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Crowdfunding Round-Up 27th June

Crowdfunding projects launching in the next week over on Kickstarter or Gamefound. We are back to busy weeks with a total of 11 projects all seeking your funding this week. I think the projects this week are very diverse and support a wide range of gaming styles and tastes for every gamer. My pick of the week, this week goes to Drop Bears. The projects looks a lot of fun with a really cool Theme.

The Australian Bush is a dangerous place at night. And as if spiders and snakes weren't enough, another horror is on the loose: Drop Bears infest the dark - Hideous koala-like beasts dropping from gum trees, eager to consume human flesh.

This is where the game drops you in, an inexperienced group of tourist campers ventured into the night. Your objective: Survive until dawn. Drop Bears is a cooperative game where the Campers have to carefully choose actions every turn to stay alive, while the whole Australian Bush is on a hunt for them. The group can choose of several different options such as: Explore and Run, allowing the Campers to place new map tiles and attempt to keep the lurking hunger beasts at arm's length (at bay, a distance). Definitely they will need to Rest and Heal, which will give them a chance to patch up and recoup their most essential resources. Finally Search and Endeavour will hopefully lead them to find much needed survival resources. All these are tools to ensure as many campers as possible survive until dawn. While doing so, the game drops the hideous creatures right on them, attacking and terrorising the Campers in every turn.

Even the very landscape and environment will batter the poor Campers – They can become severely wounded; this will surely hamper their chance for survival. Each time a camper is eaten, that player will select another camper from those available, but every death brings the Drop Bears closer to victory, so don't let your humans die in vain. With no weapons, campers must band together, scavenge gear and use their wits if they ever hope to survive until dawn.

The year 2050, an emergency at the airport!

A passenger plane has been hijacked by unknown hijackers. The airport has been cordoned off, the plane is surrounded by police. Efforts must be made as soon as possible to ensure that passengers are safely evacuated from the aircraft and that the hijackers are persuaded to surrender.

As a negotiator, are you able to free passengers before the police team invades the plane?

The game is played in different rounds in which players use two dice each round to get passenger cards or do other actions which gives them points or so called 'demands'. Also, players build trust, so the hijackers are willing to negotiate with them. The negotiators are able to work together in order to free as many passengers as they can, but can also try and work on their own.

Hextremadura is a solo game that offers a relaxing and satisfying experience. The game can also be played in cooperative mode.

During the early game you will try to complete as many terrain requirements as possible. Every time you complete both basic objectives on a tile, you take that tile off the map and reserve it for later. You will use them on their back, after you finish the stack, to discover all monuments, flora and fauna of this new place and complete as many exploration objectives as you can.

In ISO you will delve into a world of isometry where you will compete against your opponents for the completion of objectives in one of the 3 different perspectives.

It is for 1-3 players and lasts about 5-10 minutes per game, and it will most definitely be testing your conception of space and perspective. Control the three dimensions and be a step ahead of your opponents intentions to achieve the victory, or enjoy a rewarding cooperative challenge together.

Players will take turns playing the topmost tile of the pile, with the purpose of claiming some of the revealed objectives and not letting the other players claim them when their turns arrive. As soon as all tiles are placed, the game will end and the player with most points will be the winner.

An asymmetrical strategy game. In Pantheon you will be tasked with the construction of a monument to honour your deities, but only one culture will endure in this clash of titans.

This 1v1 game, which can also be played against an automat, tastes like a war strategy game and has that card games aroma which will make you play again and again whether you win or lose.

You will have to adapt your moves to each deity's needs, but as soon as you know their hopes and fears, your games will become a battle of epic proportions.

Complete the different quests in the campaign mode and claim your victory in this Olympic competition.

Gunshin: Three Kingdoms is a competitive or cooperative historic battle game for 2 to 6 players. Set in the miracle era of ancient China – Three Kingdoms – where battles were fought, power was seized, and heroes were born.

Each player controls and manages a campaign, which possesses cities, armies, heroes, and gold, aiming to defeat enemies and conquer China. Heroes, in addition to playing an important part in history, also serve a crucial role in the pursuit of victory of the game, where each Hero has its own specialized ability(ies) and corresponding types of troops (cavalry, archer, infantry). Players are faced with unlimited strategic decisions ready to be made - Strategies behind how the player allocates resources, how he/she controls the map and orchestrates beneficial battles, how, when, and where to deploy appropriate Heroes and troops, and even how to negotiate with other players – all of which will be the key to victory. Players are encouraged to implement new strategies and tackle situations in different ways, ensuring no two games play alike.

