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Crowdfunding Round-Up 21st August

This week there are 5 new projects hitting Kickstarter and Gamefound. Dungeon Kart looks like an interesting cross between Mario Kart and Overboss. Snowdale Designs, the creators of Lands of Galzyr, return to Gamefound this week with Peacemakers: Horrors of War; both of these projects look great and I can't wait to see how the campaigns progress.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Race your way to victory with Dungeon Kart, an all-new game set in the world of Boss Monster. Dungeon Kart transforms the multiplayer mayhem of kart racing into a turn-based tactical tabletop experience. Play as one of the baddest Bosses around while using Spells to disrupt other racers, grab coins, and power yourself up! With a lot of skill and a little luck, you can cross the finish line first and show your opponents who’s Boss!

Unique dashboards allow players to rev up their engines and increase their speed. Be careful though…if you go too fast then you have more chances to run into hazards and obstacles that will cause you to crash or spin out!

Use spells to ensure victory! Spells are items that you can use to power your Boss up or to disrupt other racers! The power of Spells depend on the place of your racer…so be careful as you move along the track since other players are trying to sabotage you!

This new expression of the Guilty Gear franchise doesn’t just throw a bunch of familiar characters on a board and ask you to play Monopoly or whatever you’re thinking of. It quite literally breaks down how fighting games are played, expanding on the thought processes you have to use to play them well. The result is a surprisingly tactical tabletop experience.

Minikin Berry Brawl is a fast-paced, family-friendly area-control game set in a fantasy forest theme.

Play as "minikin" with cute miniatures and roll your dice to move and control biomes. Gain redberries (currency) and Brawl for Golden Berries. Get 6 Golden Berries to win!

The game allows for plenty of replay ability with randomized tiles, Power Berry cards, secret Quests cards to fulfil, and an ability dice that can turn the game around.

Peacemakers: Horrors of War is a thematic board game in which you co-operate and attempt to bring peace. In the game, you are an adventurer seeking to stop conflicts between a colourful cast of animal folk nations, who all have grievances with one another.

All six scenarios in the game are designed to provide a different challenge each time you play. Peacemakers: Horrors of War can be played with up to four players or solo, and you can play the scenarios in any order with different players no matter which scenario you choose.

Peacemakers: Horrors of War is an evolution of Dawn of Peacemakers, which was released in 2018. Some of the changes in this design include:

Stronger emphasis on theme, allowing you to fully become a force for peace. Characters with unique strengths which bring a new dimension to the gameplay. Faster set-up as well as the ability to play with different groups. Streamlined rules that are easier to learn, teach, and remember, without sacrificing any gameplay depth. Individual scenarios instead of a campaign, which provides more flexibility and varied experiences.

The once-peaceful community we call home has fallen under the shadow of an evil force, and the courageous protectors who defended our town have set off on their own pursuits of fame and fortune. In their place, a band of unlikely heroes have emerged - the Small-Time Heroes. These are not your typical heroes, with bulging biceps and chiseled jawlines. No, these heroes are more like the underdogs, with quirky personalities and oddball skills.

In this cooperative deck builder, you’ll take on the role of one of the Small-Time Heroes and work together to defend the town. With each battle, you’ll build up your deck of cards, choosing from a variety of cards that represent your hero’s unique abilities. As your power builds, you will defeat waves of minions and end with a final boss battle. Defeat the boss before they defeat you!

Play a one off session by battling through three waves of minions and a final boss or turn it into a campaign and battle through all 3 bosses.

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