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Crowdfunding Round-Up 24th July

There are 10 new projects in this week's Crowdfunding Round-Up. It's a real mixed bag this time, with a huge diversity in theme. The next edition to the popular 'Vampire: The Masquerade' hits Gamefound this week and sees players heading to Milan. My attention this week is fixed firmly on 'Mind Expedition'; described as "D&D in a nutshell" I can't wait to see how they propose to streamline the beloved system.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Colonizers have built a military fortress and are waging a brutal invasion of your lands. Can you prevent their wagons from bringing supplies to the fort and burn it to the ground before the train reaches the Golden Spike?

In Burn the Fort, each player takes the role of a historic warrior fighting to stop colonial invasion of their lands. Players take turns gathering & playing cards, trading, battling wagons, and gathering Fire Tokens and the necessary Arrowhead Tokens to burn the fort.

Everyone starts the game in an alliance but beware, alliances can be broken. To win the game, players can choose how much they wish to work together while facing colonial forces. With each wagon that reaches the fort, the train moves forward towards the Golden Spike which brings mass colonial invasion & an end to the fierce anti-colonial resistance.

Burn the Fort is a semi-cooperative game where you’ll face history in challenging & empowering ways.

An expansion to Conqueror: Final Conquest that adds advanced asymmetrical strategic gameplay to this epic ancient empire building game

Cooperate with each other to guess how the judge is feeling!

I felt... is a cooperative game in which you are divided into “the judge” and “the respondent”. The challenge is to guess the feelings of the judge within the set time limit by asking questions and discussing with your fellow respondents. The game ends when each player has played the role of the judge. The goal is to get all the questions right and become “umomoi”!

Even through the same experience, how one reacts varies from person to person. Sometimes understanding how others feel can be confusing. But understanding how others are feeling is marvellous and exciting. I felt... is a party game that will continue to stimulate conversation even after the game is over!

It is April 1793. You are Evariste Gamelin, a young artist with an enthusiasm for the Republican cause. As an appointed magistrate, you will preside over show trials of accused royalists and counterrevolutionaries. Your goal is to elevate your reputation amongst your fellow Jacobins while using your position to settle personal scores and condemn rivals on both sides of your cause.

Some individuals very dear to you may find their own loyalties questioned. Will you carry out the sentences or risk your reputation and position to spare them?

Based on Anatole France's 1912 Novel Les Dieux Ont Soif, The Gods Will Have Blood is a solitaire game driven by player choice and bag building that weaves a story of seeking justice, settling old scores, and those given the power to conflate the two.

The Siblings Trouble is a card-driven, cooperative, storytelling game inspired by finding the mysterious places in your backyard. It boils down all the core elements of an RPG (storytelling, exploration, discoveries, treasures, and encounters) into a fun-to-play narrative romp with your family or friends!

Go on an epic 30-minute adventure inspired by childhood imagination.

- Build your Adventure Deck and jump right into the story. - Explore a mysterious place, find loot, escape hazards, and defeat foes with treasure, tales, and Trouble Dice. - Play as Danger, Adventure, Mischief, Mayhem, Chance, or an original kid crafted from your own childhood.

This Expanded Deluxe Edition includes the original game plus MUCH MORE!

- Play as Chance, a new character with their own ability and Trouble Die - Play as Destiny, a new mode that adds a Story Guide with special cards - Visit 2 brand new locations: The Spooky Old House and Museum of Mystery - Discover new encounters and bosses for all of the previous locations - Find awesome new treasures and Epic Treasures on your adventure - Continue your journey with new expanded adventures between locations

Factory 42 is a Euro-style board game for 2-5 players. The game tells the story of the workweek of Marxistic dwarves in a steampunk industrial setting, placing the player in the role of factory Overseers. It combines worker placement and a cube tower to create a resource management puzzle. Factory 42 is a cutthroat competitive game with elements of co-operation and deals involving Economics, Fantasy, Industry and Negotiation with a pinch of satire, but not too much to make it a Humour game. It satisfyingly blends two-fold tensions: camaraderie forged in shared goals, and the opportunistic trampling of temporary competition. A tight game of glancing blows and communal glory creating a wicked blend of sharp elbows and shared ambition. Visually, Factory 42 takes its influence from 1920’s Soviet Union propaganda, fantasy literature and elements of pre-WWI Prussian décor.

The general process control at Factory 42 is as follows:

  1. Receive work orders/requisitions from the government

  2. Receive some of the requisitioned resources (as determined by the cube tower)

  3. Load resources (and spike additional resources) onto railcars

  4. Transfer the railcars to docks at individual manufacturing facilities

  5. Burn leftover resources to generate steam

  6. Trade resources on the open market

  7. Use steam and resources to manufacture requested items.

  • Capricious Bureaucracy:* Resources made available to all players, making up a common pool, are delivered via the Bureaucracy Tower; a mechanic that can deliver or withhold resources in a random manner. This replicates the notion that “the powers that be” redirect funds/resources by tying them up in red tape, trapping resources that would otherwise normally be available for the general populace. What goes into the tower does not always come out, or may have been held up during some unknown bureaucratic process, to later materialize when least expected

  • Requisition:* Tactical decisions start with the acquisition of resources vital to the production process. The order of worker meeples on the requisition line dictates the volume of resources acquired for the common pool (available to all) and the number that can be obtained and stored in a player’s personal warehouse. Choices made here can benefit a player’s future actions but may also unwittingly aid a rival, making each choice so very important.

