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Crowdfunding Round-Up 14th November

This week's Crowdfunding Round-Up is another quiet one. Let's just be glad of the break before another mad rush of new campaigns hits us soon. That being said, we still have a few great projects going live this week. On the Underground is a great game and very under rated in my opinion. I love the first one and am really looking forward to the new maps. The Last of Us is a huge IP and I'm sure will make a terrifying game. Lastly, Maple Valley is the second game in the Creature Comforts world and looks amazing like its predecessor. Have a great week everyone and happy gaming.

In On the Underground: Paris/New York, players build the Paris Métro lines or the New York City Subway lines. Each player controls 2-4 different lines, depending on the number of players.

On each turn, four destination cards are available, corresponding to stations on the map. You can take up to four actions; an action is either building track by placing one of your track tokens on the board or taking a branch token. A player may use two branch tokens to branch out of an existing line (whereas normally lines can be extended only at the endpoints). After each player's turn, a passenger token is moved along players' lines, avoiding walking as much as possible, to reach one or two destinations determined at the beginning of the turn. Destination cards corresponding to the visited stations are then replaced by new ones, then the next player takes their turn.

Players score points in two ways:

  • By building track and connecting their lines to various types of stations, by collecting landmark tiles (in Paris), by connecting stations across water (in New York) or at the end of the game if they have achieved their secret objectives (in Paris).

  • By having the passenger use their lines when moving.

After all destination cards have been drawn and all players have taken the same number of turns, the game ends.

Paris is a thoughtful map offering many options. To win, you need to strike the right balance between collecting sets of tokens, connecting secret destinations, blocking other players while not being blocked yourself, and of course carrying the passenger. Paris is the refined elder sister of the original On the Underground: London map and is recommended for experienced players.

New York is a fast-paced map reflecting the hectic pace of life in the big Apple. It encourages players to mirror real life by creating lines through Manhattan, but you have to build quickly to keep up with the always-moving passenger.

First game in the The Glory and Empire series.

Glory and Empire is a fresh look at grand tactical command, manoeuvre and combat during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period. The system is focused on command, manoeuvre and combat that is fast playing, yet accurate and rich with detail.

The game is 125m per hex. Units are battalions and companies for infantry, regiments and squadrons for cavalry and companies for artillery. Each strength point is 100 men for infantry, 50 men and horses for cavalry or one section, or 2 guns, for artillery. Counters are 5/8".

The rules consist of a Soldier's, Battalion and Brigade rules set. Players can learn the basics with the Soldier's rules, move to a full fledged simulation with the Battalion Game and pick and choose rules from the Brigade Game to suit their tastes. Or players can jump right into the Brigade Game and understand how grand tactical manoeuvring was practiced on the battlefield during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Soldier's Game gives players new to the era an introduction to foundational concepts of tactics in the horse and musket era. In the Soldier's and Battalion Games there are the usual Line, Column, Square and skirmishers. The Battalion game has two types of Skirmishers, introduces important concepts for manoeuvring forces on the battlefield and has more detailed close combat procedures. The Brigade Game adds close columns, attack columns, closed square, Austrian division masses. Artillery is simplified for the Soldier's and Battalion Games, but the Battalion Game adds artillery ammunition. The Brigade Game adds bombardment zones, bounce through, howitzer fire and separate ammunition tracking for round shot, shell, canister and shrapnel. The Brigade Game also gives players more tools to react to enemy moves.

The piece de resistance of the Brigade Game are the command rules. Players choose to form their brigades into Grand Columns or Lines of Battle. To deploy for battle the player must decide which evolution to use to form Line of Battle and shake his men into fighting order. To cross a bridge or move through a defile in the face of the enemy will take careful planning to avoid being embarrassed by the enemy when the columns emerge on the other side. Keeping the troops in good order is all important if the day is to be won.

The system will make its debut with Lock 'n Load publishing, featuring Wellington's first victories against Napoleon's forces in the Peninsula, with the battles of Roliça and Vimeiro. If all goes well we'll follow it up with Fuentes de Oñoro and Salamanca.

Play Glory and Empire and learn the trade of fighting a Napoleonic period battle and earn your marshal's baton.

Dark Venture is a retro, story-based, adventure card game where players construct a twisting narrative to explore a dystopian future with their heroes, completing quests to win the game.

Pursue your destiny through the ravaged wilds of Dark grange where magically-mutated creatures prowl the grounds of every seemingly abandoned building and stretch of dilapidated roadway.

From writings found on the deceased body of the hero, Torgon the Hunter: "We are the new rulers of the Earth and this is our struggle against one another. We venture into the darkness, the uncertainty, ambling through the ruins of progress every day. We live the repercussions of the events that spun civilization backwards while propelling the remaining inhabitants forwards along various inconceivable and diverse refractions. The world has unquestionably become a new, peculiar and merciless place."

Players maintain a hand of LOCATION, ITEM and CHARACTER cards, playing them on their turn by spending ACTION POINTS. LOCATIONS are played and attached to the map, then descriptive story entries are read that set up actions to be triggered and decisions to be made. ITEMS, including weapons, magical artefacts, Armor and potions, can be placed from a player's hand into their heroes inventory for them to use. Players may want to play other CHARACTERS from their hand to complete a quest or thwart an enemy.

Competitive: A player's goal in the main COMPETITIVE game mode is to gain the MOST QUEST POINTS over the course of a day, 12 game rounds, tracked on a QUEST TRACK, which can take about 60-90 minutes to play.

