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Crowdfunding Round-Up 14th March.

My apologies for the lack of precision with dates of some projects recently. Unfortunately after they get posted to the blog or to social media, inevitably the dates get changed by a few weeks or in odd cases months. Lots of projects are cancelling funding or failing completely in the current climate. Be sensible, think hard and be responsible with your budget. Most importantly, enjoy board games.

All that being said, Oak! Take my money!! I'm all on board with Oak this week. It has a great deal of mechanics that I really love and a theme that I, just can't resist.

Have a look and let me know. Are you are backing anything this week?

In the center of a vast, but secret forest stands the Arch-Oak — a majestic tree that was already a sapling when the world was still young. It is even said that from its wood, the Gods crafted the first humans and animals.

Druidic orders from far and wide flock together around its roots to bathe in its glory. Arch-druids sanctify sacred places and erect rune-etched monoliths, while bards tell the tallest tales to recruit a greater following. Ovates read the omens to gain a glimpse of the things to come, while sacrificers use force to defend their Order's beliefs.

Oak puts you in the role of the leader of one of four different druid orders, with you attempting to establish that your order deserves to be chosen by the Arch-Oak's spirit to stay and learn its secrets. Your order starts out small and insignificant, but if you choose your actions wisely and use your druids efficiently, you will see it grow in power and stature. You will gain the friendship and help of otherworldly creatures like the mischievous brownie, the terrible merrow, and the magical pixies. You will learn powerful spells of the wild and uncover mighty artifacts. You might even risk upsetting the natural balance by creating new sacred places in the forest to house your growing flock of druids.

Will you be able to prove to the Arch-Oak that your order is worthy? Will you be able to unlock the secrets of the ancients?

A speed/dexterity game that is about finding creatures that do NOT match.

Starting with all the cards face-down, players quickly flip over a card, which they may put into one hand as the first card in their stack. (You may flip another card if you wish.)

Everyone rushes to flip cards and find totally different creature - each card in your stack must be TOTALLY DIFFERENT to the one before - a different number of eyes, mouths, arms/wings/tentacles, and legs.

You may grab turnips - totally different to any creature! But if you have more than 5, you lose.

The game ends when everyone has grabbed as many cards as they can.

Pass your cards left to be checked. If you had 2 cards in a row that are similar, or more than 5 turnips, you lose.

Otherwise, the person with the most cards wins.

Pathways is a two-player flicking, dexterity game played on a uniquely crafted bamboo board with acrylic disks. The board has 46 symmetrical holes in a chessboard pattern.

The goal of the game is for players to flick their 12 disks, in-turn, across the board into the opposite furthest row. As disks fall into the holes on the board, they create new flat surfaces making follow up shots easier. The player that gets most of their disks into their target row wins the game.

There are specific match-game rules, where players compete to reach 11 points.

The game board roughly measures about 12” x 15” and fits on most any surface and is easily portable.

Your hard work in Micro Dojo drew the eye of the Shogun, but also gained the attention of two rival clans that now try to claim the town for their own.

The Shinchoku clan bring progress and prosperity, whilst the Tsuyo clan cultivate power and corruption.

Pledge your loyalty, earn support, and help your chosen clan come to power.

Tamashii is a cyberpunk adventure board game with a post-apocalyptic vibe. Players will struggle to survive and pursue their agendas in two worlds at the same time - the physical one, filled with deadly machines and merciless human survivors, and the virtual one, prowled by tracking software and vicious viruses.

Players will try to achieve their goals on a modular city map. They will find new locations, fight against strong enemies and search for important information and files needed to win the game.

The second part of the game takes action on a virtual map. Here you will try to hack your opponents, unlock special bonuses or get one-time bonuses for completing the sequences.

The game may be played in different scenarios. You might have to cooperate with other players, play against them or even make an alliances with your enemies. But watch every step you take; every conflict, cooperation or alliance might be a double-edged sword.

Okay, so 12 horrifying gigantic demigods called Zodiacs have awoken and want to extinguish human civilization. Pretty crappy day. And it turns out only you and your band of unlikely heroes can defeat these monster a-holes and save us all. Ready? Yeah, you were born ready.

The Bad Karmas and The Curse of the Zodiac is a cooperative tactical boss-battle board game with an engaging digital dimension. Work together to defeat the 12 Zodiacs who evolve and respond in real-time to player actions, creating a tabletop experience like no other. The game comes with smart miniatures, board, dice, a free companion app, and the new Teburu game platform, which keeps tracks of everything on the smart board and enhances gameplay with artificial intellingence for the enemies, vivid visuals, exciting sounds, and dramatic storytelling. Encounter unique spectacular battles, surprising moments, and epic cinematic events all brought to life with Teburu. Adventure doesn't come much bigger!

With the balance of the planet Malhya threatened, a group of heroes awake...

You are one of those heroes with extraordinary abilities. Master the power of the Aura, the energy of the planet, complete the missions one by one, and thwart the plans of your enemies while overcoming all obstacles placed in your path.

In this great narrative adventure, you will be able to enjoy a complete experience, exploring regions as well as dungeons while testing your abilities on several levels. Infiltrate, fight, craft, negotiate, solve riddles… but above all live a story that will be told according to your own choices.

Multiple scenarios, miniatures, high replay value, save progress without blocking your material.

Feuds & Favors is a medieval-themed, turn-based, strategy card game featuring rival clans that are all competing for the title "The Paramount Legion"; the most respected title in the kingdom. Players use stacks of cards, called companies, as their legion.

On their turn, players must choose a series of 2 or 3 actions to further their cause. They can make an optional opening move but must make a positioning action followed by a main action.

Players can battle with each other by choosing one of their cards to bring into combat with an opponent's. They can also gain permanent and temporary bonuses through quests and influential figures. A player may even lay cards that affect a battle when they are not a part of it.

There are two ways to win: Victory by collection of trophies (similar to victory points) or by survival (think last man standing).

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