vicinity of the epic construction site.

A good memory and the ability to read opponents are essential, as well, as a good poker face. In this socially interactive bluffing game, you will win if you out fox the other players. Play smart, be cunning. Adapt to counter other player's evolving strategies and prove yourself the true master builder.

Solo variant: Castleshire's AI is able to bluff and memorize, and also adjusts to how well you catch the AI's bluffs. Additionally, it captures your bluffing behaviour and responds to it. Once you start winning against the AI, you can increase the difficulty level, so you will have to think further ahead and anticipate the AI's next moves more accurately.

Legendary Edition

The Legendary Edition replaces the cardboard game boxes with a handcrafted secretly lockable wooden book containing a clever system of insert trays for an incredibly fast game setup. It contains further components for tactical chaos and legendary triumphs: rule amendments make building castles harder yet more lucrative. This version of Castleshire is perfect for those who are collectors of rare game editions, love playing with an extra spice of strategy and component variety, and want a visual gem on their games shelf.

Beyond the Realm

The Beyond the Realm upgrade kit adds more components allowing for the 5th and 6th player, a further 4 expansions, a large cloth playmat for faster setup and more immersion, and everything for the Castleshire solo mode. All components fit into the big Castleshire game box. This kit is perfect for those who love to play games with larger groups, or alone, and are excited about strategic depth and variety.

Live now on Kickstarter

Information and pictures provided by project creator.

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