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Crowd Funding Round-Up 19th Sep

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This week's Crowdfunding round-up sees a new projects from the renowned creator of the Pandemic series called 'Daybreak' and the highly anticipated arrival of Age of Comics: The Golden Years. All of these projects launch on Kickstarter, Gamefound or Backerkit in the next 7 days. Back with your head, not your heart and remember your budget.

Daybreak is a co-operative game about climate action. Each player controls a world power, deploying policies and technologies to both dismantle the engine of global heating and to build resilient societies that protect people from life-threatening crises.

If the global temperature gets too high, or if too many people from any world power are in crisis, everyone loses. But if you work together to draw down global emissions to net-zero, you all win!

Age of Comics: The Golden Years Age of Comics: The Golden Years is a worker placement management game in which players will run a publishing company during the golden age of comics (1938-54).

In each round the players, in turn, must position 4 meeples (workers called editors). They can choose 4 out of 6 spaces, called publishing tasks. There are 6 publishing tasks in total that can be performed in any order and lead to 6 specific player actions: hire, develop, ideas, print, sales, and royalties. When a player prints a comic book she must pay using monetary resources ($) + 2 identical token ideas and display, on the table, the comic book cover and, underneath, show both a writer and an artist card. The comics’ value (needed for collecting orders on the map) will be the sum of the value of its creatives (artist + writer). Each creative card has a value ranging from 1 to 3.

The game lasts 5 rounds. The objective of the game is to accumulate the highest number of fans, make money by publishing comics and create the best portfolio of comic books. There are three main ways to accumulate fans:

  • being the first to publish a specific genre and specializing in it;

  • publishing comic books with specialized creatives;

  • collecting orders on the map.

Throughout the game, a fan chart will track the number of fans accumulated by the comics and will award victory points based on the players’ ranking at the end of every round. In the last round, the number of fans is converted into victory points. The money accumulated is instead divided by 4.

The winner is the player who scores the most victory points (VP from now on, represented by a star icon) at the end of five rounds. VP are awarded both during and at the end of the game by: • Publishing original comic books • Accumulating fans • Being at the top of the comic book chart every round • Earning money (but pay attention to taxes) • Generating ideas • Improving the printing quality

A classic Dungeon Crawler board game for 1 to 6 players (Age 12+). The game includes many game modes, including a lone wolf one. DUN´s system merges its intuitive mechanics, card games and the almost unlimited possibilities and options of a RPG.

DUN includes a huge narrative campaign and several independent quests. It also allows you to design your own quests or simply to use its rulebook, system, and cards to replay missions and quests from other dungeon crawlers.

The game adapts to any medieval fantastic background. However, it has its own background: the one used in the novel Raazbal, written by the author of the game and published in 2010.

It is one game system that presents many different game modes:

  • Standard mode with a Dark Player: The Dark Player is a player who competes against the others. In this mode some quests have an undefined length and finish when the quest´s goal is achieved. Others have a set number of turns assigned. Players may gain experience which improves their attributes and skills according to the cooperative achievements of the players´ group.

  • Individual mode: players gain experience according to their individual achievements.

  • Cooperative mode (including lone-wolf player): a 100% cooperative game, with an Artificial Dark Player.

  • RPG mode: the Dark Player is omniscient (just like a classical RPG master).

  • Open-map mode: scenarios without a gridded floor.

In this city that he has made into the pride of Kaan, the Ilkral has eyes and ears at every corner. He is a beloved ruler, but there is an ambition in him that will not rest until all of Kaan has bent the knee. I fear he will burn our homeland to ash and scatter it on the winds if it stands in his way.

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is a mythical action-adventure cooperative campaign full of surprising twists with a sprawling story and intense fights played in episodes of under an hour.

The game offers an accessible, RPG-like board game experience for 1 to 4 players. Meaningful narrative choices and action-packed combat scenes are the heart of the game. You will take on the role of a hero and backflip, double-slash and charge your way to victory! The app-driven story lets you navigate your way through a city full of intrigue and your choices will ultimately determine the fate of the empire.

