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Crowdfunding Round-Up 20th March

This week's crowdfunding round-up has an even spread of projects across all of the crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter, Gamefound and Backerkit. There are 16 projects this week for our attention. I have been waiting for Let's Go! To Japan, to launch since I heard about the game last year. There is a huge range of projects this week in every shape, size and budget. The dexterity game Nekojima looks very different from games we have seen before. Flutter is a beautiful looking game, supporting the 'save our Monarchs foundation'.

Remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Each Doomlings: Overlush Mystery Expansion Box will come with 4 packs, each containing 15 cards. The exact cards in each pack are a mystery.

All Overlush cards are divided into a new 5-tier rarity system. The first 7 cards you’ll see when you open a pack will be from the Common tier. These are standard traits and ages to expand your Doomlings experience.

The next 5 are Unusual cards. The traits and ages in this tier feature more intricate effects for seasoned Doomlings players.

The 2 cards that precede the final card will be from 1 of 3 tiers: Scarce, the first tier with dominant traits; Endangered, featuring more unique and exciting cards; and Legendary, a tier reserved for the most elusive traits and ages.

The last card in every pack will be a guaranteed holofoil version of any 1 of the 170+ cards in the Overlush collection. It can be a trait or age from any of the aforementioned rarity tiers.

Doomlings: Overlush Mystery Expansion Boxes are designed to work just like any other expansion: simply open your packs, add the cards to your game, and you're ready to play!

This choose-your-own-path, board game/novel hybrid, offers a wondrous new way to experience the world of the Greenflame Forest amidst the return of the goddess Adrimon. Play through the Forests of Adrimon (Volume II) in an entirely new way and drive the unfolding of a complex and epic story with the heroes you choose at the story's core. Your heroes will be pulled into the narrative and their decisions will guide how the story unfolds.

You will only experience a fraction of the content during each play-through, which means your games can unfold differently each time you play. Gain epic gear, unique campaign-only equipment and statuses, and power level your heroes throughout the entire length of the story. You will find that the allies you make, and the statuses and campaign items you gain may affect the story in completely different and unforeseeable ways in the future.

In Let's Go! To Japan, you are a traveller planning, then experiencing your own dream vacation to Japan.

The game consists of thirteen rounds in which players draw activity cards illustrated by Japan-based artists and strategically place them in different days in their week-long itinerary. These can't-miss tourist attractions will have you bouncing between Tokyo and Kyoto as you try to puzzle out the optimal activities to maximize your experience while balancing your resources. The game ends with a final round in which you ultimately go on your planned trip, activating each of your cards in order along the way.

The player who collects the most points by the end of their trip wins!

In Heroes of the Pacific, you take command of the American or Japanese armed forces in a no-holds-barred skirmish. The chosen scenario determines the number of troops you have under your command, as well as your objectives. All you have to do is win!

Fight on a battlefield made up of Terrain Boards containing Terrain Elements that your soldiers must deal with. On the field, your forces are represented by Unit counters. Each counter has all the information you need to play the Unit: Combat Value, Défense Value, Movement Value, as well as the Special Abilities the Unit can use.

To help you build and organize your army, Heroes of the Pacific offers a system of Recruitment Tiles and Recruitment Options. These tiles allow you to better track your army and its capabilities.

Each Game Turn, you secretly use your Order Tokens to command some of your Units and determine the order in which they will act.

Each of these Units may perform a Movement Action – to occupy a strategic position or capture an Objective – or attack the enemy by performing a Firing Action. You and your opponent activate Units one after the other, alternating between them. Once all your Order Tokens are activated, the rest of your forces will have the opportunity to manoeuvre. Then you prepare for the next turn.

But Heroes of the Pacific is not just a tactical combat game. It is also a heroic action game. For you will command not only loyal soldiers, but also brave characters, cunning leaders with talents of their own.

The whims and eccentricities of the gods of war are represented by Action Cards, which can give you that little edge you're missing, or turn the tide of battle completely with a well-planned strategy.

In the end, the commander who best leads his troops in accomplishing his objectives wins. So read on, soldier, and prepare for the test of war.

Raven Manor is a 4-10 players werewolf-like game characterized by a one-against-many style of gameplay (with a twist). The family's goal is to identify and kill the Raven before he can kill or possess all of you but remember that even if you were killed, you can still help family. All players play until the end. There are no game master. No app. Just deduction, lies and your desire to revenge.

Forge is a worker-placement strategy game in which players take on the role of Master Blacksmiths operating and developing great Forges in medieval Europe.

Players begin the game with a basic blacksmith’s shop, full of all of the tools they need to forge the most basic of items. Players send forth their Assistants, and their Master Blacksmith, to complete tasks in and out of the city to acquire the resources needed to develop their forge and fulfil contracts. Players will work towards completing different achievements, while also acquiring victory points, as the game progresses.

Players are trying to earn the most Victory Points through a series of different methods. The game ends when one player has accomplished 5 different achievements. The current round will be completed, and then final scoring will take place.

In Nekojima, “The Island of Cats” in Japan, an electricity network is developing to supply the various lively districts of the island. The installation of electric poles becomes more complex due to the narrowness of the territory and its curious population of cats strolling on the cables.

