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Crowd Funding Round-Up 21St Feb

This week is an incredibly exciting one in the Crowd Funding universe. With Tidal Blades, Tang Garden and the long awaited Ryozen. I don't know about you but my wallet will definitely feel the hit of this week, for a long time. We will definitely be backing both Tidal and Tang. We are still on the fence with Ryozen and Ahau, also Monster Pit looks really cool.

If you decide to back any of these projects, let me know in the comments.

The Tournament of Heroes has ended and you have been named as one of the Tidal Blades, elite guard and champion of our island realm. But you have no time to rest on your laurels as the Fold, the frozen section of space and time that protects Naviri from the sea monsters, is becoming ever more erratic. The High Engineers of the Citadel have entrusted you with the Nexus, a device that will let you venture into the Fold, unfreezing time.

With your fellow Tidal Blades, you must enter the Fold to unlock its mysteries as you attempt to recover the old guard Tidal Blades who were trapped inside when the Fold was created. On your journey to become a true Tidal Blade you will explore throughout the isles of Naviri to find a way to save the island realm.

In Tidal Blades 2: Rise of the Unfolders, each player takes the role of a new Tidal Blade. In this cooperative, narratively rich, board game, players will work together through 18 scenarios. Each hero is equipped with a Nexus grid, allowing them to build up actions and create powerful combos. Each turn you will choose one card to play, add it to an open space in your Nexus grid, and then activate all spaces in either the row or column containing the played card.

Throughout the campaign you will grow and enhance your character by adding cards to your action deck, leveling up your traits of Spirit, Focus, Resilience and Synergy, unlocking powerful skills, and gaining specialized Items to boost your action cards.

Featuring 18 scenarios with unique maps and 40+ hours of gameplay, Tidal Blade 2: Rise of the Unfolders invites you on a quest through the lush and vibrant lands of Naviri. Along the way, you will meet valuable allies, have chance in counters with Golfins, Iota, and other denizens of Naviri. Battle a seemingly endless army of monsters and enemies as you fight your way to the center of the Fold.

Will you solve the mystery of the Fold in time and save Naviri, earning your place among the Tidal Blades of legend?

New guests arrive at the tea party bringing even more joy and chaos. Players need to follow even madder rules and things are getting curiouser and curiouser!

Curiouser & Curiouser expansion introduces 4 new characters (the King of Hearts, the March Hare, the Duchess and the Jabberwock) and a new Event mechanic with quirky happenings every round affecting scoring and the character abilities. A mini game might even be added!

Every round, players change their character and a new Event is drawn, changing either the rules or the scoring of the round. Then, according to the rules of the base game, three Forbidden Letters and a Discussion theme are drawn. The player to the left of the Queen of Hearts presses the teapot to start the timer and the game begins. Each player has to say a word, suitable to the Discussion theme while avoiding the Forbidden Letters before the time runs out. If they successfully do so, they reset the timer and the next player has to give their own word. If someone doesn't say a suitable word in time they are out for the round and when only one player remains the round ends. The longer each player stays in a round, the more points they are awarded.

Monster Pit marks the start of a new dungeon crawl experience from Elzra, with this first installment being a fully co-operative, fantasy adventure game set in the world of Catacombs.

During the game, loyal Captains must rally their forces to defend the Citadel against the emerging threat of a creature from the deep. Think Gandalf rallying the forces of Minas Tirith in Return of the King.

This is not a tower defense game, but blends several mechanisms including dice drafting (there are custom dice and rolls can be mitigated), tableau building (the player boards are extra large to organize the various cards), and worker placement (in terms of the various buildings your Captain will visit).

Your Captain’s tableau will include soldiers, wizards, heroes, mounts, and wyverns. Some of these characters are for offensive purposes (attacking the Monster etc) and some for defensive purposes (building your resources including your dice pool). During the game player will also complete quests for the King, buy items from the Town Hall, ride a Mount, fight creatures in the streets of the Citadel, upgrade their Captain at the Armoury, visit the Dwarven Grotto for gold, and find helpful trinkets in the Fountain.

