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Crowdfunding Round-Up 29th May

This week's Crowdfunding round-up it a little late but fully packed a ready to entertain. There are 12 new projects this week, landing on both Kickstarter and Gamefound in the next 7 days. 'Into the Godsgrave' definitely has my full attention this week, Lucky Duck have a great track record with app based games and this game looks to be another hot property.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Dive into a unique Gothic horror fantasy board game experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Featuring more than 40 beautifully-sculpted miniatures, stunning gothic horror artwork, and a compelling campaign style gameplay, this tile based dungeon crawler will keep you and up to three fellow victims of the Stadium coming back for more.

Players take on the role of newcomers held at the mercy of the menacing forces that control the labyrinthian Stadium. Having been brought together to form a house, they are tasked with delving into the darkest depths of the Stadium to eradicate unspeakable horrors. While exploring the ruined halls of the Stadium, players will be challenged by engaging story events. The choices that players make may have grave consequences for their characters, their companions, or even the whole of the Stadium. Combat features a familiar dice rolling experience that uses each players individual equipment and skills to provide greater depth.

Studium | No Exit is intended to be played in multiple play-sessions, with player characters evolving over time. Shaping each character are milestones that provide vital enhancements to survivability. Milestones can reflect the accumulation of knowledge, the honing of battle crafts, the cohesion of working as a team, or even romantic bonds forged between two characters. Additionally, a unique “Reflection” system allows players to leverage the Stadium's abundant resources to forge formidable weapons, Armor, and accessories.

Explore an ever-changing labyrinth of terror and battle unspeakable horrors. Unlock the secrets of the Stadium, upgrade your gear, and join forces with fellow survivors if you hope to make it out alive... Stadium | No Exit aims to be the horror-filled board game adventure that you won't soon forget.

Micro Architects is a 1-4 player, city building game which takes 30-60 minutes to play. As a city architect your role is to plan the layout of your city, build landmarks, provide services, manage residents and deal with random events that affect your city.

The game is played over 3 rounds with players scoring after each round. On your turn pick a building from the ones set up at the beginning of a round and place it on your city board and try to create patterns based on goal cards. When picking a landmark, take a landmark tile to go with it and try to fulfil its requirements. After filling up a whole district with buildings, gain a boat. 2 boats let you acquire a service for your city which makes it more attractive to the residents. After a round is completed score points in 3 ways:

GOALS - each pattern is worth a number of points LANDMARKS - each landmark has a unique requirement for where it needs to be placed and what other buildings should it be surrounded by SERVICES - each service provides points for a specific set of buildings in your city

At any point of your turn you are able to use construction tokens to demolish buildings and build them again in a different spot, use buildings from an additional building pool or have more choice when choosing the right service for your city.


More advanced players will definitely want to play with an extra module that comes in the box - RESIDENTS. This module adds an additional board to each player's city board where you place residents that come to your city. Residents allow you to score additional points, reuse your construction tokens and gain extra boats which in turn let you acquire more services for your city.

EVENT module

Spice things up with the event deck! Pick a card and see whether you’ll have to deal with an impending disaster or strike of good fortune. Disasters can ruin your plans if you don’t prepare for them in time and positive events might give you that extra boost on your path to victory.

The game ends after the scoring phase for round 3. The player with the most points is the winner and becomes the chief architect!

You're the chieftain of your clan and are in charge of making your clan safe from Monsters, while keeping a competitive advantage against other clans. Some of the inhabitants are in hiding, and you need to figure out which inhabitant is where, and chase any Monster to the Open Highlands or rivalling clans.

This game is all about memorising cards, taking calculated risks, and strategic long-term decision-making.

It's super easy to learn (5 minutes), fun for the whole family (2-6 players), and can be replayed over and over again.


Start of the game Every chieftain starts with four cards faced down in front of them. This is your clan, and each card is one of its inhabitants. To start, each player may peek once at the bottom two cards. Remember them well.

Objective The goal is to get rid of the Monsters in your clan by chasing them to your opponents or the open Highlands. Each card has a set amount of points, the scarier the monster, the more points it has. So the aim is to have the fewest amount of points. Once you think you're in that position and no longer have any Monster cards in your clan, you can call 'Saorsa' ("freedom" in Gaelic) and after one final turn by each player, the round will end.

During a turn Option A) You take the top card from the discard pile (Open Highland pile) and swap it with one of your clan cards - any actions displayed on the card cannot be taken.

