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Crowdfunding Round-Up 20th June

A lot of this weeks projects are already live over on Kickstarter of Gamefound. These projects popped up out of the blue and definitely deserve a shout. Drags 2 Riches is entering its last week on Kickstarter and has yet to reach its goal, it could definitely use some love. CMON are launching there next big project this week with CyberPunk 2077 I'm sure it will be huge.

Drags 2 Riches is the deckbuilding card game that finally allows you to live your drag truth. Take on the role of a drag queen building up your wardrobe of fierce and fabulous heels, wigs, outfits, make-up and accessories, laying them down in combinations that will stun the competition.

Players work on their looks in secret, deciding whether to reveal them at the end of the round, or keep them hidden and build even more fabulous combos ready to win the most prestigious events. Every round is full of tension and excitement as you never know who will reveal a look, and only one of you queens can win!

So, if you want to slay the competition… be fabulous, be sassy, and most of all, be fierce!

In a world threatened by persistent diseases and fast-spreading outbreaks, you are leading a pharmaceutical company developing the next generation of vaccines.

Your goal is to protect the most at-risk populations against infectious diseases. You are challenged to develop effective vaccines by discovering the best antigenic formulations, to launch your clinical trials, to manage your vaccine production capacity and to define a competitive sales strategy. Pay attention to the prices you establish since the public opinion may influence your sales performance. Always remember to invest in new technologies and wisely manage your Research & Development budget in order to develop a successful vaccine portfolio and win the game!

Adventure awaits! Discover twelve different locations of Muskoka. Adventurers will move between locations by completing journeys connected by land or lake, sometimes both. Each journey has a specified number of modes to travel by, represented by “explore” cards which adventurers will need to collect. Along the way, adventurers will complete a “detour” by visiting a specific location and will receive “wildlife” point tokens of varying values according to the length and type of journeys completed. There is also the “inuksuk” card available, allocated to the adventurer who holds the most “wildlife” point tokens and worth additional points. Adventure is all about experiences, of which Muskoka has plenty to offer. Take time to acquire “rest & relax” cards along the way though, as these provide adventurers with all sorts of advantages in the game. The first adventurer to: (a) complete their “detour”, (b) earn all 5 categories of “wildlife” point tokens (moose, bear, deer, beaver & loon) and (c) accumulate at least 25 total points in the game will be declared the ultimate adventurer of Muskoka.

Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City is a big box strategy game with miniatures in which gangs fight for control of a city, with the city also being a living part of the game.

In the game, players assume the role of a gang leader, with you organizing your gang members to take power in the city. Your actions affect not only your game and your opponents but the city itself. Each gang has different attributes and goals, giving each player a different gaming experience.

Story: the 17th century, Ottoman Turk Empire, one of the most powerful states at that time, marched west to Austria and because of that, Arabs began to bring coffee into Europe. From that moment on, coffee has become one of the most popular drinks in the world. Then hundreds of years have passed, and even though travel between universes has become a daily routine like taking buses, coffee has spread from Earth to different Space Cities, the colonial satellites in outer space. Enjoying a cup of high-quality coffee every day has become the most anticipated thing for residents of Space Cities every day.

After hundreds of years passed, a space expedition led by Dr. Brent Tully discovered an organic material called "Stardust". By adding only a small amount of this magic ingredient, the flavors and aroma of any coffee are greatly enhanced. Moreover, the more freshly picked Stardust, the more it can improve the quality of coffee. This triggered a coffee revolution! In pursuit of the ultimate flavors, many new expeditions have been established on different Space Cities with the goal of "seeking the freshest Stardust and ingredients for the first time and delivering the most delicious coffee". Beside the danger of sailing the spaceship across the galaxy, there is a robber called "Galaxy Pirates", which is more threatening to them...

Game Aim: In Stardust Coffee, you control a space expedition and sail your spaceships across the Galaxy. You collect different ingredients for coffee making and score by delivering the coffee back to your Starbase. Collecting Stardust and adding them to your coffee is another way to boost your Victory Points (VPs). By upgrading your spaceships, you could also speed up your collection of ingredients or Stardust. When the game goes on, the Galaxy Pirates will attack your Spaceships and rob your ingredients. By fighting back the Galaxy Pirates, you get Honor points and it will be another source of scoring. Only the player who could manage the Spaceships the best would gain most VPs to win the game.

EcoWarriors is a tactical trivia party game that brings you that brings you, your family and your friends together via appreciation of the world around you.

2 or more players or teams take turns selecting cards and answering questions to collect biome themed sets. These questions are multiple choice and designed to harness your powers of deduction. Each question card includes a fun fact that will take you by surprise, impress your friends or inspire you to delve deeper into new corners of the natural world.

Once you’ve collected a set of biome cards, you need to protect them by answering a question where the closest to the correct answer wins. Here, all EcoWarriors battle it out by deducing or guessing the answer to win the round. We’d be surprised if anyone knew the distance of the longest ever whale migration (>16,700 miles) or how long a narwhal's tusk is (3 metres) but get good at guessing or answering tactically to one up the competition and victory could be yours.

EcoWarriors was created by 4 friends during the pandemic who had tried all the different lockdown crazes before rediscovering the wonder of the natural world and the joy of spending time with friends and family.

Pagan: Fate of Roanoke from Kasper Kjær Christiansen and Kåre Werner Storgaard is a deduction expandable card game set in colonial America of 1587. The essence of the asymmetrical game is the witch's struggle against the witch hunter. As the witch strives to complete a ritual, the hunter tries to track her down and find out her true identity. Both players access variable card decks with 50 cards each and use different resources to defeat the other side. Many tactics and strategies are possible and necessary to survive in this fight between the two powers. Embedded in the dark graphics of illustrator Maren Gutt the fictional story of the lost colony of Roanoke comes to life.

Pagan is an asymmetrical card game for 2 players taking on the roles of witch or witch hunter. The witch tries to carry out a ritual of renaturation before being exposed by the witch hunter and terminated. Nine villagers are under suspicion and only the Witch player knows who is the real witch. Each turn the two players use their action pawns on active villagers to draw cards, play cards, and gain influence. Moreover, the witch can brew powerful potions, improve their familiar, and cast enchantments and charms, while the witch hunter enlists allies, claim strategic locations, and ruthlessly investigates the villagers.

In Pagan, two players compete to be the first to complete their individual objective. As the Witch, your objective is to collect enough secrets to perform a ritual so potent, that the entire region will fall under your spell and Mother Nature will reclaim the Island. As the Hunter, you gather all the allies and support you can muster, to bring the Witch to justice before its fatal ritual comes to fruition.

You are a Gladiator and the crowd demands action. Fighters move to the rhythm of the spectators’ stomping feet. Perhaps you are an unwilling captive, thrust into the arena to fight for your life. You may be a Volunteer, basking in visions of glory only the arena brings. The truth remains:


Build your army, deploy it to the battlefield, upgrade your forces and command them in simultaneous combat!

REDLINE: Tactical Card Combat is an exciting expandable card game that features simultaneous combat and mission based objectives to secure and hold. REDLINE, blends the tactical maneuvers of tabletop wargames with the fast paced gameplay of card games.

Winning requires careful resource management, and tactical cunning thanks to REDLINE's unique mission and combat system. Unlike many other card games, the battlefield exists in the form of mission cards that grant bonuses when captured. Players give mission orders using secret dials before combat that allows for the setting up of maneuvers such flanks, feints and ambushes. Or, create a gap in the front and rush your units through to attack your opponent's deck. In REDLINE, how you fight is totally up to you. just remember, no plan survives first contact!

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