The game supports "true solo" (a solo player need only control one Captain), fully co-op multiplayer against the Monster, one vs one (one player controls the Captain, the other player controls the Monster), or one player (controlling the Monster) vs up to four Captains. All play modes feature long or short variants.

There are five monsters included in the game (Dragon, Enchantress, Behemoth, Vampire Queen, and Orc War Chief) both featuring "A" and "B" sides for greater challenge and variation.

Welcome back to the vibrant world of Sordane – a massive and sprawling setting of diverse nations, cunning crime syndicates, bustling economies, and adventure everywhere! Lost more than 300 years ago to a powerful convergence storm, Aldarra was left uninhabitable. Centuries later, the chaotic magical energies began to finally subside. Now, Aldarra is being claimed by those seeking wealth, land, and power. Suddenly, nations from all over Sordane’s largest continent, Bordair, are sending fleets out. The first to stake their claim will reap the benefits; the power, the advancement, the riches, but who will emerge victorious?

In Aldarra, you play as one of four mighty factions, warring for control of this long lost nation. Each Faction has its strengths, and its history, within the lore of Bordair. 3-4 players will select their faction and take as many paths as they can to emerge the new rulers of Aldarra. Use your fleets to exterminate your opponents. Complete secondary objectives and build up victory points as you venture forth from your stronghold to explore new territories, expand your control. Manage and extract the resources and Sordalite crystals you need to grow, replenish, and upgrade your forces. Strategically use the unique abilities of your faction to out maneuver your opponents, and gain control of this magical land.

Aldarra will feature over 150 massive and finely detailed minis,randomly generated hex tile maps and variable starting positions that demand dynamic tactics from turn one and ensure no two games are the same.

Hidden somewhere along the tropical coastline, you’ll find a charming little beach town called Twin Palms. Here you’ll see dolphins jumping, lovers holding hands, and children playing in the sand… always in pairs.

Twin Palms is a beautiful, beach-themed escape from your traditional trick-taking card game. Each round you must manipulate your hand of cards to create unique paired combinations that are stronger (or weaker) than your opponent’s pairs.

It's a trick-taker that grants total freedom. No following suit! No trump! But only the cleverest players will hit their bids to earn points. So strategize, and don’t be afraid to change your plans at the last second.

Lobotomy 2: Manhunt is the sequel of Lobotomy. In this cooperative survival horror board game. Each of you will play as a patient of a mental asylum. The monstrous staff will do everything to keep you in so you will have to use your unexplainable powers to escape. Be sure to find the difference between reality and delusions before it is too late.

Lobotomy 2: Manhunt has greatly improved since last game but still keeps the original Lobotomy spirit and atmosphere. It features:

  • modular map with asylum parts and outdoor parts (yes now you can check the asylum's surroundings)

  • best parts of Lobotomy such as cooldown system and Warden-based timer are still here

  • streamlined combat, movement and character management

  • new characters with personal goals

  • crafting system - improve your weapons and equipment by collecting junk

  • story-heavy scenarios. With the addition of scenario book game is now more thematic than ever. Explore the board which can expand during the game and hold more secrets and goals

  • scenarios can be played separately but they have a story continuity. There is also a "Sandbox" mode for an endless replayability (similar to the Lobotomy 1)

The world you know no longer exists. There is no government. No army. No civilization. The United States have collapsed. And now, thirty years after the war started, new powers finally try to take control over the ruined country, try to establish a new order, try to control others and create a new country, a new State: the 51st State.

51st State is a card game in which players control one of the four powers (mutants, traders, New Yorkers and Appalachians) and try to build their very own new country. Players put new locations into the game, they hire leaders, and send people to work in buildings to gain resources and new skills.

Every card in 51st State can be put into play in three different ways. You can invade a location to gain many resources once, or you can sign a contract with this location to gain one resource every turn, or you can attach the location to your State so you can use its skill. One card, three possibilities. Lots of decisions and choices that matter.

2357: in stark contrast to mankind’s hopes, violent astronomical events and the unregulated use of the new “solar extraction” technology have greatly accelerated the growth rate of our star during the recent decades. Now the Sun is nearing the end of its life cycle, and its fate -as any other star of its category- is to transform into a Red Giant. This will result in an exceptional increase in volume that will cause it to engulf Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth itself.