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is an action adventure for newcomers and expert players alike. This app-driven game immerses you into a rich and involved fantasy RPG world without the need for a gamemaster, while also tackling the considerable learning curve of many dungeon crawlers.

The length of each game session is flexible. You can comfortably play through a combat and several story scenes in 1 hour, or spend the whole evening with your friends immersed in a thrilling adventure.

After completing a carefully curated tutorial to ease you into the campaign, you will meet increasingly challenging situations and surprising encounters where you’ll have to combine the full potential of your hero’s abilities to succeed. The story adapts to the outcome of each combat, leading you down different paths of its sprawling branches, offering a unique experience with each playthrough.

During your journey, the app guides you like a true gamemaster. It remembers and reacts to your choices, often when you least expect it to. It also handles all the admin, tells the story and sets the atmosphere, so you can focus on the gameplay and be the hero in your adventure.

A competitive duel card strategy game for 2 players, where you will have to create an army of dragons in order to defeat your opponent by achieving one of the 5 different victory conditions the game offers. Gather dragon tribute, offer it to your favourite dragons and bring them to your side, unless your opponent offers more, triggering an auctioning mechanic. Manage your dragon tribute economy wisely, bid intelligently and don't over-spend too much. Keep your opponent's dragons in line, grow a magnificent dragon army and accumulate majesty points to win the game by the Majestic Victory. Or if you feel stronger, attack your opponent to cut off their strategy and even win the game by the Domination Victory.

There are 4 kinds of dragons, Chaos Dragons, Majestic Dragons, Primordial Dragons and Neutral Dragons, each with a special ability. To control their will, the Dragon Lords are at your orders. They will trigger combos and will offer different advantages.

The game consists on:

40 Dragons: Tarot size cards. 24 Progress cards: regular poker size cards. 24 Dragon Lords: regular poker size cards. 30 Dragon quests: regular poker size cards. 60 dragon tribute tokens: glass cabochons. 20 cardboard round punch-out tokens.

In Majesty of Dragons, each game is different, as you have different goals and dragon combinations.

Dungeon Brah is a comical Dungeon Deck-Builder game. It's a game you play with friends to test those friendships and hopefully share a laugh (sometimes haha, sometimes bwhahaha, usually muhahaha).

Within the dungeon roams a terrible Cathulhian beast, Kevin. You are on a noble quest to steal the loot or be the sole survivor...

With noble intentions you and your party members embark on this quest, which will very soon devolve into disarray as loot runs low. Avoid Kevin at all costs when you’re weak, and storm into glorious battle when you’re OP to claim the beast's treasures!

Enter the Lands of the Bohemian Crown at the onset of the Hussite wars. In times like these, trust is scarce, and faith is shaken. It is a conflict of religious beliefs that turns brother against brother, and it is the common man who pays the toll. Whether you hide in the deepest cellar or the tallest tower of a monastery, the flames of war will reach you there too. Tread lightly -- and god speed!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Board Game is a 1-4 player cooperative campaign app-driven board game that brings the Lands of the Bohemian Crown to your table! Live through the harrowing times and immerse yourself in this epic narrative journey in the Holy Roman Empire.

Throughout the campaign, you will be able to develop your characters and encounter new challenges on your journey. Each scenario in a campaign is a completely unique experience, bringing you to new locations and introducing new people. The game features a living world that remembers - characters will react to your actions, and you’ll be able to observe their behaviour. But don’t waste your time - guards are patrolling at every step, so tread lightly, because they’re not keen on people like you.

The app will give you all the information you need for every scenario - from the setup to the tear-down. As you enter each location, you’ll be greeted with a rich world to explore, and it is up to you to decide where to go first. Throughout the game, you’ll be accompanied by an adaptive sound design - your actions will not only alter the story, but also the vast soundscapes. Every dialog and conversation is professionally voice acted, immersing you in the world even more.

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