With a realistic landscape game board, the richness of historic content, and multi-dimensional gameplay mechanisms and strategies, players can immerse themselves in an unprecedented, revolutionary experience.

The final expansion in the Summit Series, Sanity brings another dimension of play and immersion as players attempt to refine their character's focus while maintaining their sanity - all while trying to survive the world's deadliest mountain.

Can they keep their wits, or will they breakdown under the immense pressure of the expedition... or the competition? With a Yeti on their heels, and/or a rival Team pushing for the Summit it's just a matter of time before someone cracks like the ice under their feet...

Mind over matter? Prove it.

Sanity works in all play modes (competitive, cooperative and solo) and can be played with any/all expansions (Yeti and/or Teams).

DemLoc is a competitive skirmish game played by 2 to 4 players set in the imaginary city of Dämonenloch.

In DemLoc, players are the Guild Masters (sinister and powerful masters of the Guilds of the city) who have to fight against each other to increase their Guild fame and richness.

Each game will influence the history of each guild and the progression will be on the guild itself and not on each character.

The game develops in different missions where the players will use their characters trying to reach their objective and, thus, winning the game. The duration of each game session will be based on the number of missions played.

The main characteristic of DemLoc is to switch between skirmish game sessions against other players and individual game sessions planning and improving a player own Guild.

The namesake app makes the game more dynamic and lets the players keep track of their progresses, helping them during missions in the damned city of DemLoc.

DemLoc is a board game strictly integrated with its relevant app; for this reason there are two different game modes:

Individual game: exclusively on the app, which allows the players to manage their cards and their Guild acquiring buildings and improving those already acquired (e.g. enlarging the space of the Dormitory to enlist more mercenaries). In addition, the players could explore the city of DemLoc and could access to exclusive functions improving their knowledge of the world of DemLoc and making their Guild more powerful;

Group game: using the material at their disposal, the players could fight in different missions to gain the control over relevant spots in different areas of the city of DemLoc, increasing their fame and gaining gold (feods).

The app shows the players the objective of the mission (taken from a database; it could range from killing opponent characters to collecting objects on the map) and the map (taken from a database). Using the modular map, the players design the setting.

Using the app, the players choose the mercenaries in the Guild who will join the mission. The game can start once the players have picked their cards and have placed the miniatures on the map.

The game lasts from 5 to 10 turns (based on the objective and on the number of players). On each turn, the players could move their miniatures on the map using the square grid. Characters could shoot, cast spells, conjure daemons, and take part into hand-to-hand fights.

The app is used to apply hits and status to the characters. At the end of the mission, the winner receives Fame points and gold (feods). The Guild uses the Fame to level up (thus being able to enlist more or stronger people). Gold is used to buy new weapons and Arcane Code for the mercenaries.

In each game, the winner could conquer part of the city. His conquest will be shown on the map in the app.

Snap Ships Tactics is a revolutionary miniatures battle game you play with modular, fully customizable ship models.

In the future, humanity is under constant attack from a brutal alien hive mind known as The Komplex. Facing them are the pilots of the Forge: commanders of spacecraft known as Snap Ships. Fast attack craft, interceptors, armoured bombers, dropships, and support craft - Snap Ships are constructed from modular components allowing ships to be outfitted on-the-fly for the specific mission at hand.

In Snap Ships Tactics, each player builds a custom miniature ship (or a squadron of them) and commands them in intense tactical combat over a series of rounds. Ships are completely modular and built from a library of hundreds of unique plastic components. Ships manoeuvre across a freeform battlefield, as players allocate power to their ship's unique systems to move, evade, and fire many different weapons. They can take advantage of battlefield hazards and terrain to gain the upper hand and seek to destroy the ships in their opponent’s squadron.

Game Features:

  • BUILD a ship from scratch and equip it to fit your play style

  • DETAILED miniatures using the quick-to-build yet high fidelity Snap Ships system

  • BATTLE across a configurable play space using an innovative movement system

  • HUNDREDS of components to choose from across multiple ship and unit sizes

  • VS, CO-OP and SOLO modes with a card driven AI system that lets you dogfight against the game

Snap Ships Tactics: because the best ship is the one you create!

This is the Kingdom of Faltisia, a land blessed with a stable economy and with natural, rich countries that are crowded with many people. You are a girl born in such a kingdom. Your only dream is to become a full-fledged maid.

However, due to the importance of the maid occupation (it being essential to national security), only the most elite are allowed to graduate to professional status. Fortunately, you passed the entrance exams for the prestigious school "Royal Faltisia Academy". You have three years to polish yourself, so how will you spend your school life?

