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Crowdfunding Round-Up 16th May

Welcome to this week's Crowdfunding Round-up. There are 15 new projects this week, trying to catch your attention. Small wonders from 'Button Shy Games', abstract fun from 'Sigil' and amazing miniatures from 'Monster Hunter World: Iceborne'. It looks like things are heating up, ready for the annual summer 'Crowdfunding boom'. From this point on, we will begin to see more projects hitting Crowdfunding and larger projects from some of the big companies. As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

The Battle for Castle Itter was fought near the Austrian village of Itter on 5 May 1945, in the last days of the War in Europe during World War II. US soldiers joined forces with Wehrmacht infantrymen, an SS officer, an Austrian resistance fighter, and recently freed French prisoners of war to defend an Austrian castle against an attacking force from the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division.

Object of the Game

During a game of Castle Itter, you take the role of the force that defended the castle from 0400 - 1600 on 5 May 1945. The goal of the game is to last until the SS deck is depleted, without allowing SS Counters to reach the castle. You score points for each Defender that survives the assault and lose points for each SS Counter remaining on the board at the end of the game - the higher your score, the better.

Detective: City of Angels, set in the dark and violent world of 1940s Los Angeles, is a game of mystery, deception, and investigation for 1–5 players. Most players will step into the shoes of LAPD homicide detectives, hungry for glory and willing to do whatever it takes to successfully close a case, even if that means intimidating suspects, concealing evidence, and hiring snitches to rat on their fellow detectives. One player, however, will take on the role of The Chisel, whose only goal is to stall and misdirect the detectives at every turn using bluffing, manipulation, and (often) outright lies.

Detective: CoA uses the innovative ARC (Adaptive Response Card) System to create the feel of interrogating a suspect. Suspects do not simply give paragraph-book responses; instead The Chisel carefully chooses how they will answer. When Billy O'Shea insists that the victim was a regular at Topsy's Nightclub, is he telling the truth or is The Chisel subtly leading the detectives toward a dead end that will cost them precious time? Detectives can challenge responses that they think are lies but at great risk: If they're wrong, The Chisel will acquire leverage over them, making the case that much harder to solve.

Detective: CoA includes separate, detailed casebooks for both the detectives and The Chisel. Each crime is a carefully constructed puzzle that can unfold in a variety of ways depending on how the detectives choose to pursue their investigations. As the detectives turn the city upside down, uncovering fresh evidence and "hot" leads, hidden suspects may be revealed and new lines of questioning will open up, creating a rich, story-driven experience.

Inspired by classic film noir like The Big Sleep, the works of James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential), and the video game L.A. Noire from Rockstar Games, Detective: City of Angels is a murder-mystery game unlike any other. Will one detective rise above the rest and close the case on L.A.'s latest high profile murder? Or will The Chisel sow enough doubt and confusion to prevent the detectives from solving the crime?

Match'M: Halloween is a pair-matching game of concentration for up to four players, suitable for every age from six and up. There are 30 unique images of various monsters, magical objects and ghouls, to haunt your mind and test your memory against your opponents. Find matching cards, play random events, and proceed with your streak to collect as many matching pairs as you can, and win the game!

In 9th Circle, players assume the role of Demon Lords. Using Minions to take control of various Realms of Hell, these Demon Lords seek to gain favour with Malacoda. The more Favour a player has with Malacoda, the more powerful they will become. When any Demon Lord reaches 25 Favour, Malacoda is pleased, and the one with the most Favour at the end of the round wins the game.

Gameplay is divided into rounds consisting of four phases. The first phase involves sending minions to the board and influencing their movement. In the second phase, realm dominance is determined for each of the 8th Circle realms. The third phase requires players to exercise powers in a clockwise order from Malacoda. Finally, in phase four, the players score and award favour for the 9th Circle sacrifices and 8th Circle shades.

The game concludes at the end of the round when one Player attains at least 25 Favour OR immediately upon Malacoda returning back to the Realm he started in, his patience having run out. The Player with the most Favour wins the game.

Sigil is an abstract strategy duelling game.

Place stones to surround and crush opposing pieces. A board of Sigil is populated by 9 random spells. If you fully control a spell, you may sacrifice your stones in it for a powerful effect.

Can you outwit your opponent and gain control of the Sigil?

A game of Sigil ends either when one player has a 3-stone advantage, or when either player casts their 6th spell. Whoever has the most stones wins.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game is a standalone game that will plunge players into an icy new monster hunting experience, introducing different quests, unique gameplay mechanics, and a new line-up of massive monsters for players to hunt.

In Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game, 1-4 players will work together to hunt down massive monsters that roam the wilds and battle them in strategic, card-driven combat. The more monsters the hunters slay, the better the weapons they can craft, the bigger the monsters they can hunt.

But this time, instead of lush forests and arid wastelands, hunters will explore a frozen tundra. Alongside the giant weapons they’ve crafted, hunters will also be equipped with the infamous Iceborne Clutch Claw, allowing them to get up close and personal with their quarry just as they can in the video game. Also new for the Iceborne board game are turf wars, where players may find their monster battles interrupted by unexpected — and lethal — invaders.

Murders at Tealwoods Manor is a reverse murder mystery worker placement and drafting game.

You already know who the murderer is. You already know who the Investigator is. What you're trying to uncover is which guests become victims during the course of the night!

Draft different characters, and place them into different rooms of the manor to activate those room abilities. If the murderer is left alone with someone they will die!

Help the investigator discover the murderer by collecting clues, or help the murderer kill the investigator!

Score points by having your hidden goals of which characters live or die at the end of the game!

In Ahotnik, the players form pairs and act as the pilots of giant robots called “Ahotniks”—each of which has its own unique designation of “OXO-##”, for this reason, they are also known as “OXOs”. Their goal is to be the first team to eliminate a rival Ahotnik. But, during their battles, otherworldly creatures referred to as “Demons” emerge from mysterious Portals and try to wreak havoc on Earth by destroying the Ahotniks. The teams must fight on both fronts if they are going to be the one to bring glory to their nation! But beware: Your thirst for power must not come at the cost of total global annihilation…

A game of Ahotnik is played over a series of rounds which are divided into 4 phases:

  1. Pilot Phase: Pilot pairs try to coordinate by using their Action tiles, which represent the cerebral commands they send to the Ahotnik. The success of their strategy depends on their level of synchrony.

  2. Ahotnik Phase: The Ahotniks operate in this phase depending on the actions thought up by the pilots in the Pilot Phase. In order, the OXOs will carry out:

    1. Tactical Actions: A set of actions that can have offensive, defensive, or strategic effects.

    2. Movement Actions: Move the OXO on the game board.

    3. Attack Actions: The main (though not the only) method to damage your enemies.

  3. Demon Phase: Beware of incoming threats! This is the turn of any Demons in play. The Radar will also indicate if any new Portals open and increase the Global Threat Level this turn.

  4. Recovery Phase: Certain game elements are restored so a new round may begin.

Rounds are repeated until an Ahotnik falls victim to another OXO or a Demon. Who will achieve total dominion of the planet?

Become the new Unicorn Start up and claim your place in Silicon Valley!

.disrupt is a fully asymmetric economic board game with worker placement and card-driven mechanics. As a player, you will choose one of the following roles: The Start up Entrepreneur, The Market Leader, the Angel Investor, or the Business Process Outsourcer.

You will be able to design, develop, and market high-tech Projects, Buy and Sell Shares, fortify your Brand, manipulate the market, influence the Social Hype track, and use your unique abilities to your advantage.

Through bargain, bluff but also vision you will have the chance to outsmart your opponents and become the next Tech Titan of our time!

In the asymmetrical board game .disrupt, you play the game by undertaking one of the different roles:

The Start up Entrepreneur aims at funding their projects and becoming a Unicorn company.

The Market Leader must retain their current status as a Tech Giant.

The Angel Investor increases their power by buying and selling shares of profitable projects.

The Business Process Outsourcer decides which project to support or let fail.

The start upper starts with minimum funds but has 3 promising projects that he needs to work hard to give them enough design, development, and marketing to surpass the established ones of the Market Leader.

The BPO can give lots of solutions to upgrade projects so all his offers are very appealing to both the Start upper and the Market Leader. Wits and planning ability will determine who will be the one to strike the best deal.

The Angel Investor needs to predict what will happen in the fierce battle of the projects for the market share; only by investing in the projects that will prevail, they can hope to win! Thankfully, they have lots of tools to make even the smallest project flourish and triumph.

Lastly, the Market Leader starts the game as a winner, as they are ahead of everyone else and all they must do is keep their ground. This is not at all an easy task, and they will have to sabotage many other projects, obstruct other players, and empower/update their own projects in order to stay on top of the game.