Cooperative: In the COOPERATIVE mode, players work, fight, move and complete their quests together to each get a set number of quest points before the end of the day, in 12 game rounds.

Solo: In the SOLO mode, players can choose to play a short game of 6 game rounds, attempting to get a set number of quest points before lunch, or a full game of 12 game rounds, attempting to get even more quest points before the end of the day.

On the day when the last snowflake of winter has melted away, all of the critters emerge from their cosy homes to celebrate...and that day is today! Maple Valley's annual Spring Festival is a gathering of friends welcoming the warm months ahead, and you don't have a lot of time to prepare!

While the adults get the village into shape, the youngest (and swiftest) forest animals from each den are sent scrambling through the blossoming woods, completing the last-second tasks that will make the Festival a success. The trails aren't always clear; you'll need to climb, swim, and dig your way to the most bountiful groves, forage for fresh spring ingredients to help villagers complete their errands, and unearth curiosities that will attract skilful scouts to your growing team. The sun will set before you know it; will it be your hard work that makes this year's Festival the best one ever?

Set in the delightful world of Creature Comforts, Maple Valley is a game of traveling trails, finding friends, and celebrating new beginnings for 1-5 critters.

Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector's Edition is an updated & extended version of Bestiary of Sigillum. Design and illustrations were reworked, and now the game looks even greater, allowing players to immerse themselves into an atmosphere of a fierce fantasy battles.

The game has neither random events, nor hidden information, which makes it a great battle of wits, which couples greatly with impressive replay ability, strategic depth and room for all kinds of tactical decisions.

In Bestiary of Sigillum you take on the role of summoners in the Kingdom of Two Castles. To play the game, you choose and summon your force of otherworldly heroes. Each character has a distinct combat role with a unique set of abilities which, when combined well, will compliment and reinforce other heroes.

The main goal of the game is to destroy the opponent's castle. In order to do so, you should control siege towers placed on the game board, and destroy enemy characters. You should carefully think through every move, keeping an eye on the opponent’s actions and pick characters paying attention to their strengths and weaknesses.

Do you stand beside Queen Catherine Ironfist and vanquish the lurking chaos? Do you help the power-hungry Mutare fulfil her plans and turn her into a dragon? Or, maybe you despise all of this and want, together with Sandro, to cover the whole world with the shadow of death? Move through the beautiful land of Antagarich, plunge into adventures and strategic battles with endless possibilities.

Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Board Game is an adventure-driven strategy game for 1-3 players set in the cult fantasy universe. The game includes competitive, cooperative, and solo scenarios to battle and explore your way through. The adventure maps will be represented by tiles, with each tile divided into seven hexagonal fields.

Play different scenarios with different victory conditions, explore the adventure map to discover various locations, and play out epic battles using the unique miniature models that represent the iconic units from the original game. All battles will be performed with models on separate boards.

Project EOS Rise is a one- to four-player cooperative space adventure game that mashes up Worker Placement, Push Your Luck, and Dice Placement game mechanics. You and your crew will travel the universe, hunting down Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) that will advance your progress towards finding the Paradise Planet. Once the Paradise Planet is located, the crew will put everything on the line in a desperate attempt to reach it and win the game.

Project EOS Rise features a “Roll For Location” game system that ensures each playthrough generates a unique universe with unique challenges. As well, a light RPG system allows the crew to explore and discover multiple paths to victory.

Whatever path you take, the four characters - Pilot, Combat Specialist, Engineer & Medical Director - can advance their skills strategically to best benefit your mission. Do you spend credits to expand the EOS and open new actions like mining, scanning, or crafting? Do you become a smuggler and deliver interesting cargo to distant galaxies to gain intel and advance your progress? Do you attack Alien ships using the combined strength and skills of the crew?

Whatever path you choose "Time is of the essence" because each year exploring brings the star marker on the Extinction track one step close to game over. Also keeping the Star-ship EOS in working condition is paramount because, if the Command room is destroyed, your mission is aborted. In either case, the game is lost.

Step into the command chair and pilot humanity's first intergalactic star-ship!

The Last of Us: Escape the Dark is a new board game of atmospheric adventure set in the world of the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog franchise.

Powered by the latest evolution of the Escape the Dark system, The Last of Us: Escape the Dark offers solo and co-op multiplayer modes, allowing up to 5 players to experience this iconic setting in a brand-new way.

Playing as a group of survivors, you will weave your own unique story of survival and companionship as you explore an open-world map. Beginning your journey in a forsaken quarantine zone, your goal is to travel to the reputed safe haven of Jackson while keeping everyone in the group alive.

Carefully plot your route through the troubled landscape, resolving immersive Chapter Cards at each location to gain vital information, weapons, and equipment. Survival will depend on making difficult choices and tactical use of item cards and custom character dice to overcome a variety of threats including Hunters, FEDRA agents, and the dreaded Infected.

Endure and survive!

A new violent, mature and Visceral roleplaying board gameboard game set in the World of Darkness.

Intended for solo play as well as up to four players, Werewolf: The Apocalypse — RETALIATION takes place in Yosemite Valley, following a deadly battle that left your pack all but decimated. With only a full lunar cycle to recover, rebuild your Caern, and prepare for your final revenge against Wyrm entities, your choices will weigh heavily upon the fate of your characters.

The game includes immersive branching scenarios, intense combats, mesmerizing investigations, beautiful minis, and a profound roleplaying experience.

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