In the best-case scenario, the increase in volume will stop short of our planet’s destruction, but life as we know it would have already been destroyed due to radiation and the dramatic increase in surface’s temperatures. Our only hope, as mankind, is to build a colossal interstellar spaceship that would allow a fraction of humanity to evacuate on a “new earth” we have located in the Trappist star system during our search for viable extrasolar planets.

Such a project, however, is far from simple: the resources we need can’t be found on our planet, and the few made available from the solar extraction technology are still insufficient. The only way to complete this monumental task is to harvest the materials needed directly from the other planets of our solar system.

Every player will guide a Nation with the aim of becoming the foremost contributor in the race for the interstellar spaceship. If mankind is to be saved, whichever nation will be deemed the greatest contributor will have the honor of guiding humanity on this new Earth.

Build the circuit board with the help of 30 double-sided cards. Move strategically your pawn from a CHARGE POINT to the MASTER NODE and collect and play the charge cards. You can change the circuit board's pathways, or force your opponents to move when they don’t want to. The goal: build and negotiate the pathways to reach your charge point, before returning to the master node and eliminate other players.

How to Play: Take circuit-board card #1 and put it with the numbered side face-up between all the players. Each player chooses a coloured pawn and places it on the matching coloured NODE of card #1.

The CHARGE POINT circuit-board cards (#2-#7): each have a different coloured charge point. Each player takes the CHARGE POINT card that corresponds to their pawn's colour and the rest of the CHARGE POINT cards are now put away and no longer used. The remaining circuit-board cards (#8 - #30) are shuffled and each player is dealt an additional 3 so each player now has 4 circuit-board cards in hand (which includes their CHARGE POINT card). The rest is put away.

The gold-back mini cards (movement and certain action cards) are shuffled and placed in their own deck (face down). The green action mini cards are separated into their own corresponding piles (6 of them) and placed face up.

Turns: Each turn a player selects 2 mini cards of any combination that they wish to take. A player can have as many mini cards in hand as they wish, and may play any amount of mini cards in any order during their turn

Each turn a player may also play (but does not have to) a single circuit-board card at any point in their turn, any way up and in any orientation, as long as it connects to a corresponding edge of another card (i.e. longest edge to longest edge, etc - you get the gist).

Ahau: Rulers of Yucatán is a Euro-style board game, combining elements of worker placement and resource management with innovative dual-engine building - all set in the Classical Period of the Maya.

In the game, the players take the roles of leaders of city-states who are all eager to climb the ladder of power and become the most famous ruler of this era. Throughout their journey, they have the chance to invoke the ancient Maya deities, make the production flourish, build their pyramid temple and capital, and expand the borders of their territory.

Ahau is a homage to the breathtaking Maya culture, bringing their history closer to the players. The cultural and historical aspects of the game were closely checked by Mayanist David S. Anderson, professor of anthropology and archaeology, an instructor at the Radford University in Virginia, U.S.

Fantasy Commander is a strategic board game with highly detailed resin miniatures at a scale of 1:72 (20mm) by Signum Games. Take part in an epic showdown in the Signum world, where the glorified heroes bring their armies of fantasy creatures to the battlefield and unleash a real war out there.

Although the game is basically designed as a two-player duel game, you can involve even more players in additional game modes, as well as test yourself in a single-player Narrative Campaign, where you can easily master basic game rules.

The roofs of the villages of the Tang Dynasty are the first to notice the slightest temperature changes and the passing of time. The wind blows, raising dry leaves that fly before the snow covers every architecture. After several days the air starts smelling like pollen and gets warmer, the flowers start blooming again, and the sun dries the mud into cracked earth once again.

Tang Garden: Seasons is the final expansion for Tang Garden. We have crafted different rich scenarios by getting inspiration from the mechanisms you most love in board games that will completely change the way you create your beautiful garden. In this expansion, you will find new tiles, decorations, panoramas, visitors, boards, and new components that you have never seen before.

Ryozen is a 2-4 player worker placement game with a layered rotating board and multiple scoring and resources engines, set in a fantasy world of mystical forces and animals with extraordinary abilities.

