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Crowdfunding Round-Up 11th Sep

There are 12 new projects this week. The return of 'Mythic Mischief' has me very excited; the first game is great fun and has the perfect balance of fun and challenging. With a 'Terraforming Mars' title in the mix this week, it's going to be an expensive week in the board game world.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

In the standalone sequel to Mythic Mischief, you play as a faction of Mythic Manor students competing to get as many of the other students caught by the Groundskeeper as you can without getting caught yourself.

The Gargoyles, Gnomes, Werewolves, and Fairies each have their own unique set of abilities to move around the board, move the other factions into the path of the Groundskeeper, and even alter the course of the Groundskeeper by moving hedge walls.

Players are able to upgrade their Faction’s abilities throughout the game by collecting powerful Tomes from around the hedge maze.

The winner is the first Team to score 10 Mischief Points or the Team with the most points when the Groundskeeper finishes returning all of the Tomes after lunch!

The march of humankind’s progress threatens the survival of the American Red Wolf. It's up to you and your team to save them!

Work with your fellow conservationists to save American Red Wolves, challenging negative stereotypes, and gaining the support of landowners.

Historically, thousands of American red wolves were found throughout the southeastern United States. Today, only a small population exists in the wilds of North Carolina, making them the most endangered wolf in the world. Their fragile population has grown through a carefully managed breeding program. In 1987, they were reintroduced in Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. As of 2023, red wolves are still released there, though their population area now expands outside the refuge. Because a large portion of their recovery area encompasses privately owned land, local support is critical for coexistence.

In Rolling Zombies, you will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, where the living dead roam the wasteland, and five factions battle for survival. Each faction controls a base and sends out their members to scavenge for resources, explore ruins, and fight off zombies and rival factions.

The game is played using mechanics from the popular "Yachts" dice game, where players roll a set of dice to achieve various combinations and scores. In Rolling Zombies, players roll dice to move their characters, collect resources, and fight off zombies and rival factions.

Zombie hordes spawn randomly and start moving around the map. Players get points for destroying them, but the horde can be also turned to start moving towards another direction.

Victory points are awarded for defeated enemy units. There is also an ancient fortress in the centre of the map and defeating it awards victory points and game end. At the end victory points are given also for the area controlled by each player.

The year is AD 79. Seers have learned of the imminent eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and those versed in the mystic arts have made invocations to stop the calamity from claiming thousands of lives. However, these actions have angered Pluto, god of the underworld, who vows to usher in even greater destruction unless the earth’s strongest champions accomplish a series of tasks in a realm of grueling combat.

Hoplomachus: Victorum is a standalone title from Chip Theory Games. It uses CTG's acclaimed combat system from the Hoplomachus games, adding new twists with a focus on heroes and campaign play. Victorum is a solo-only experience, offering an in-depth, rewarding adventure with deep strategic decisions and exciting combat. Set in the more epic and mythical world of Hoplomachus: Victorum, this edition will pair the combat mechanisms fans know and love with beautiful updated lore, art and design.

Simon Scarrow's Eagle book series takes us back to the times when Claudius was emperor in Rome, beginning with the invasion of Britain, through the adventures of his characters Macro and Cato.

With this expansion of ONUS! you will experience first hand, the battles of the books, commanding Roman troops or enemies of the Empire, from skirmishes of a few men to large armies, even playing alone!

Flock Together is a beautifully immersive cooperative experience for 1-5 players. During the game, each player takes on the role of a unique chicken with asymmetric abilities and works together to drive off the invading predators before the third season ends.

Every turn, players choose their own strategy to progress their cause by selecting two of their eight available actions. Along the way, players will also have to manage leveling up, predator loot drops, traveling grubs, and adverse weather conditions. However, players must plan carefully, because as the seasons change, every predator that is still alive grows stronger and gains new abilities.

With eleven asymmetric characters to play and ten unique predators to defeat, Flock Together offers immense replay ability that can be enjoyed with quick turns and an experience that lasts 25 minutes per player.

You are a French cheesemaker in the early 20th century making, aging, and selling your artisanal cheeses. Become the most prestigious cheesemaker in all of France by running a highly successful creamery and crafting exceptional cheese.

Fromage is a simultaneous worker-placement game where players place Workers to make cheese and gather resources from the quadrant of the board facing them. Once all players have placed their Workers, the board rotates, aging any cheese that was made, and presenting each player with a new quadrant to place Workers into. Score Prestige Points by selling cheese to the four locations, and by efficiently managing and upgrading your creamery.

Rivals is a deckbuilding board game based on a Battle Royale gameplay. You play the chosen one of your clan and fight to save your people from extinction.⚔️

- Features -

To win the game, you just need to be the last survivor or to have obtained 5 victory points.

To obtain victory points, you will have to either kill an opponent or buy them using the resources you will obtain by collecting on the map.

Battle royal board game Deck-building, the central element of the game Collect resources to implement your strategy Scalable map over the sleeves, be careful not to fall...

