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Crowdfunding Round-up 22nd August

Welcome to the crowdfunding round-up for the week of August 22nd. This week sees a much appreciated lull in giant, expensive projects, in favour of some smaller card based campaigns. All of these projects are due to start in the next 7 days over on Kickstarter and Gamefound. Remember to back with your head, not your heart.

Tail Story is a reverse deck building game: build your deck using other player's discard pile and force your unused cards to them!

Each player takes the role of a pet from 1 of the 3 types: CANINE, FELINE or RODENT & FRIENDS. to collect achievements to win the game!

The players take turns and do whatever it takes to draw the cards from their own deck as fast as they can to complete 4 achievements to win the game!

Each player is dealt 15 EVENT CARDS to make his/her own deck at the start of the game. Every time a player runs out of cards in his/her deck, the player shuffles all the cards in his/her discard pile to make a deck again. He/she then chooses 1 card from his/her hand and puts it face-down in front of him/her. This is called AN ACHIEVEMENT. The player who gets the 4th ACHIEVEMENT first is considered the winner!

Magic-enhancing oomph has been discovered deep in space, and wizards are battling over who can gain the most of it in order to be crowned the wizlord!

But as it turns out, oomph is drawn to the use of magic, (especially when it’s being used to battle), so things are getting out of hand.

Anyway, how much oomph will it take to reign supreme? That’s not a trick question; the first player to store 6 oomph will become the ultimate Wizlord in Space!

Inferno is an “anti-pick up” styled survival strategy card game. The aim is to be the last surviving player, to do this you will need to collect cards to help you avoid negative events. By picking up cards, it also increases your chance of encountering a game ending event. The cards which help you navigate the deck do not only help you avoid danger, but can strategically place your opponents into danger.

Their demise is your survival.

There can only be one survivor!

War amongst the Great Powers of Europe has engulfed the Americas. The Spanish Empire’s hold over the Caribbean has been slipping for decades as they compete with rival empires. Now the Spanish Empire looks to reestablish their hold over their colonies to bolster their efforts in Europe. France has marshaled their forces to expand their own presence to ensure their access to the goods and resources of the Americas. But older and stranger forces have also awoken in the murky depths of these ancient waters. Sailors tell tall tales of a haunted ship, the Flying Dutchman, and its ghostly crew. There are also whispered warnings about the mighty Kraken, rising from the depths to hunt those that dare to sail upon the waters.

The Great Powers are gathering on the seas, seizing control of the ports, and punishing all rivals. Is the Golden Age of Piracy at an end? Or will you make deals, manipulate events to your advantage, and become the greatest pirate of them all? Hold fast, gather your crew, ready your cannons and muskets, and prepare for the Vengeance of the Empires.

There are alien armies on all fronts! Take command of one of four asymmetric armies in a huge battle and deploy your units strategically and carefully. You can't possibly win all the fights on the battlefield. Choose which battles to resolve in which order but weigh in on how it may affect your units and other battles.

In Space Lion, you are managing an army of 7 cards. Each round, you will decide where to deploy cards to battle. Use your battle effects with careful timing to win the battle in as many lanes as possible. You can't win them all! The player with the highest Strength in a lane wins, causing damage to the towers or bases of other players connected to that lane. Destroy all enemy bases to win!

Choose between 4 different asymmetrical armies each with their own unique systems and concerns on the battlefield. Then choose a hero for your army. Each army has 7 heroes to choose from which warp your strategy even further!

In CobbleCritters, you’ll duel another Tamer for control of the Cavern, a mystical space filled with powerful Crystals.

In the game, you build two decks — a Critter deck and a Special deck — and you can always choose which to draw from. Critters are your monsters while Specials are a grab-bag of tricky hijinks, trinkets, and rule-warping events. You refill your entire 6-card hand every turn, giving the game's card play a fast pace. A player's board is a grid split into two areas, the Hideout and the Cavern. Players prepare their Critters in the Hideout and then send them to the Cavern to battle for Crystals, a precious resource that functions as score.

Critters have stats used for battle and a “Star Rank." Critters can be upgraded from 1 to 2 and then 3 Stars to power them up. They also have card text that grants them a wide variety of combo-able powers.

Strategic positioning, clever deckbuilding, and a pinch of luck are key to victory in the Caverns!

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