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Crowdfunding Round-Up 13th December

December is a quiet time in the crowdfunding space. 2 projects is a far cry from a full crowdfunding round up, but that is all we have this week. This will most likely be the last round-up of the year. From everyone here at BoardGame Nation, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope your holiday season is filled with much cheer and lots of board games. Happy gaming.

You and your fellow Headmasters are trying to build out your academies, recruit the best students, hire talented guild masters, and influence important council ministers. Only select graduates can be tasked to fulfil quests ordered by the King, while the so-so graduates are sent to the capital city to make their own way.

GAOV uses action selection, dice drafting and dice manipulation (Students), tile drafting, resource management and engine building (Academies), contract fulfilment (Quests), and a unique system where players choose which game aspects they want to score (Council Ministers) to bring a new aspect of the Valeria Universe to life.

It is the age of sail. Distant empires, hungry for the wealth and resources of the New World, have bankrolled colonies on these distant shores. Now, as ancient grudges and rivalries reignite, piracy and privateering are expanding from single-ship engagement into small flotillas commanded by young commodores. Their goal: take the seas back for their home nations, and perhaps win more than a little gold in the process…

Privateer is the first title in the Articles of War series. It is a fast-paced, hex-based naval engagement where 2 to 6 players use a combination of sailing, cannon-fire, and the occasional boarding action to sink or capture the ships belonging to their opponents. For each enemy ship dispatched, a gold doubloon is awarded to the attacker with ultimate victory going to whichever player has the most gold at the end of the game.

The central mechanic of AoW: Privateer is a special dice economy, where the active player rolls a combination of sail and cannonball dice based on the number of ships they have active and their strategic preferences. After rolling, they spend these dice one-by-one in order to manoeuvre their ships into position and target their cannons to eliminate enemies. Islands and reefs, placed by the players during setup, provide a limitless variety of map arrangements.

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