Every game of .disrupt might be different however here are some spotlights that you should expect to happen…

The Start upper increasing the design, development, and marketing strength of their project in order to overcome the current Market Leaders project.

The Market Leader uses their influence to deprive other players of funds and resources so they can continue to monopolize the market.

The Angel Investor requesting a share of the Project in order to help with its development.

The Business Process Outsourcer bargains with other players about which project they me help support.

The Start upper “reluctantly” sells the shares of a project, they know will not manage to successfully launch.

The Market Leader buys out a threatening project while selling first the shares of their own project in that market.

The Angel Investor increases the Social Hype of a project they just bought shares so they can be sold at a higher price.

The Business Process Outsourcer focusing on a Bear Market first buys shares from all projects in that market, then manipulates the market to switch to Bull Market for maximum gain.

Go RPG is designed to give you that D&D/Pathfinder vibe - even when you're forced to play 'Go Fish' with your 5-year-old. Mates want to play poker? Why not play Poker skinned in RPG?

This isn't a D&D campaign It's a 2 in 1 combo:

Firstly it's a skin for any standard card game you play with your non-RPG friends. This is the deck of playing cards that all true D&Ders and RPGers should have lying around their house ready to be used on an unsuspecting NON-RPG friend or child. Acquaint them, addict them, dominate them! We have 4 decks to choose from, Heroes, Monsters, Locations & Equipment. Each with 14 unique cards built into a 4-suited deck of 56 cards.

Secondly, By combining all 4 decks it will enable you to play Go RPG Campaign:

It's Deckbuilding with an engine mechanic (meaning you'll want to build your deck in a way that it'll help you win the game faster.)

We've play tested this game for a while now with fantastic feedback. It's simple to explain yet dynamic in its gameplay. With options for Single player right up to 7 players or using additional decks to expand the players even further. You could play this with 50 players if you really wanted to!

Game styles include:

  • Single Player

  • Co-op play

  • Competitive play

  • Boss Mode where 1 of the players plays as the monster. Essentially an Evil Dungeon master!

Here's how it works:

Each player is dealt 3 hero cards, and a certain number of location cards are drawn based on the number of players. These locations represent quests from a local lord or lady regarding attacks that have been happening in that area. Players are tasked to go and kill the monsters in order to receive 1 item from the item reserve for every monster their party slays. During gameplay, each player takes turns starting a round and selecting which quest they want to take. Players may entirely or partially opt-out of questing this round and instead head to the tavern to heal their party or avoid the quests that round. 2 players can go on the same quest, and the player who selected this location first will go first in attacking order. Once all players have allocated their quests, they can go and fulfil the quest by flipping over the monster cards to see what monsters they are attacking.

The objective of the game is for your party to end with the most gold value.

We know a great deal about the evolution on Earth (and we hope that Evolution: New World helped you with that too). It's an exciting story of various creatures acquiring defensive & offensive traits to adapt to the ever-changing environment. What we don’t know is if there might be other worlds where completely different creatures dwell. Will the same laws of evolution apply there too? It's time to find out!

Evolution: Another World is a card game in a beloved Evolution: the Origin of Species series. In the game, you create animals and give them traits, so they survive and thrive in the chaotic world of wondrous creatures. The goal of the game is to give your creatures enough energy to transmute and transcend their state of existence. The first player to transmute three creatures wins the game.

This is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game with a solo mode included in the core game. Mechanically, it is inspired by Evolution: New World, but trades some complexity for more dynamic and light gameplay.

This game is Family-friendly because animals can’t die or be eaten by predators. Competition is peaceful, but you can attack other players' creatures to gain energy. This game has a straightforward win condition: you don't need to count VP at the end of the game. Transmute 3 of your creatures and you win the game!

Apex Legends: The Board Game is a highly competitive, intensely tactical team vs. team miniatures game for 2-4 players. Each playthrough takes about 60-90 minutes, depending upon the number of players and selected game features. Utilizing an original engine and innovative framework, the game authentically captures the voice and imagination of the Apex Legends video game, successfully bringing the stakes, thrills, and kills of the battle royal experience to life.

Taking place on the Kings Canyon map, the core experience is focused on the final zone, where the ultimate confrontation unfolds. Each player takes on the role of a unique legend. The players activate team by team, trying to outmanoeuvre the enemies in the heat of battle and recreating the unpredictable, unforgettable moments known from the source game through securing key positions on the map, snatching up valuable loot seconds before the other player, or perhaps diving behind cover or shielding a teammate just in time to save them from oblivion...

