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Crowdfunding Round-Up 19th June

Welcome to another Crowdfunding Round-Up. We have 12 projects finding their way to Kickstarter, Gamefound and Backerkit over the next 7 days. With 'Gloomhaven' appearing this week, I can imagine there will be a ton of buzz around this new addition to the franchise. There are a lot of beautiful projects coming this week, and with the return of 'Dog Park' plus a new project 'Nestlings' I think the animal lovers are in for a good week. Interestingly, a game called 'Dead Grandma' also appears this week, let's hope the game is more fun than the title suggests.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

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"This is the Gloomhaven Role Playing Game, which takes the Gloomhaven world and puts it in your hands – the hands of a “Gloom Master”. We are giving you the tools and the lore to create your own stories – in Gloomhaven and the surrounding world. And it will be available right alongside the miniatures in [June], 2023.

We're creating a robust skill system that makes interacting with this newly expanded world and uncovering its mysteries always engaging. And when you run across a situation that can only be resolved with weapons, well, the Gloomhaven combat system will still be there to make sure that is always interesting as well.

But this isn't just the board game with a GM. First of all, we've opened up the playing field to allow for any class and ancestry combination. You can be an Inox Spellweaver, an Orchid Cragheart, or anything else, and both classes and ancestries have their own set of cards so that you can create a truly unique ability set.

And this newly developed system integrates card management into the role-playing experience. That's right, we've added a third skill check action to these cards, which lets you perform great feats out of combat, but also opens up a new dimension in combat, letting you swing from chandeliers, kick through walls, or even convince the bad guys to stop fighting.”

Your business as a local dog walker is booming! In Dog Park: New Tricks there are more dogs to walk - including rescues! - more places in the park to explore, and you’ve even hired a specialist trainer to help you expand your enterprise.

With your trainer’s help, all the pups in your kennel have the potential to learn exciting skills, and even old dogs can learn new tricks! With locations opening up in the park too, there is much to explore…

Dog Park: New Tricks adds three major elements to the Dog Park board game: Multi-breed dogs, Trick training, and Super Locations. You are still trying to become the most accomplished walker by earning the most Reputation, but now you have more layers of strategy to explore and use to your advantage.

This expansion also adds a fifth player, which can be played with or without New Tricks.

Paragons: Age of Champions is a High Fantasy Drafting/Deck-building TCG-like for 2-3 players which is designed specifically to replicate and enhance the experience of a traditional TCG draft tournament. It is an all-in-one boxed set which means no pay-to-win in this easy-to-learn, hard-to-master competitive PvP card game.

Players begin by choosing one of three "Paragon Classes": the Warrior, the Mage, and the Ranger. These classes specialize in different things and will inform the choices you make during the draft phase.

The Warrior: Fill the Combat Board with mercenary recruits and buff them up to achieve utter domination.

The Mage: Burn your opponents with powerful spells and manipulate the board state to your liking.

The Ranger: With a variety of traps and tools at your disposal, keep your opponent on their toes until you strike with a swift and calculated onslaught.

Build your army of mercenaries around your strategy and what you think your opponent is likely to do as you take turns drafting from a common pool of cards. Then assemble your deck and seize victory in a bombastic slug-fest full of combat, tactics, and surprises that is sure to delight fans of the genre.

In the five centuries since the Wound was closed, the kingdoms of Kalar have struggled to rebuild their shattered societies. A resurgent Empire spread across the great sea, bringing civilization to the untamed eastern continent of Kheros. But Lilith, one of the immortal sorcerers responsible for the Worldwound, arrived first, preparing the way for the return of her dark mistress. For nearly six hundred years she has plotted and schemed. In 588 (2023 Gregorian), the wait is over.

Burning Banners: Rage of the Witch Queen is a fantasy wargame for two to six players. Fast playing and intuitive, a whopping 29 scenarios range from short campaigns with 2 Kingdoms and one map, to the entire 12-year war, in which 6 kingdoms battle over four maps. The rules include a quick-playing Basic Game as well as an Advanced Game which introduces Magic, Heroes, and Monsters guarding powerful treasures.

March 1” Armies and Heroes through huge, lovingly detailed hexes. Explore a vast, detailed fantasy world encompassing four mounted game maps with six unique kingdoms and dozens of troop types. Designed and illustrated by acclaimed fantasy artist, Christopher Moeller!

Loosely translated as "new garden," Nuovarden is a dimension of wide open mystery and infinite discovery, where the players explore an open world as characters from one of several cultures. Each culture expresses discipline mastery through manifestation abilities acquired at the time of their awakening. From Body to Mystery, these powers influence the behaviour and survival of the characters as they venture forth to learn more about their world.

Humanity is at its end.

Threatened by otherworldly titans, it faces unpleasant but certain extinction. There is only one last (albeit tiny) hope: the T.D.O.! In the battle against the first Titan Gaia, the Titans Defence Organisation went all out back then, and with difficulty was able to achieve a victory. Now that Titans are appearing again, most of the heroes from back then are dead, retired, or simply have better things to do than risk their lives once again. So now it’s up to you to determine the fate of humanity and defend the Earth against Titans like the fearsome lava snail Worldshaper.