The board game is played out over three years during which players study at the esteemed Royal Academy of Faltisia. Here they improve their strength, wisdom, beauty, and purity, and hopefully graduate as a Professional Maid. At the conclusion of the game, the player with the highest VP wins.

Players must choose what they will do each year by drafting action cards, then must choose between attending class to improve their abilities, or skipping class to instead choose from a number of extra-curricular activities.

One of the core elements of the game is to apply for a Provisional Maid License, which is issued to the Academy from the Royal Maid Association. Without such a licence, you cannot typically work as a professional maid. In addition, each character has a unique ability that can be activated after receiving this provisional license; it is recommended you play the first game with the intention of acquiring this license.

It's also important to take advantage of the items available in the school store. Let's become an excellent maid in three years!

“Beyond Humanity: Astrominers” is a board game for 2 to 4 players (up to 6 with an expansion) in which players manage competing groups of space miners extracting minerals from the asteroid belt. The challenge comes in planning how to manage your personnel and resources through a variety of missions to extract minerals and outmanoeuvre the competition. Build the wealth of your Corporation, and fuel financial and material success. Be careful to not be left behind, for to the victor go the spoils.

According to the current scientific knowledge of potential space mining missions, players extract seven resources: Water, Xenon, Plasteel, Tungsten, Nickel, Palladium, and Gold, on three different types of asteroids: S-Type, C-Type, and M-Type.

The game uses a collection of custom six-sided dice (7 for each player) with icons representing four types of workers: miners, automatons, geologists and inspectors. Workers availability is determined by the dice rolls each round, and a skilful management of those worker dice is necessary for effective resource extraction. Players draw Mission cards to their hand and then perform the Missions by placing the Mission card on the Mining Barge in the Dock and gradually filling its fields with worker dice. Order cards are first drawn to the player hand by placing a die with a geologist icon on the Refinery field, and then redeemed at the end of the round by paying the cost indicated on it to receive the victory points marked on the card. In addition, the game features a resource exchange, an Achievement set collection and a set of Executive Cards, providing more possible actions and ways to victory. Orders, Missions, Achievements, and gathered resources are the means to collect Victory Points.

The Medieval Age, a time in our history that will remain engraved in everyone’s memory forever. Heroes, Monarchs, notable characters, military units of every size, Siege weapons, and fortifications. Each of them, an important part of human evolution, All within different events that define our past.

There are myths and legends surrounded this era, that had been re-told to countless generations until this day.

All this will be remembered forever, but above all things, the medieval time will be remembered because of the Clash of Armies.

These clashes are represented in this fantastic head to head deck builder, where strategy and intelligence in card acquisition will lead you to a certain victory. Each player starts with a few resources and soldiers, and the game has a main marketplace where during your turn you may buy as many cards as you can, attempting to build the most powerful deck. With those cards, the objective is to deal enough damage to your opponent to win the game.

But it's not that easy, while you consider the attack, it is really important to choose combinations of cards to deal the largest amount of damage, along with preparing your defences to avoid being attack in the next round. With unique defence mechanics and beautiful illustrations, clash of Armies delivers a fast-paced head to head strategy game that will invite joy and excitement to your table top.

Splintered Lands is a post-apocalypse-themed expandable deck-building game from Civil Dawn Games. Players take on the role of an enclave governor who must lead their people in a fight for survival using a brand new base-defence tactical deck-building game mechanic.

Somehow, you have cobbled together a band of basic fighting men and women to help you survive in the inhospitable wasteland you call home. However, you’ve noticed another group of survivors competing for resources in your area. If you are going to survive for long, you are going to need to spend your ever-dwindling resources to convince new and capable people to join you in the constant struggle...but finding them can be just as difficult as convincing them to come back with you.

Players take turns attacking their opponent, fortifying their enclave, and searching the Dunes to acquire new and powerful characters to join their fight. Defeat your opponent by crippling their authority, and do it quickly -- your opponent will only grow stronger the longer you let them live. Unfortunately, they know it, too.

Each player starts the game with an 11 card deck. Then players choose which factions they want to be represented. Combine your favourite three factions to create the six card Dunes deck. This is where you will find powerful allies to join your enclave. On their turn, players play cards, pick cards, and arrange/navigate cards on their side. The game ends when one player has had their Authority (life) reduced to 0 due to actions happening in the game. A player wins by reducing their opponents Authority (life) to 0 or below.

Along with the four starting factions, Splintered Lands has five expansions already planned out. Each expansion contains two new factions, plus exclusive bonus content. These unique boosters create new ways to engage with the world of Splintered Lands, giving players optional new ways to defeat their opponents, new and interesting mechanics to discover, and unusual aberrant creatures to defend with or against.

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