Once they are activated, each legend may perform basic actions such as move, interact, use, and attack. Additionally, the players may use their legend's set of unique abilities (both combat-oriented and utility-based) as well as a deck of legend-specific feat cards in their favour. Creating a well-built team in which the legends complement one another on the battlefield as well as using all available strategic options is the key to victory.

Once the activation of the team is complete, it's not over! On their opponent's turn, the legends may react to the actions of their enemies with instant and reaction cards. Reactions allow a player to respond when either they or their teammates are attacked by taking cover, recovering their shield, or providing help to their ally. When the condition is met on an instant card, the player may activate it as a neat way to thwart their opponent's next move.

Every choice, every move, and every piece of ammo matters!

Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game is a dungeon-crawler that offers a cooperative rogue-lite experience inspired by the Metroidvania genre, playable with 1-4 players, and with a gameplay of around 45 minutes. Explore the ever-changing island of Dead Cells in this ruthless dungeon crawler. Explore. Kill. Die. Mutate. Repeat.

Choose one of the four Beheaded (Woah, hold on... Isn't it supposed to be only one of these guys? Is this one of those stupid time-loop plots?) As you resurrect with very little clue of what’s going on, you will...

• Explore Biomes. Choose your path wisely within a sprawling, ever-changing castle! Will you upgrade one of the character powers with a scroll? Or will you choose a chest to equip a new weapon? Will you find the hidden runes that will open new paths and access new biomes? This won’t be a walk in the park, though. Because the island is infested with the abominations born from the Malaise, be ready to…

• Kill Enemies. Each character class has unique power sets and a deck of action cards. For each enemy encounter, you will only need to pick one action card to cover all three phases of a fight. Loot equipment, gold, scrolls, and Cells from the corpses of your enemies and get stronger, but beware... Your health pool is limited and sooner or later you will...

• Die. Wandering through enemy-infested dungeons isn't the safest activity, even for your beheaded heroes. There will eventually be one monster too many, or you could step on a fatal trap and lose all your scrolls, equipment, and accumulated gold. But this is far from the end for you! Even in death you will be able to keep your precious Cells to…

• Mutate. The Collector will let you spend your Cells to buy permanent mutations that will give you more power... forever! Choose cards to buy from three different decks: Brutality, Survival, or Tactics. Get action cards to enhance your card deck. Find blueprints to grow your loot deck. Increase your health pool. Unlock additional item slots, and much more… Unless you prefer to throw your Cells into this mysterious well... It seems like a pretty stupid thing to do with your hard-earned Cells, but hey, you do you, bud... Death is no excuse to take a nap, so...

• Repeat. Death is not the end either! You’ve already lost your head, remember!? As the day starts again in a new loop, use your new permanent mutations to exact revenge on whatever killed you last time. Go further and deeper into the island and kill the bosses to access new starting biomes. Previously-played biomes keep changing as stronger monstrosities spawn in them, along with powerful new items.

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is a 1-4 player campaign game about adventures, exploration and fierce battles with giant monsters. It’s a co-operative, choice-driven boardgame experience played over multiple sessions. Set in an alternate Antiquity, where a reality-shattering cataclysm killed the Olympian gods and unleashed the otherworldly Primordials, Aeon Trespass: Odyssey places the players in the roles of Argonauts, the only people who can fight off the darkness and make things right.

Take control of the Argo and its crew, train them and send them on adventures into the dangerous and mysterious lands of Ancient Greece (and beyond...). Learn the world's secrets and create new technologies that will give you an edge in combat - and outside of it. Manage your resources and develop your base of operations. Build new Facilities, craft new Weapons and equipment. Gather allies and forge political alliances with the world’s factions. And, most important of all, tame the Titans, arm them, evolve them and ride them to battle with the fearsome Primordials.

You win by defeating the main villains or solving a crisis, you lose if your Argonauts die, your crew abandons you, your ship gets destroyed, the villains fulfil their plot or time runs out. There are many ways to lose, but only a handful paths to victory.

During Battles, 1 to 4 players must cooperate to defeat 1 giant Primordial boss-type monster controlled by a sophisticated AI system. Outside of Battles, Aeon Trespass: Odyssey uses choice chain and choice matrix mechanics to track your decisions throughout the game. Those decisions matter and will have a drastic impact on all future play sessions, campaigns and playthroughs.

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