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Crowd funding Round up 15th November

Lets take a closer look at the new projects hitting Gamefound and Kickatarter this coming week. Will you be backing any?

In this hero-crafting card game, 1-4 players compete to earn the highest Destiny score while cooperating to defeat the Adversary. Like the original Call To Adventure, Epic Origins is a tableau-building game where players draft cards, cast runes, and overcome challenges to score victory points.

For players familiar with Call To Adventure game system, Epic Origins introduces a high fantasy theme inspired by classic dungeon-crawling RPGs. The new Heritage card type provides options like Elf, Halfling, and Dwarf. Class cards allow you to invest Experience to "level up" your character. High fantasy themes and challenges can be found throughout the game's 150+ unique cards.

This game also features overhauled Solo and Co-Op play. Double-sided Adversaries provide an evolving challenge: face a lower-level Adversary at the end of Act II, then the Final Adversary at the end of Act III. In Campaign Mode, players can unlock new cards by defeating each new Adversary. The game incorporates more rewards for cooperative play while still incentivizing individual achievement.

While points decide the winner of the game, Call To Adventure encourages storytelling at the end of the game. Epic Origins also includes a guide for converting your final tableau into a 5th Edition D&D character.

Thrones of Valeria is a trick-taking and rank manipulation game designed by Matt Jacobs.

Long ago, when Valeria was a fledgeling realm, the five great houses were constantly bickering, stealing, conspiring, and even assassinating each other for the chance to become the wealthiest and most powerful house, allowing one to rise to the throne of the land…temporarily. The game that evolved from their power struggles has thrived among the common people looking for a taste of the antics of the nobility and is now the sort of game travelers play in taverns, for fun and money.

Thrones of Valeria reflects the tug-of-war between the great houses in the earliest days of the Kingdom. When printed, the game will be presented as a traditional card game with a deck made up of five suits of cards numbered 1 to 9, plus three special Jesters. The game will also feature a Standings Board and chunky ""mahjong-style"" House tiles to reflect the relative power of each house throughout the game. A draw bag for the House tiles and an assortment of coins will also be included.

Siege of Valeria is a dice and cards castle defense game designed by Glenn Flaherty.

An army of monster-kin has lain siege to your fortress. Wave upon wave of troops assault your castle walls and deadly siege engines bear down upon you. Your soldiers and wizards are assisted by hearty champions as you battle the horde, but time is running out and the walls are starting to crumble.

The game is purpose-built as a solo game. It has a stand-alone game mode and, when you're ready for a real challenge, there's a campaign mode where your performance in one siege affects your abilities in the next battle.

Dice Kingdoms of Valeria is a Roll & Write game designed by Levi Mote. On your turn you’ll roll six dice – two dice will activate the citizens for all players simultaneously but the other four dice are just for you. Will you hire citizens to patronize the guilds and fill up your treasury so that you can gain scoring options (Yellow Die)? Will you slay monsters for glory and rewards (Red Die)? Or, will you build roads to Domains that give you citizens, gold, monsters, and dice manipulation powers (Green Die)? Then consider how much Magic you have to make everything that much better (Blue Die).

The citizens of the city Empathropolis have been under heavy emotional duress ever since the villain Goobi has made the city sewers his new home, Apathalypse.

He goes about town casting spells of emotional confusion on otherwise everyday, normal situations.

Fortunately, Empathropolis has its very own team of superheroes to the rescue!

As members of the Super Squad, you are thereby summoned to patrol and restore the City back to peace.

As you chase Goobi around the city, various City Watch scenarios are unveiled as you identify as many emotions and appropriate responses are at play. You will gain powers to strengthen your emotional powers and use them to banish Goobi back to his sewers.

This cooperative game and Exploration Guidebook help children develop emotional awareness and empathy with a positive growth mindset by transforming them into superheroes with superpowers that can resolve any social dilemma.

Our Teaching Approaches:

  • Step into 160+ unique City Watch Scenarios to be mindful with thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Master emotional awareness with 28 different feelings

  • Sharpen communication skills through self-reflection with 80+ Power Up cards

  • Exercise empathy every day with our easy-to-use evidence-based exploration guidebook

  • Learn and practice important emotional and communication skills while having silly fun!

Our Board Game Design:

  • Quick to set up

  • Easy to learn

  • Professional graphic designs

  • Self-contained inbox storage for easy cleanup

  • Extra Dense high-quality handmade game box for durability and keepsake

  • Custom made Double-A Extra High-Density Premium 5-ply 2.5mm white cardboard for all game components

  • Printed with Soy Ink®

  • 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable

Playing the Game:

  • Place all configurable City Blocks, Power Blocks, and Sewer Holes GRAY side up, RED side down in any slots on the board slots. Every single play will be different.

