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Crowdfunding Round-Up 26th Sep

This week's Crowdfunding Round-Up sees 16 projects hit Kickstarter and Gamefound in the next week. With a fair amount of new and returning games this week, there will be something for every budget and taste. 25th Century games are bringing a $3 print and play offering. Materia Prima returns with a coop expansion and Tainted Grail have a stand alone adventure with some awesome miniatures.

Kings of Ruin is a new stand-alone story campaign from the team behind the acclaimed Tainted Grail board game, set in the same universe. Playable with a brand new set of exciting characters, it continues the stories of Fall of Avalon, Last Knight, and Age of Legends while also providing a perfect self-contained entry into the saga for new players.

During your experience with the game you will explore new land (with a totally changed system of traveling through Wyrdness), solve encounters with force or diplomacy with unique puzzle card system, and develop your heroes with new passive skills, cards and powerful items.

Most importantly, you will discover a dark immersive story of abandoned land at the wrong side of Avalon and Kings of Ruin ruling there: Claudyne, the Unknighted. Amberqueen Veneda. Nonus, Bishop of the Deep.

Do you have what it takes to hit the big time? Can you take your band from preforming in your parent's basement to the largest stages around the world? Draft your lead singer, musicians, production and backstage staff. Arrange them in the most harmonious ways to unlock more fans, money and opportunities. Plan your schedule, prioritize your assets and select your travel routes as you grow. Chain your rewards into such an amazing show you will leave your competitors behind. But as every superstar out for those scandals.

Draft Write Records is a draft and write game for 2-6 players, aged 10+ taking 45 minutes.

It's Halloween and the ghosts are out haunting the neighbourhood stealing candy from the kids. A fun print and play game for all ages.

Ghosts Love Candy Too Roll & Fright is a series of three different roll and write games, all set in the Ghosts Love Candy Too universe. The games feature some of the same ghosts, kids, and candy found in the physical version of the game Ghosts Love Candy Too.

Three different roll and writes, all based around different styles of play are designed to provide varying degrees of complexity.

This game is PNP only so you can print and play from home.

float downstream is a game like no other. Embark on a meditative journey. 36 unique river cards create a poetic landscape through which you slowly drift. With a mixture of luck and strategy, attempt to negotiate the currents of life's river, all the while maintaining a balanced mind against the thought forms that arise, threatening to pull you under. Death is inevitable, but how much of life's poetry can you experience on your journey to the river's end?

No matter what you do you will always die. Scores are calculated based on the number and type of thought counters one has in mind upon dying. The higher the score, the closer to enlightenment. This score gives one a 'ranking' within the game.

The rabbits of Wiggins Farm have gotten out of control. While Farmer Wiggins was away on vacation, the rabbits got into the house where they kept the sports equipment, the art supplies, the cosplay costumes and the box of classic movies. The farmer arrived home to find the place overrun with all kinds of rabbits. He’s calling upon you, the luckiest person he knows, for help to get these rabbits back into their rabbit hole where they belong. It’s a big job. There are a LOT of rabbits to round up. Maybe even one too many---but if you hop to it, you can save the day.

One Two Many Rabbits is a fun, fast-paced, family friendly card and dice game that is easy to learn and takes about 10 to 20 minutes to play. The main rules are for 2-4 players, but also included are rules for a one player game so that people can try their hand at some solo play.

Each player starts off with a LOT of rabbits and will choose to roll one, two or three dice in order to create the numbers that will help them decide which rabbits will willingly go back into the rabbit hole. But, watch out, these rabbits are tricky and will use the turns of the people playing against you to find ways to hop back into your hands. As play continues and the number of rabbits in your hand start to dwindle, the more difficult it will be to roll the numbers that you need to get rid of all of your rabbits.

There are also special cards in the deck to help you along. Wild cards can be used as any number. Plus Minus cards can be used to add or subtract two of your number cards together. Piggyback cards allow you to use the roll of your opponent to get rid of some rabbits. And Place Your Rab-Bets cards allow you to take a wild guess on which number will be rolled next and try to get rid of some rabbits that way.

Lunar Rush simultaneous-play Euro-style board game that combines bidding, market economics, and tableau/engine-building into a refreshing new genre. You play as one of Earth’s four major corporate conglomerates, competing to mine the Moon for the newly-discovered “wonder materials,” lunethyst crystals and lunarium ore.

Every turn, players use their GigaCredits (GC = VP) to bid for the best space routes to and from the Moon. The slower the route, the more you can load on the ship. On the Moon, players simultaneously upgrade their bases and place their astronaut workers to produce the resources needed to maintain the base, as well as Moon goods to sell in Earth's bustling dynamic markets.

The game ends after seven turns, and the winner is the player with the most GC!

The race to win the new gold rush is on!

Iron Thunder is a WWII strategy game where you can command tanks, infantry and manage resources to lead your nation to victory!

Key features:

  • 2 or 4 Players

  • 3 Battle Modes (all modes can be played 1v1, 2v2, or 4 player free-for-all)

  • Choose your battleground by placing your HQ and terrain features

  • Fight under variable weather conditions (weather affects both military operations and logistics, so you need to react accordingly!)