T.D.O. is a cooperative game for 1 – 5 heroes who hunt down super-powerful titans before they destroy the world. Embody sympathetic hopefuls like the highly intelligent chameleon Barry, who rides the last panda Nala, Alita, who was recruited because of her outstanding e-sports performance (and fortunately was able to save a large part of her followers), or Herr Schulz, who is actually a simple clerk, but who has been gripped by the spirit of adventure through an evening course on “risk management”. These are definitely not the heroes we need – but the ones we deserve.

The last hope of mankind

All heroes of the T.D.O. can be roughly assigned to one of three roles. Members of the damage group are designed to cause as much damage to the titan as possible, and often go into the most dangerous areas directly in contact with him to do so. The group defence is either thickly armoured or downright tough (at best, both) and can effortlessly deflect Titan attacks to protect less tough roles. Heroes in the support category take care of the members of their party by healing, moving, or otherwise strengthening them.

In T.D.O. the players take turns with their game moves. At the beginning of their turn, each player rolls 4 dice. Each die is assigned to an action bar of your own hero or heroine, and thereby triggers an action. Actions include moving, attacking, healing, generating energy, or triggering the ultimate ability, for example. After all the dice have been assigned, the player’s turn ends. A titan card is then drawn, which controls the titan’s behaviour. For example, titans can move, cause damage to heroes, or devastate areas. The titan’s turn is followed by the next player’s turn.

The heroes win the game if they manage to destroy the Titan. The titan wins the game if he manages to devastate all the zones on Earth before being destroyed.

Northern Wind is an immersive dungeon-crawl experience paired with our tabletop skirmish mechanics, plunging the players into a spine-chilling adventure, that will decide the fate of a whole Empire! You will battle a devouring and profane evil with 4 courageous – but unlucky – “heroes”. Prepare yourself for an arduous journey to the top of the blighted Mt. Byōdō.

A dungeon-crawling RPG experience featuring the EC skirmish mechanics. Standalone game with new elements, but fully interchangeable/fully compatible with the EC skirmish wargame – you can use the Eldfall Chronicles minis and profiles in Northern Wind, & vice versa! ->TWO GAMES IN ONE! New characters, new enemies. Signature top-quality miniatures – made with next-gen resin. Fast-paced, tactical combat, tile-based movement. Nail-biting quests and challenges, unexpected twists and instances, it will offer dozens of hours of content – endless replay ability with a branching story & levelling! Solo, Coop, PvP mechanics.

Three years after the start of Prohibition, the battle for Chicago intensifies in an increasingly lucrative but unstable scenario for the gangs. The city has become too small, and the ambition of mobsters like Al Capone prevents them from settling for only a part of the pie. They want it all.

Bloody Business expands the Scarface 1920 universe by introducing mechanics and elements that multiply the game's narrative power. It does so by increasing its flow, faciliting the implementation of some actions, enhancing player's strategies, and turning each game into a memorable battle for the throne of Chicago. It's time to take action!

In Nestlings, players assume the role of various birds competing to gain priority across four vastly different biomes - Savannah, Alpine, Freshwater, and Desert.

Each round, players roll their biome dice, then proceed to place the dice in biomes one at a time, alternating in clockwise order. Once players have placed all their dice, or have chosen to pass for the round, each biome is resolved.

The player who first placed dice in a particular biome gains priority and reaps the rewards of doing so – first selection of a desired resource, and discarding a resource to thwart their opponents’ plans.

However, if another player places more of their biome dice in that same biome, that player gains priority. Once priority order has been established for the biome, players each claim resources to feed their Nestlings and gain the matching segment to add to their Resource Ring on their player board.

Once all Biomes have been resolved – including the wild grasslands biome in the centre of the board – players score points based on how many Nestlings they were able to feed, and how many segments are in their Resource Ring, regardless of which round they were assigned.

As the game progresses, the tension rises as players must make key decisions along the way; decisions that could secure victory or usher in defeat.

Will they feed their Nestlings for more immediate points, or take a different resource to complete a section of their Resource Ring, thus earning a bonus and triggering a powerful chain reaction? Will they use in-game currency to activate another end-of-game Nest Goal or save it for victory points? Will they place a second die to secure priority or risk it and head to another biome to take other much-needed scraps?

At the conclusion of round four, the game ends and players reveal their end-game Nest Goals and tally their final victory points.

Mixtape Massacre: Escape from Tall Oaks is a meta-cooperative game where 2-6 players attempt to escape the maddening streets of Tall Oaks by fighting off slashers, rescuing residents, and safeguarding the town in hopes of getting the hell outta town…or die trying. Though working together at times, in the end only one survivor will escape.

Battle the elements as you hike through a landscape of mountains, valleys, lakes and woodlands. Climb vast summits or take to the rivers, marking your route and recording your experiences as you go.

Each turn, a die is rolled which determines the weather for that hike and how much time is left of the day. Clear skies mean good hiking but snow or rain will slow you down. With the weather set all players simultaneously mark a route on their player sheet, moving from waypoint to waypoint. Mountains and valleys are harder to traverse but the rewards may be worth it.

After four days each player will have a unique map of their hike, scoring points for animals and features they have encountered.

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