  • All Superheroes start at the Start Block; Goobi, the villain is placed at the center circle of the board, his Sewer.

  • Players spin to determine whether to move a Superhero or Goobi. Dice roll determines the number of steps to advance forward or the sewer number to emerge from.

  • If the spinner stops at either of the Superhero quadrants, the player may choose ANY Superhero game piece to move.

  • Whichever city block the Villain lands on, flip over the City Block to RED.

  • When Superhero lands on a RED City Block, player must draw a City Watch™ Scenario Card to assess the situation by using the Feeling Cards and the Thoughts-Feelings-Actions prompt.

  • After solving the scenario, the RED City Block can be turned back to normal - GRAY.

  • If a Superhero lands on a Power Block, the player must draw a Power-Up™ Card and discuss the question on the card. After discussion, player keeps the Power-Up™ Card to:

1) Send Goobi back to Sewer, 2) Select to turn over any RED City Block back to Gray, or 3) Make Goobi stay in the sewer at its turn.

  • If Goobi lands on a power block, it immediately goes back to its sewer.

  • If BOTH superhero and Goobi lands on the same block:

1) Superhero is thrown into the sewer, 2) The block turns RED, and 3) The rest of the super squad must use the Feelings Card deck (roll dice to determine how many feelings to select randomly) to act out. After the rescue, player rolls dice to determine which sewer hole the Superhero may emerge from.

To Win The Game:

  • Strategize with the entire team of Super Squad to turn most, if not all, RED City Blocks back to Gray.

  • All members of the Super Squad must pass the predetermined round (Start Block) to complete the mission.

  • Keep the Villain in his sewer to cause the least damage to the City Blocks.

  • Collect as many Power-Up Cards as you can to keep the Villain in his sewer and/or turn the Red city block back to gray.

  • Identify as many Emotions as you can with each City Watch™ patrol.

American Bookshop Card Game is a trick-taking game in which players must follow suit where possible, there is no trump, and the highest card of the lead suit wins the trick.

Each card a player takes is worth -1 point. However, the player who takes the most cards in each of the suits earns +1 point per card instead.

Tricks may end prematurely as if the sum of the ranks in play exceed a certain value, depending upon player count, the trick ends immediately, and the last player who played a card takes the trick. As such, players may not have even hand sizes. A round ends when one player is out of cards, and the other players then have an opportunity to add some cards to their score pile.

The player with the most points after a few rounds wins.

From 1913 to 1931, the Schneider Trophy took place. 4 nations (England, Italy, France and the United States) competed with daring and technique in extremely dangerous speed races.

Hydroracers is a game of fast races interspersed with preparation phases where each nation improves its aircraft.

The game is an alternation of development and racing phases.

  • Races: each player takes a turn to play a card from his hand and move forward on the circuit.

  • Development: like bingo, the player picks chips from a bag of the player’s color. When a chip is drawn, the player chooses on which development he wants to invest.

The number of phases is defined according to the duration desired by the players. The game ends with a final race phase.

The winner of the Schneider Trophy is the one who has accumulated the most victory points during the races.

Goblin Uprising is a competitive board game featuring the world’s favorite punching bags: goblins. But this time they will be the ones doing the punching.

Join the fray with your friends in this rebellion against the Tall Races (plus dwarves) for the future of Eldain. The objectives change with every game; fight with your friends in one match or against them in another, you’ll need every help you can get in order to dethrone the monarch and win the game. Topple tyrants, make powerful allies and betray your friends* in this chaotic adventure made for 3 to 6 players.

Long ago, the four goblin tribes lived in harmony in the Eldain region. The Earth Goblins tended to the forest, the Fire Goblins watched the mountains, the Water Goblins lived in the reefs and the Air Goblins guarded the plains. The land was prosperous and blessed by the spirits and by peace.

But everything changed when the tall races attacked. Elves, dwarves, merfolk and humans desecrated the goblin’s shrines, ravaged their land and destroyed their hope. Decades have passed, now the goblins are constantly bullied by the tall ones, reduced to nothing more than a nuisance for the so-called “heroes” of the land. Fed up with years of mistreatments, the four goblins tribes have reunited once more.

It is time to take back Eldain. It’s time for a revolution.

It’s time for an Uprising!

Cards and Rules

How it works


The main objective of the game is simple: defeat the monarch sitting on the center of the map. The first goblin to achieve this feat, wins the game.

The Enemies

Fight against the army of the Tall races. Face humans, elves, dwarves and merfolk in your quest to take back your land and save all the goblins.