  • Command infantry and 4 types of armoured units

  • Manage resources for calling reinforcements, producing goods and executing advanced manoeuvres

  • Execute special manoeuvres and tactics by playing cards

  • Up to 5 different victory conditions, depending on the Battle Mode

Mine Your Business is a quick and tricky spatial puzzle that encourages clever planning and pattern recognition, all while being sparkly. The game features many modes of play, including solo, cooperative, and competitive rule sets.

In each mode, you will take actions on your turn to manipulate the game board and attempt to align chains of resources, so that they may be collected once your mine cart is aligned with them. You will do this by swapping, rotating, and revealing the different resource cards that make up the game board.

There is also a hungry goblin within the mine which will do its best to destroy your recently created resource paths, as well as try and eat you! Make sure you do everything in your power to avoid the goblin, and wisely utilize the tools available to you. The cleverest gnomes may even catch the goblin, eliminating it from the game!

Take care to avoid the dangers of the quarry, and steer clear of your pesky adversary. Sneak around dangerous creatures, enchant the land, and Mine Your Business!

The game will end when the mine carts belonging to each player have reached the end of the board, or if a goblin eats even a single gnome. The player with the most resources at the end of the game will stake the claim as Major Miner!

Bonnie & Clyde, Love and Death is first and foremost a solo game that can also be played as a duo, where the goal is to find the romantic end that the couple dreamed of.

Along this road trip, you will have to choose the right actions to survive, stick up banks or stores, but also keep an eye on the gas tank and the state of your vehicle, and, of course, outrun the cops, who will only get better and better at tracking you down.

At the beginning of the game, you choose from four levels of difficulty and set out on the first country road.

Each turn represents a day divided into three phases: Morning, Afternoon, and Night.

During the game, you have to manage your resource and situation gauges. Some of them can lead to your death, such as not having any food or ammunition during a shootout; others can lead to defeat, such as having a love gauge at zero, which would lead to the separation of the couple. It is therefore important to fulfil the victory conditions before triggering any defeat condition.

In easy mode, the goal is to finish your run with a shootout in a farmhouse, with two bank loot and your love gauge raised to the maximum before the police — or someone — kill Bonnie or Clyde.

RONE: Invasion is a strategic post-apocalyptic deck and dice building game for 1 or 2 players (expandable to 1 to 4) and features unique dice that can be customized during the game.

Players start with a set of starter cards. As the game progresses, players add additional cards to their deck by training them. During each turn, players roll these dice and each coloured screw that’s rolled can be used to collect a resource of the same colour. Collected resources can be used for various effects, mainly for playing cards.

Improve your dice, train your army and show your enemies that you would rather die than surrender.

The game features two different game modes: Cooperative Mode, and Competitive Mode. In Cooperative mode, players collectively take on Celesta and her forces and try to stop the Invasion. In Competitive mode, players challenge each other in one-on-one combat.

Redwood is a game of movement estimations and angle of view where players have to take pictures of wild animals to compose the most beautiful panorama. The game is for 1 to 4 players, from the age of 8 and the games last about 45-60 min.

During his turn, the player have to choose between different movements and angle of view (materialized by real plastic elements) to catch the animals in the picture (without disturbing them).

Collecting animals and decorative elements earn victory points.

During the game, new conditions for earning points will appear.

The game ends after 5 turns and players will be rewarded if they meet certain conditions to earn more points

Materia Prima places players in a medieval world where mysticism and science are inseparable in alchemy. In search of the philosopher's stone, recipes must be researched and resources mined.

The Inquisition is a new power in Alka Sowa, in which state and religion are united. Its nobles and priests try to gain control over the continent by banishing or destroying alchemy and all its followers once and for all.

The Inquisition Expansion enhances the world of Materia Prima and includes a cooperative campaign, which can also be played solo, as well as the possibility to play with 5 or 6 alchemists.

Moku Tower: The Endless Column is a new edition from the original Moku Tower. Moku Tower: The Endless Column inherits the tradition of Moku Tower collection. It embraces the concept of Japanese home decoration and transforms wood art into an artistic and interactive table top game. This new version is inspired by both Romanian and Japanese Culture. While the Woodas rock are inspired by the traditional Japanese rock garden, the Endless Column are inspired by the Romanian infinite column. By combining both the rock and the column together, it has become a masterpiece featuring the beauty of both the East and West.

The game combines balance, patience, reaction and a bit of luck together. It is a wonderful table top game and, at the same time, a beautiful decoration for your home. Look at the amazing art work: Do you feel like being in Japan?

For The Endless Column, building a tall tower is not enough. You need a solid one! And as always, beware of incoming attacks! I mean real physical attack! Are you ready to get your Endless Column and build your own endless tower now? Let’s go!

Regarding the general gameplay, in each round there will be 3 active players with different roles: Dark Stacker, Pale Stacker and Invader. The Stackers need to compete to be the FIRST to COMPLETE the mission they got from the card(s) in order to score marks. At the same time, the Invader will roll the dice and attack the Stackers based on what they get on the dice. There will be some fun physical movement like firing the dice to attack the tower! Each player take turn to compete and the game goes on until the first player scores 20 marks.

Fences has expanded its acreage so you won't run out of new things to do on The Ranch! You can now raise chickens, but watch out for the sly fox! You can ride a horse, drive tractors, and even sell your animals at the market: Don't make hasty decisions, though! You have the ability to store animals allowing you to increase your points at the optimal time. Open and close gates to change the size of your fields so you'll never run out of room! With nine new expansions, there are plenty of ways to have fun with Fences at the Ranch!

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