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Crowd Funding Roundup 17th Jan

This week we have the hotly anticipated Marvel Zombicide and a host of other exciting looking games coming to Kickstarter and Gamefound platforms. I'm still on the fence about Zombicide, having never played any of the other. If ever there was a time to get into Zombicide, it must be now.

Have a look at the new projects launching this week and let me know what you think.

In Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, the hunger takes hold after many superheroes in the Marvel Universe have been turned into zombies. You play as these infected heroes and will be eating people to satisfy your hunger...and objectives within the game.

Marvel Zombicide is a stand-alone game using the standard Zombicide mechanics but set in the Marvel Universe.

It's summer, and you're riding the sun-drenched half-pipes of Pelican Park. Locals know there's no ledge too high, no rail too long, and no ramp too dangerous for you and your crew. Nail rad trick combos and show off your skills, but be careful — the longer you stay on your board, the more likely you are to bail!

The object of Skate Summer is to score the most points by doing trick combos, collecting goal tokens, and visiting S-K-A-T-E-R locations. The game is played in rounds. Each round has the following phases:

1. COMBOS: Players simultaneously play trick cards, earn rewards, and roll dice to check their balance. 2. SKILLS & POINTS: Players simultaneously improve their skills and score points for combos. 3. MOVES: Players take turns navigating the park, picking up goals and gear. 4. ROUND END: Each player resets their board and draws up to their hand size, then the "Pro Skater" first player marker passes to the left.

If any player's score has hit or passed the endgame token at the end of the round, the game ends and players count up their endgame points. The player with the highest score wins!

Urto. A competitive dungeon crawler for 2-5 players.

Players will explore a cave to find items and treasures, fight against against creatures and other players but always keeping an eye on other players because when the first one will go out of the cave, there will not be a lot of time to escape too. Urto will finally judge between the players that succeed to go out of the cave which one had been the best hero.

During a turn, player will move one square and will have the possibility to explore, fight, sprint or rest. To perform these actions, he will have to roll dice or to pick cards.

The game ends when there is no more living hero in the cave.

To win, players have to not die in the cave and to be the hero with the biggest score adding honour points, magic points and health points.

White Hat is a challenging hacker-based board game, drawing upon an interesting adaptation of the trick-taking mechanic for the right to progress through cyberspace.

As they attempt to prove their worth as a hacker, players will attempt to win tricks by playing cards from their hand. If they win a trick they can then move one of their hats on the board through the maze of FBI servers, internet cafes, and digital tracers in order to reach the Critical Asset and end the game. However, players should not always rush to the end as points are scored at the end of each round depending on what spaces their hats are on, and the lowest score is the winner!

Suitable for not only 2-6 players, White Hat sports a dedicated solo variant that not only draws upon much of the multiplayer game but also pits the player against the game itself. This is a serious head-scratching puzzle solver, as all hats are in play and the soloist has full responsibility for the progress of them all.

Ostia is a strategy game for 1-4 players. Players lead a large fleet to explore the ocean, trade and develop the port. Make good use of the Mancala system to strengthen your personal board and aim for the highest honor!

The player chooses one of the six spaces on his board. Corresponding resources will be produced for the number of ships in that space. After that, take all the ships in that space and place them one by one clockwise. Take action corresponding to where the last one ship was placed. By repeating this, you can build a new ship on your personal board, strengthen your ship to a larger one, or build a building in the harbor.

Total War: ROME – The Board Game captures the essence of the video game and allows up to four players to play as the leaders of Rome, Carthage, Greece, and Gallo-Germania, covering the time period from 250 BCE to 50 BCE. The base game can be played in under three hours, with planned expansions that will allow players to dive deeper into managing battles emulating the video game further.

2 player strategy game with the objective to deal the highest attack before the cards run out. Players use cards either face up or face down to achieve their goal.

Players play 1 or more cards from their hand and can optionally reveal a face down card placed on a previous turn.

When the cards in the deck runs out, the game ends and the player who performed the highest attack during the game is the winner.

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