It's a busy time in the kingdom of Ryozen! Like all the others, your clan has assembled the most skilled kin who can perform various tasks and bring you the honors you deserve. These are the final nights, when you can prove that your clan is the most capable of doing good for the kingdom. The Phoenix Queen is about to awaken in her mountaintop palace, which you can rotate to gain special benefits from the nearby lands. Seize the moment and do your best to obtain her favor!

In Ryozen the contention is always at a high pace with both direct and indirect interaction between players. The board, flippable for a two player setup, is divided into sectors that provide different sets of possible actions, but only for a limited number of available placements.

Secure the best places for your kin to gather or manage resources, recruit more allies with asymmetrical abilities, influence the tie-breaker and collect cards to improve your strategy. The turn flow runs smoothly from the very beginning, with immediate placement effects during the day phase and global effects resolved sector by sector during the night.

Never lose sight of your rivals and strive for the highest prestige!

Lost amidst the surreal and bizarre unknowns of the far reaches of the cosmos, your crew of explorers must pull together to discover the resources necessary to survive the long journey home.

Unsettled is a 2-4 player cooperative survival adventure set in the wondrous and unnerving fringes of uncharted space. There are no enemies and no combat, only an environment where every step, every breath, every particle around you could mean immediate, terrifying, death. Enemies are the least of your concerns.

In these incredible conditions you must complete a series of tasks necessary to your continued survival. Perhaps the water reclamation system on the ship needs repair, or (as usual) food supplies are running low. Before you lies a strange alien landscape - it’s up to you to complete these tasks using…whatever you find out there.

Each time you play you will have a different combination of survival tasks to complete and the things you discover (and their weird properties) will be different as well. So while you always start out knowing what problems you need to solve you have no idea how you’re going to use the world before you to do so (or what the world is going to do to you while you try).

As you explore the environment, encountering wild & unique opportunities along the way, you will work closely with the rest of your crew to achieve your goal of continued existence. The only thing you can be sure of is each other; lose that trust and you’ll lose all hope of survival.

Rumors and Legends is a new, fun-filled mystery deduction board game. It stars a creepy cast of creatures and Cryptids, like the Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster. You are investigating the disappearance of Professor Daffle, the world's leading researcher of Cryptozoology, as you travel to legendary locations like The Himalayas and Roswell, New Mexico. You are also in constant peril of getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle!

Rumors and Legends is a light game that can be learned in 10-15 minutes and takes around 30-45 minutes on average to play. You'll find the mechanics comfortably familiar if you have played the usual suspects of mystery games before, but a host of new twists and turns to make the game feel unique, modern and thematically interesting.

A player rolls the dice to determine their next move. Their move may involve moving their mini a specified number of spaces, drawing a Rumor card, moving the door minis, and/or moving to the Bermuda Triangle to end the turn.

The game ends when a player is first to solve the mystery of Professor Daffle's disappearance. There are three components: the Creature responsible, the Location of Daffle's disappearance, and the Incident that was involved.

The player who is able to solve the three components of the mystery is the one who wins the game.

"Crews of Eridanus" is a science fiction-themed board game of exploration and adventure for 1–6 players. Playing time is normally 2 hours.

Each player represents the Captain of a small in-system spacecraft that has been selected by the authorities to help get the system economy and travel back to normal. As a Captain, you’ll need to recruit a crew and good crews don’t come cheap. Crews of Eridanus is an open world and there are a number of ways to earn credits: carrying passengers, trading cargoes, mining, exploring wrecks and hunting pirates. All players start with the same size of crew, ship and resources, but they are free to pursue whatever strategy they think best. Each player builds a unique tableau consisting of different crew members and ship modifications.

The game is played over a series of rounds, with each player taking their respective turn. A player can usually take 3 actions per turn.

The game starts in a pirate phase, where pirate ships occupy a number of locations on the map. If most of the pirates are destroyed, then the game shifts to a normal phase. Finally, the game enters an end phase after a pre-determined number of rounds have been played and a boss appears.

There are multiple ways to defeat the boss, but if it is not dealt with quickly then all of the players will lose. If the players are successful in stopping the boss, whoever has the most Victory Points is the winner.

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