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Crowd Funding Round up 20th Dec

Its a small Round up this week but its a mega cute one.

A very cute board game about making delicious sandwiches with a hamster chef who dives on the bread.

This is a small house on the outskirts of town. It is a sandwich shop run by a hamster chef. The kitchen is busy as the chef snacks on food and the recipes keep changing. Will he be able to make a good sandwich?

The game is played by moving the pieces on the topping tiles arranged in a circle forward one to three steps, acquiring one of the topping tiles and stacking it on top of the desired bread. The recipe changes depending on where the pieces stop, and when they match the recipe, you can declare the sandwich finished. When the sandwich is successfully completed, the player is awarded a gold star. The player who collects three stars wins.

In the middle of the game, a hamster chef tile can be dived onto the bread, but only the person who placed the tile knows whether the chef is working or snacking.

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