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Crowdfunding Round-Up 14th August

We have 9 new projects in this week's crowd funding round up.

All of the campaigns this week look really interesting and I can't wait to see how they progress.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

You are the mayor of one borough of Small City, and you have eight turns to secure enough votes to be re-elected. To do this, you have to attract more citizens, encourage the growth of residential areas for them to live in, and aid the expansion of both the commercial and industrial sectors – though the latter sector also brings pollution with it, and you need to deal with that, too, as high pollution levels will have a negative effect on your score at the end of the game.

If you build suitable infrastructure, your citizens will undoubtedly vote for your re-election, but beware of false promises! Votes can be earned over the course of the game by placing citizens in the residential spaces, by erecting cultural buildings, by keeping commercial buildings in suitable areas, and also by making good on the promises that you made to the citizens at the beginning of the game.

The player with the most votes (i.e., victory points) after eight turns wins.

H.Y.S.T. (How You Steal Things), is a board game for 2-6 players. Each of you is a thief that needs to steal the diamond for a mysterious wealthy buyer. This particular diamond is housed in a museum that has "state of the art" security. Also, the museum's halls are a maze of passageways that can be arranged in over 14 billion ways using 9 tiles to create the board.

In the middle of the museum is the target of your heist, the diamond. You will use action cards that assist you to bypass security, hinder opponents, or gain movement. Regular movement is taken using dice rolls. Get to the diamond first to steal it, Be warned, other thieves can steal the diamond from you using luck or action cards. Choose your exit wisely as another thief may catch you.

Be the first to get out with the diamond to win the game.

Joyride: Survival of the Fastest is a fast-paced, 2-4 player racing game in which you do whatever it takes to beat your opponents through the gates and to the finish line, whether that be through skilfully weaving your way around the track or bashing your opponents out of the way to claim victory.

Sometimes the fastest route to the finish line is through everyone else!

Dominate & Delegate is a 2 layer legacy campaign games and a skirmisher for up to 4 players & inspired by video games like Command & Conquer.

In the legacy campaign, each player choose a side and receive their own information needed for the current mission. Both players have secret which are unknown to the opponent. Thanks to a deep and immersive story, both players advance their teams, fighting battles and try to see the best possible outcome for their faction at the end of the campaign... and there are lots of possible endings available, depending on the decisions of both players.

In the Skirmish Mode, you can play up to 4 players, you can fight All vs All or even Team vs Team. Thanks to different scenarios, you have lots of options for maps, conditions and possible complexity and game length.

The game is heavily based on Strategy, Area Control and keeping secrets hidden. You are moving your units, building factories and try to conquer the world. Thanks to a secret fog of war, your enemy don't know what you manufacture in the weapon factory, also the amount of production is a secret until the units are ready.

Dominate & Delegate offers a unique campaign with dramatic twists and plots.

Players fight for control of locations by commanding birds of their own, and other players’ flocks. Earn points and command woodland creatures by having the most birds on a location, pushing your foes off the perch, and breaking ties to take the lead.

With a modular tile configuration and a variety woodland creatures to control, each game will present a new tactical challenge.

Each round, players add their birds into a shared bag. Players then draw birds of their own, and other players take turns stacking birds on location tiles. Each location tile will award variable points for majorities and sometimes grant players a unique ability.

The game ends after 5 rounds, and the player that has earned the most points wins!

Legend tells of the abandoned Spectral Manor coming to life at the stroke of midnight on a Crimson Moon — an event that rarely takes place more than once per century. On that night and that night alone, in certain rooms vast treasures appear, granting unspeakable wealth to those brave enough to find and claim them. But those who enter this mansion do so at their peril as some rooms awaken ghosts and curses that claim any who are foolish enough to enter. Rumours speak of glyphs and sigils found within the manor only on Crimson Moon night; these markings offer hints and clues — indicating both where treasures can be found and where paranormal traps lie in wait.

In Spectral, players control competing bands of treasure hunters. These bands enter the Spectral Manor on the night of the Crimson Moon and race to uncover and stake out the locations of the treasures before midnight. As they discover and decipher the glyphs, they can avoid rooms where demons secretly slumber and selfishly keep such information from their rivals. Meanwhile, locations of the manor that promise to conjure the most treasure will see multiple clans clashing over the territory. Through deduction, bidding, betting, and bluffing, players will uncover and harness the secrets within. The game ends after a player has placed all of their treasure hunters or if all players consecutively pass. The band that claims the most treasure while avoiding cursed rooms will come away victorious.

Spectral features multiple challenge levels

Snow planner is a 2-4 player dice placement games. Players will be a manager that running the inn nearby snow mountains. These are various options to win and you must satisfy customers.

To win: The player who gets the most victory points at the end of the game.

How to play: On your turn you place a dice on the game board. After your dice is placed, the next player places a dice, and so on. 1 round is until there are no dices.

This game will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter this summer.

In Algomancy, you are an Algomancer vying for control over an AI simulation. By manipulating the source code of the world you are able to cast spells, summon armies, and augment game objects to modify their capabilities. Players use these Algomantic powers in a conquest to vanquish the opposition and become the last one standing.

Algomancy is an expandable cube-style drafting card game with CCG-like player interaction and a variety of game modes.

The dynamic draft mode allows players to draft their hands from a communal deck during the game so they can adapt their strategy on the fly and works best for 2-5 players.

Pre-draft or cube draft allows players to draft a constructed deck through a traditional drafting method before the game begins, and works best for 6-10 players. Players can either play a series of 1v1 games or larger group games in a free-for-all or team structure.

Constructed is where players build decks of cards from the card pool to challenge other players who have done the same. This works for any number of players.

Team constructed allows a team of players to create a group deck, which that team will draft from during the course of the game. This works best for 6 players (3v3).

Midhalla is a cooperative dungeoncrawler that focuses on strategic hero mechanics, tower defence elements, and a character-cantered story. The game follows the story of Harkon, a newly trained Viking warrior as he faces the invading demon hordes. At the core of Midhalla's gameplay is a strategic hero combat mechanic that eliminates randomness and focuses on complex strategy. Players invest resources to build traps between combat phases to prepare for the incoming waves of enemies. The game also features a story-based exploration system that allows players to follow Harkon's journey and unlock additional lore as well as new gameplay elements as they progress. The campaign and all scenarios are fully repayable, with different classes, skills, events and varying enemy setup.

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