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Crowdfunding Round-Up 15th August

This weeks Crowdfunding Round-Up sees a whole load of beautiful games. The production value of Barbaric and Dead Reckoning look amazing on their live projects. There is a real mix of different themes and styles this week and in my opinion, something for every gamer.

As usual, all of these projects will be hitting Kickstarter in the next week. Have a look and back with your head, not your heart.

Barbaric is a competitive miniature board game, in which players assume the role of mutated animals, known as The Rider, riding unique craft ship, known as The Gear. Each Rider and Gear have their own deck of cards, which has distinctive special power from other decks.

Players are going to combine Rider’s and Gear’s deck together to create their own play deck, which hold endless combination and strategy.

In each turn, players will take actions to either move around the board, salvage for valuable resource, or play their cards to improve their Rider or Gear. Players will need to compete to retrieve the Atomic core, which is located on the main board.

However, players can’t just snatch the core and escape. The core is guarded by the gigantic monster, known as “The Queen,” and her minions, which get stronger as the game progresses.

The player, who retrieves the core and move out of the board, will be declared the victor of Barbaric: After the Apocalypse.

Trailblazers are the gutsy folks who pave and brave the trails of the great outdoors. Whether by hiking boots, cycling wheels, or river paddle, these tenacious travelers seek to feed their insatiable appetite for adventure. With a scenic wilderness ever ahead and a freshly charted path upon the heels, one mustn’t forget to eventually find their way back to camp. For there are always new environments to explore, further expeditions to undertake, and more trails to blaze.

In Trailblazers, players compete to earn the most points by building biking, hiking, and kayaking loops from their campsites of the matching trail type. Each round, players are dealt eight trail cards where they’ll draft two cards, arrange those cards in their personal area, and pass their hand to the next player three times. Cards must either be placed adjacent to or overlapping other cards. While players can push their luck by aiming to construct long and elaborate trails, only closed loops that start and end at a matching campsite will score points. Players also compete to fulfill “First To” and “End Game” goal cards. After four rounds, the game ends and the player with the most points from closed loops and goal cards wins.

The standard edition of Trailblazers features a second deck of trail & player cards so you can play with up to 8 players. The box also contains two expansions (the Animals expansion and Adventurers expansion) that add another challenging layer of strategy and objectives to the experience. Finally, there are three unique solo modes that utilize the goal cards, Animals expansion, or Adventurers expansion.

Far from the galactic core, Thyrria and its moons have been strip-mined and left for dead. Abandoned workers huddle together in makeshift settlements, struggling to survive in a world of scarce resources and lawlessness. Native nomads and bizarre creatures resurface to take back the wasteland. Factions and adventurers rise and fall, but only the greatest will be remembered in legend.

Forsaken is an immersive sandbox adventure game where you take the role of a character looking to leave their mark in the harshest of worlds. Every character has a personalized branching story, with every path uniquely-tailored to the choices you make along the way. How will you change the face of Thyrria, and how will Thyrria change you?

Your goal is to secure your place as a legend in any way you can, but there are many ways to become a legend. Navigating through personal and public story objectives, doing odd jobs, hunting down bounties, fulfilling prophecies, and even gambling at the Cantina can all advance your legend tracker. Finding the right opportunities to upgrade your gear, weapons, and skills can help you along the way. Once a player reaches the end of the track, the player with the greatest legend wins.

At the end of your turn, you may trigger an event or encounter, which allows you an opportunity to permanently change the game and the emergent story based on the decisions you make. These changes can determine your character’s motives and goals personally, or guide the shared stories to impact the world itself. The more you change about the world, the bigger the mark you make and the greater your legend will be.

You are already dead. One way or another, you have fallen to the lich Yor'Mir. They have locked your soul within their phylactery, along with their other victims they have slain. Within this cursed orb exists a demi plane known as the Ragnorwald. A cursed forest with one purpose: to kill it's residence. Death is not perminent within this realm, but it is costly. With each death, the victim loses a cherished memory, which forms into ghostly blue crystals known as Essence. But fear not, all hope is not lost. There is a way out, a gate which Yor'Mir uses to check on the Ragnorwald. Two small problems: First, whenever someone uses the gate, the Ragnorwald is reset. The second is the gate is guarded by a Keeper, a twisted monstrosity placed by Yor'Mir to keep the residence of the forest from escaping. Luckily for you, you are a Champion. A being capable of Awakening these memories. Remember your powers from your past life, collect essence to purchase powerful Items, and defeat the Keeper. However, you are not the only one with this plan... Race to be the first to slay the Keeper, lest you lose your progress when the plane is reset.