  • Loading:* Players can tactically direct their workers to the loading bays where resources are loaded onto lines of rail transport. Order here can be extremely vital to one’s success. Misjudging the order (or cunningly foreseeing the future) may lead a player to have to load a cart for a rival rather than for one’s self. Alliances may be made during this process, just as enemies can be made of rivals, depending on choices made when loading

  • Shipping and Storage:* Once loaded, each rail cart proceeds to the shipping location awaiting direction. Workers have the option of forwarding on the loaded carts to player’s docks. Once more order of placement is paramount as carts are only shipped in order. A cart may not contain useful resources and so could be sent to a rival, taking up valuable storage space, or maybe it will benefit a rival in an attempt to build a verbally agreed alliance. Often a cart has been loaded with a wide variety of resources and only part of this precious load is of use. Limited storage space in player’s personal docks and warehouses dictates the shipping decision-making process as much as a rival’s needs

  • Trade and Research:* Commodities may be traded on an ever changing market, often enabling an unnecessary resource to be exchanged at a price, for something of more use. Research is equally important, allowing players to expand storage facilities, improve material handling in the manufacturing process or even learn how to use Invention cards to add special actions/abilities during play

  • Manufacture and Accounting:* The government dictate what, what must be manufactured during a game round. The government orders must be completed or many, sometimes all players suffer sanctions. A degree of cooperation is needed here for the greater good of Dwarven society, but on an individual level, completion of a government order leads to reward and ultimately progression on the path to victory

A push-your-luck game about getting a full night's sleep, despite that darn cat. Based on true events.

In this game, 2-4 players take turns rolling dice and then using the results to choose a span of numbered tiles to reveal. Each tile will either be a 'Z' or a 'Meow!' Score points for each Z, but if you hit any Meows you get nothing. Then, secretly put the tiles back, so only you know what tile is where! First player to forty Z's wins the game.

Welcome to the crowdfunding action of the English and Polish version of the Mind Expedition role-playing board game! The game is set in a fantasy world. The gameplay system is D&D in a nutshell, which allows you to play the game with simple rules that do not require the player to study for a long time. Have you ever wanted to play an adventure on your own terms, but you didn't have many hours for a gameplay? Now you and your friends can start your own dream game, that gives you all the D&D experience, but it won't take you the whole afternoon.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Milan Uprising is a co-operative miniature board game experience set in the World of Darkness that will be available solely on the Teburu System.

In this narrative driven board game, you play as the Anarch vampires of Milan, struggling for autonomy against the oppression of the ruling vampire sect — the Camarilla. The game features custom roleplay elements, personal goals, and hidden information. The game comes with smart miniatures, board, dice, a free companion app, and the new Teburu game system, which tracks everything on the smart board and enhances gameplay with artificial intelligence for the enemies, vivid visuals, exciting sounds, and dramatic storytelling. Encounter unique storytelling events, surprising moments, and epic cinematic events all brought to life with Teburu.

The high necromancer is dead. His dungeons lie unguarded, packed full with gems and artefacts ripe for plunder! There’s just one problem: the enchanted treasure vaults can only be breached by a wizard. A good job then, that you’re a wizard - a greedy wizard with time on your hands and no respect for the dead. You need a crew to carry all the riches home, so you head to the Henchpersons & Minions Guild and go for the deal of the day: ten of the meanest beasts, bullies and brutes available. They may not smell so good, but they’ll get the job done.

However, you’re not the only gem grabbing spell-slinger with flexible morals and a sneaky strategy, for rival wizards have come to take the treasure that should be yours! It’s annoying that they hired the same minions as you, but it was a great deal.

You and your adversaries are evenly matched, so you’ll need to deploy your underlings carefully. They’ll enter dungeons as you command, clashing with their rivals, battling for loot all while navigating the enchantments left by the necromancer. The artefacts you’ll find might swing things in your favour, allowing you to wield weapons of legend and to summon horrifying monsters to fight for you - with the mighty Big Blue Blob on your side, how can you fail! Fight well & wisely, and bring back as much loot as you can, because only one wizard will emerge victorious!

Wizards & Co. is a strategic board game where players aim to collect valuable magical artefacts and sets of gemstones by placing creature cards face-up and face-down around octagonal dungeon boards. When no more cards can be placed on a dungeon, a battle takes place where creature abilities are triggered in clockwise order. When the dust settles, loot is distributed accordingly and the game goes on until a set number of dungeons has been cleared.

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