Nekojima is a wooden game of skill and dexterity in which you will have to keep an entire installation in balance. Players must take turns placing or stacking Denchuu 電柱 (Electrical Poles) respecting the locations without any hanging cables touching. But be careful not to be the one to bring down the structure. This game requires reflection, concentration and skill.

In competition, the player who knocks down the structure loses. In cooperation, the goal is to go as far as possible.

Immerse yourself in the wonder of nature and create a vibrant meadow bursting with flowers to attract the most vital creatures of the ecosystem. Among them are the graceful Hummingbirds, swift Dragonflies, flittering Moths, delicate Butterflies, and the revered Bees, the king of all pollinators.

With each turn, players strategically place uniquely shaped tiles, aiming to match flowers and earn precious petal tokens. But it doesn't end there - it's about nurturing the ecosystem by providing the right flowers to each fluttering critter, so it can spread its rich pollen across the land.

As the game progresses, players will work to enclose tiles, providing the pollinators with all the flowers they require to produce valuable pollen. If you're clever enough to use your bee tokens strategically, you can earn bonus pollen!

Don't take too long to make your move though - the supply rondel is running low, and once a single stack of tiles is emptied, the game comes to an end. The player with the most pollen at the end of the game will be crowned the winner and earn the admiration of all the pollinators in the meadow!

Flutter is a strategic tile-laying strategy game for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up, and it takes about 30 minutes to play. Players take turns laying tiles of varying shapes, earning petal tokens for matching flower petals in each corner. As the game progresses, players will spend those petal tokens when they enclose a previously laid tile, supplying the tile's pollinator with all the flowers it needs, earning pollen. Once a single stack of tiles in the supply rondel has been emptied, the player with most pollen is the winner!

Gem Blenders is a customizable deck-building, expandable card game. Face off against your opponents in organizing a team of heroes that has the special ability to harness the energies within gems. Equip your team with different combinations of gems to use powerful transformations called blends. Position your heroes, use effects, and attack to hit your opponents for maximum damage.

Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze, which is themed around the pulp adventures, tall tales, and local legends of the mid-20th century, gives you a whole new way to play Unmatched.

In the game, players work together to defeat one of two villains: Mothman or the Martian Invader. Each villain has a unique battlefield with unique objectives. If the villain completes their objective (or defeats the heroes), the players lose. The villains are aided by a number of possible minions: Jersey Devil, Ant Queen, Loveland Frog, The Blob, Tarantula, and Skunk Ape. The enemies use special action cards and a simple targeting scheme to control their movement and attacks.

The set comes with four new heroes: Nikola Tesla discharges his electrified coils to power up his effects; Annie Christmas gets stronger when she's fighting from behind; The Golden Bat, the world's first superhero, has a variety of powerful effects; and Dr. Jill Trent, Science Sleuth, calls on a collection of gizmos.

Keeping to the Unmatched brand, you may use heroes from other Unmatched sets in Unmatched Adventures, and you can use the included heroes and battlefields to play competitive Unmatched.

Tolerance is a strongly thematic, asymmetric, set collection game with variable player goals for 3 to 5 players, representing the conflict between Protestants and Catholics in 16th and early 17th Century England. Through the use of a trick-taking mechanic, where the winner of each trick gets to perform the actions of the cards played in the trick, whether beneficial or not, players build their engine, scoring points at the end of each round.

The game is played over three rounds, spanning the reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, and King James I, each round representing the reign of one monarch.

The game aims to highlight the suffering mankind brings upon itself because of supposedly "wrong" beliefs - a topic which was just as valid almost 500 years ago as it still is today.

The game lasts about 45 minutes so is short enough for multiple plays during one game night.

Following Inis, Galactic Renaissance is the second instalment of the "Political Trilogy" by designer Christian Martinez and publisher Matagot.

Throughout Galactic Renaissance, you build your team, adding new specialists — each one unique — to the core in your deck of cards. With this team, you discover new planets and systems, reconnect with lost civilizations, expand your influence, build embassies, and sow disorder in opposing factions — all in an effort to score victory points faster than your opponents. Sending emissaries to new planets, for example, allows you to discover new civilizations or cement relationships on known planets. Opponents may try to convince a planet to join them instead with their own emissaries, causing disorder in the process.

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Welcome to Kingdoms of Akandia "The Seven Realms".

The first volume in an extensive, immersive and FULL-cooperative open world. You and your friends are fighting together against the spreading darkness. You choose your group of heroes and have your own adventure over 3 chapters and 35-65 hours of gameplay with 1-4 players.

Some mechanics:

  • open world "The Seven Realms"

  • supply chains / resource management

  • full co-op group abilities

  • use mounts

  • mix of card and dice-fighting system

  • upgrade tower defence

  • destiny cards which changes every gameplay

  • and much more

In Dreams of Yesterday, you compete with rival museums to build the best collection of fine art, ancient artifacts, and fossils. As the curator of your museum, you'll use your resources of money, prestige, and knowledge to obtain the best artifacts and create enticing exhibits.

But it's not just about collecting the most valuable items. The unique layout of your museum allows you to activate powerful abilities that can rearrange your exhibits, flip cards, and transform resources. Plus, with the addition of the mysterious Urn cards, you never know what ancient secrets you might uncover...

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