- The map -

Focus on the board and the interactions with the evolving map ! ??

RIVALS is played in several rounds, each divided into two rounds of play. During their turn, players have 2 action points to move, collect resources from a tile, play cards from their hand and interact with sponsors.

The WildTech (=map) is made out of 43 tiles. You can explore, collect resources and fight your opponents.

Crystal / Resin : These are harvest resources, they allow you to craft shields, uninstall cards from your deck and buy victory points !

Interface (black tile) : If you collect on this tile, you will be able to collect new cards for your deck and optimize it.

Anticipation : This resource allows you to recover additional dice to defend yourself from your opponents

The evolution of the map : At the end of each round (2 turn in a round), parts of the map will be destroyed, players will have to draw cards to discover the affected areas. Be careful not to fall...

- How does battle work ? -

The attacker gets 2 action points to use offensive cards. The cost of the card is in the upper left and the distance to perform your attack in the upper right. Finally in the centre of the card is the number of damage as well as the special effects.

Regarding cards, there are 2 types. Cards for physical damage and cards for mental damage. Finally you will be able to combine certain offensive cards with utility cards to add a boost to your attack.

For the defence part, when a player attacks you, you get 2 defence dice to block attacks. Throughout the game, you will be able to get up to 6 of them during an attack phase. In order to have more defensive dice, you will have to collect on tiles with “anticipation”. Finally, elements of the map such as the forest will give you an additional die if you are on the square.

- Lore -


Humanity is all over the galaxy. After centuries of research, science finally unravelled the secret of hyper-speed.

The Network, supreme political council, sealed the destiny of all clans. In order to avoid the conflicts and wars to come, each clans located on each planet of the Milky Way will designate an Ashak to stand for them in the WildTech, a hybrid arena : half-real, half-digital.

You embody one of these Ashaks and will carry your clan's hopes. The ultimate battle is yet to come and no one wants to discover what is hiding beyond the void.

In Dark Domains each player takes on the role of a city leader attempting to expand the frontier of Harrows into the hinterland. Unbeknownst to the powers in Harrows some of those leaders, namely the players, are secretly evil to the core and in the thrall of the Necromancer. Once away from the bustling city and the oversight of the courts, these overlords create domains that outwardly appear to be beacons of light and hope. Eventually however, their true colours will come through and those upstanding pillars of the community will retreat to their lairs as the masquerade ends and their lands begin to decay into wastelands overrun by foul monsters and nefarious henchmen.

But all is not peaches and cream in the lands of darkness. Harrows is home to the famous Torin Company and its never-ending supply of heroes and adventurers. Once the word reaches Harrows that darkness is afoot in the Domains, it is only a matter of time before these nosy adventurers begin to seek out the dens of horror to stop the evil.

Dark Domains is a worker placement game where 2-5 players attempt to create a Domain that provides them the most evil, depicted in the game by skulls. Players must use Minions, Henchmen, Monsters & Magic to stamp out the good, repel the Torin Company and cover their land in darkness.

Tarot cards are used in the game as events to live up each turn and to regulate the phases of the game.

Haggis is a climbing game in the same family as Zheng Fen and Big Two. It borrows and recombines elements from its parent games - card combinations, bombs, scoring for cards in hand, scoring for cards collected in tricks - and it mixes in equally distributed wild cards and betting that you'll be the first to empty your hand of cards.

TRICKTAKERs is a...trick-taking game featuring role selection. After being dealt a hand of cards, the players choose from various characters (such as King or Gambler) that change how they will participate in the game.

The basic game consists of three rounds of trick-taking, and the winner will be the person that wins the most tricks in two of the three rounds. Alternatively, if no one achieves that condition, if a player has taken no tricks in all three rounds, they will be the winner.

Not mentioned above, the game also has a higher priority victory condition and a lower one. Each character in the game grants the player holding it a special "immediate victory" condition that could be achieved. The characters also give the players ways to earn points, and this is the lowest tier of victory determination: who has the most points.

To illustrate some of the character abilities, the Gambler can discard cards from the initial hand to draw replacements, and will bid for how many tricks they take, possibly granting them extra points if successful. The Resistance has the potential to cause a "revolution" which reverses the strength of the ranks, and earns more points if they can win tricks with what would normally be the "high" cards.

From the Earth to the Moon is a novel by Jules Verne published in 1865, in which some adventurers, after the end of the American Secession War, embark on the adventure of reaching the Moon. To do so, they build an immense cannon and a bullet that will be their means of transport.

This "flip & write" board game for 2 to 6 players represents the essence of the novel. We will have to collect and produce resources, build the cannon, the base on which it rests and the bullet in which the adventurers will travel. In addition, the mechanics of gambling and duelling, concepts that appear repeatedly in the novel, are represented.

Terraforming Mars: Prelude 2, the sixth expansion for Terraforming Mars, focuses on cross-expansion effects, prelude cards with ongoing effects and actions, and more project cards for your tableau...not to mention five new corporations.

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