Level up and get stronger

Earn experience by defeating the troops around the map and even complete quests that the Goblinfolk have posted around the land. They award more experience but act fast, only one goblin can earn that prize. You can also cooperate with other players to defeat troops more easily, or even go against the general of the army himself and get some legendary items.

Gather powerful loot & make legendary allies

Equip your hero by fighting and going on adventures. Or backstab another player to steal their loot. Prepare yourself for the final battle by getting epic gear and making alliances with the powerful Guardians of Eldain that gives you special abilities.

Ever changing goal

As soon as the goblins get strong enough to challenge the final boss, the monarch will change their behaviour. Maybe they will get stronger and require another player to defeat them, or maybe they can only be defeated by a legendary weapon... or maybe they will just drop dead and the last goblin standing will be the winner. No game is ever the same.

About Us

Foundation and formation

Created in the hellish landscape that was 2020, in november, Dream Valley Studios was born. But before we start talking about ourselves way too much, we want to make something clear: this company was born out of passion.

First, let’s talk about Fábio Escalhão Atássio, a board game fanatic and the founder of this company. He worked in marketing, but it was not his calling. So, in these cursed times, he made a choice: he took all his life savings and poured it in one project, into his dream. This company.

His brother André Escalhão Atássio, another board game fan, joined him in this endeavor, and became the co-founder of Dream Valley Studios. This one has been playing games his entire life.

Dream Valley Studios was born out of our passion for board games and we’re excited to bring everyone along on our journey: our studio creates games for players, by players.

Please Support us...This is our first time creating a game, we took our life savings and putting in this project beacuase we believe in it. We want to build a community around it and make everyone feel a part of it.

In our website we have more details of the game and some 3D models. You can also pre register for the game. Thanks a lot everyone.

Keresis is a strategic game: A mix of exploration, territory control and resource management. Each player takes the lead of an ancestral tribe and faces his opponents to become the master of the four elements.

The chaotic world of Keresis is about to collapse. To save your tribe, you must find a way to reach the lost shrines. As an explorer, you have a special ability and can unlock new powers later during the game. A shaman and some of your fierce warriors will join you in this unique adventure! Dangerous events may occur at any time during your expedition: Will you play it safe by following well known paths or will you put yourself in danger by exploring uncharted territories? The decision is yours!

Each player takes a turn to play and execute some of the following actions: Explore Collect movement points and explore the map / Lay hex tiles and connect them to create paths to follow.

Gather/trade resources Collect and use the available resources at your disposal: Energy, element stones and powerful action cards.

Control territories / Battle Use element stones to deploy some of your warriors or expand your domination by invading enemies territories.

Summon your shaman Protect your territories, rotate them or unleash the mysterious powers contained in the shrines.

Place your amulets Each amulet placed on a shrine will bring you one step closer to victory! But it won’t be easy: Each territory is only associated with one shrine. Controlling the right kind of territory is key for placing your amulets!

Will be declared winner the first player to place an amulet on each of the four shrines OR the player with the highest score at the end of twenty-four rounds.

UNIQUE GAME FEATURES: - 2 difficulty levels: Start as a disciple and become a tribe leader! The adaptable rules set offers a challenging and unique game experience for beginners and experienced players. - Play in team 2 vs 2 with 4 players (Alliance & Betrayal mode). - 2 modular board games and 60 unique hex tiles offer near infinite map layouts: You will need to use a different strategy and adapt it each game.

Sammu-ramat ruled the Assyrian Empire at a time of political uncertainty, which is one of the possible explanations for why Assyrians may have accepted her rule (as normally a woman as ruler would have been unthinkable). Her reign lasted between 811 BC – 808 BC. In this collaborative game you the players are Sammu-ramat, together with advisors surrounding the royal court and vassal states, you try to keep the Empire strong and protected against internal unrest, external threats, natural disasters and much more. All players win or lose together.

In this 1-5 player co-op board game, you will be one of the advisors surrounding the Assyrian royal court. Each Advisor has its own abilities and strengths. Players spend actions to play action cards and move from region to region along the paths printed on the board, trying to balance the needs of the regions (Military, Supplies, Health, and Religion). In battle with the enemy units are removed 1:1, i.e. combat is deterministic.

On each Empire card, there is a Scenario, with one or more win conditions. The specific setup of the Scenario is on the back of the Empire card. Multiple victory scenarios increase the game's replayability.

𝗘𝗦𝗢𝗣𝗬𝗔 is a 1/4 players board game that combines 𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗗 𝗚𝗔𝗠𝗘 and 𝗧𝗔𝗖𝗧𝗜𝗖𝗦. Cast spells and summon your fantasy creatures on a battlefield made by 5 rows and 5 columns.

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