Journey Into the Beyond is an asymmetrical competitive tableau building adventure game. Inspired by epic fantasy games such as Talisman and Mage Knight, Journey takes these long winded, large scale games and condenses it into a shorter more palatable experience. Players will notice right away that in the [i]Ragnorwald[/i], death is not only common and inconsequential, but often convenient. Fast paced highly strategic deterministic combat keeps the game flowing, and it's heavy player vs player elements keeps players interested even when it isn't their turn. Move around the board, choosing which stories to Encounter. Each Encounter type offers different risks and rewards, from fighting Goblins, exploring Dungeons, and even discovering critical information about the Ragnorwald itself.

Copperforge is a gnomish city, and the center of arcano-mechanical invention in the world of the Red Dragon Inn. It’s Wizgille the Tinkerer’s hometown, and normally it’s the picture of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, there are new and nefarious bad guys bringing all the cogwheel-ed chaos you can imagine to town!

In this expansion to our cooperative deckbuilding adventure game The Battle for Greyport, you’ll be able to protect the landmarks of a whole new city, halt a train heist, and KO steampunk-flavored mecha pilots. New Scenarios, new Bosses, new Locations and new Monsters are all a part of the package!

EIGHT new playable heroes come to the game in this expansion. In addition, a new Contraption mechanic shakes up the game. Contraptions begin play ‘attached’ to Monsters, enhancing them with new or stronger abilities. When a Monster with a Contraption is Defeated, that Contraption becomes a resource for the heroes instead, to be played like an Item card.

Ivion combines the intensity of a fighting game with the strategy of deck-building card games to create an experience unlike any other. In Ivion, your deck IS your character, and you build it from a variety of classes and specializations. Each character type has numerous cards from which to choose, along with wildly different playstyles. Mix and match them to create your own, unique character!

Upon the field of battle, crush your opponent with various strikes, stabs, slashes, spells, and other mayhem at your disposal. Be careful, though, as they have numerous ways to block, dodge, parry, fizzle, and disrupt your assault. Only one can be the victor, and the battle will be bloody!

In Ivion: The Fox and the Forest, stay one step ahead of nature as the craft Survivalist, or bring forth Summer's wrath as the Wilder. Fully compatible with all other Ivion products.

Nanolith is a cyberpunk-dungeon crawler with heavy rpg elements. The game is played in two books (the encounter- and the storybook) which present the players with the fatalistic story of the four main characters and their quest to retrieve their lost memories. In the encounter book artworks, scenario maps, and comics tell the progressing story of a human civilisation on the brink of extinction. Scenario outcomes, items the players get during the encounters and player decisions reference text sections in the storybook which advance the surprising and creative novel situated in the world of nanolith. Depending on player decisions and the outcome of scenarios the narrative paths of the story diverge greatly.

The mechanics used to bring the unique skill sets of each character to live provide a deep tactical, cooperative experience. Through the use of five six-sided activation dice movement, item activation and special skills can be activated by the players. But fear not the bad luck of rolling a hand full of dice! The clever mitigation mechanics using aggro to manipulate the value of your rolled dice guarantees, that if you really need to power up your mightiest abilities you will be able to do so. But every power comes with a price. The more you push your luck the harder your character may fall. Overusing the nanomachines your body produces you will at some point overcharge and set free the power of the nanolith inscribed in your DNA. You will get nanoshocked and be able to use a mighty character specific nanoshock ability once for free. But the more often you do this the closer you bring your precious character to the threshold between live and death. So choose you weapons wisely.

Most importantly Nanolith is a game of adventure and storytelling. The world in which this game plays out is different from any generic science fiction world you ever visited before. Player decisions do have a heavy impact on the story and the prose written for this game is much more than decorative attachment. It's a cyberpunk novel in which your characters are the main protagonists. Your decisions seal the destiny of Neo Eden. So don't hesitate any longer. The Nanolith awaits you!

After year of the New Sea being the dominion of cutthroat pirates, and daring merchant adventurers, the empires of the old world have turned their gaze towards its waters.

Letters of Marque is the third Saga expansion for Dead Reckoning. It contains 2 distinct but interconnected sets of expansion content. The first is "Flags of the Old World", a non-saga based set of content that introduces 2 empire boards, new resources called "Prime Cargo", new ship upgrades and a new "Explorer" card for each player's deck. The second is a new Saga, which, like to prior Saga expansions, contains encounters, mysteries, cards and content all to be organically while playing the game.

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