Option B) You take the top card from the closed pile and choose: 1. Place it directly on the Open Highland pile and perform the action as described on the card. 2. Swap it with one of your clan cards - any actions displayed on the card cannot be taken.

Whenever a card is discarded on the Open Highland pile, any player that knows the position of that same card in any of the clans may quickly grab that card and place it on top of the discarded card. This is how you get fewer inhabitants in your clan.

There are a number of special cards in the game, there is a Witch who allows you to peek at one card each turn or the Evil Priest of Forvie, who will no longer be evil once he is converted by the Missionary. So taking big calculated risks can have big rewards, just like in real life.

End of the round If you don't have any monsters in your clan, just before it's your turn, you can declare 'Saorsa'. Every other player will take one last turn and the round ends and points will be counted. If the player that called Saorsa has the lowest amount of points, she or he will win a Victory Token.

Some cards in your clan might not seem too good at first sight, containing too many points, but keeping them in your clan will give you great advantages in future rounds.

The game ends when all four Victory Tokens have been won.

A Galaxy in Peril! The Fashion Tyrant Mu-gahgah steps up her invasion.

The Temporal Intergalactic Armed Response Agency, or TIARA, is our brave new hope. Warriors dress for battle, face off against the worst classic space problems: Invaders from Space, Giant Mecha-Monsters and the dreaded Mu-gahgah herself.

Prepare for battle: Fashion is Power!

Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power is a cooperative, 1-4 player, bag-builder board game. A single bag of destiny determines your fate. Manipulate probability to complete your mission.

Players take their turn spending action coins on: Move, Shoot & Engage. Move - your Agents, tiles, or obstacles Shoot - blast away with any personal weapons Engage - activate special location powers

Each game players must complete their assigned mission before they run out of power or the timeline resets.

Brotherhood of Venice Apocalypse will immerse Assassins in a new region: the jungles of the Khmer Empire in the 16th century, a new setting never explored before by the Assassin's Creed video game license.

This expansion will rely on environments, enemies, weapons and equipment created from scratch by Triton Noir and will feature new gameplay, such as an open world system between each of the Memories.

It is time to mix some colors! Each turn, a player plays a card from their hand and resolves its effects. These cards remain in the play area until they are picked up via a "Refill" action. Players may play the Mix card to take 2 colors in their hand and mix them together to make one of the available colors in the market rows.

Colors are mixed according to their pigment values in the CMYK color system. For example, Soft Cyan (1,0,0) + Light Yellow (0,0,1) = Jungle (1,0,1). This is the main way to upgrade cards into stronger ones. The game has 3 win conditions: Having 17+ Victory Points, Mixing all 3 Rank IV cards, and having 17+ cards in hand while the correct card is in play.

Chroma Mix is an economic action retrieval game for 1-4 players in a deck of just 85 cards. Turns are rapid, but the decisions are agonizing.

If the cruelty of the Gods had any purpose, it remained a mystery even after their death. They gave us miserable fates and treated us like toys, but we knew it had to end one day – for better or for worse.

So we revolted and slayed them all, for a price well beyond what we could afford. The world is damaged now, bearing the wounds of this impossible battle, but at the same time – we are free and responsible for our own fates for the first time.

Yet from lands far away, followers of New Gods arrive with their true intent unknown, hidden behind their political agendas.

Amongst all of this turmoil are you, a wild bunch of mercenaries, just blindly accepting another job…

As you travel across the world, you will discover and scout unknown lands. Only the Companion App knows what lies ahead and what kind of challenges your journey will bring. You’ll face enemies, complete quests, and discover secrets of Godsgrave. Every time you make a critical decision, the app will remember your choice and adjust the campaign accordingly. Enemies you will encounter will be introduced within the app and quests will be tracked and completed by it too. Dozens of monsters, quests, items and adventures are held in the Story App, to deliver a living and breathing world to explore.

The Lineage and Class of your hero will determine your starting deck. Completing scenarios will allow you to earn rewards and more cards for your deck allowing you to customize your hero to suit your play style. Cards will include items, weapons, abilities, and epic manoeuvres called Events. Find your ideal combination from all the Lineages & Class options.

Each hero brings a different set of skills to the party, which are represented by a dice. Whether you are scouting an area, clashing with an enemy, or bartering with a shopkeeper for a better deal, you will use your Skill Dice.

Every round, as a team you choose a Plan Card which determines the play style of the party for that round. Sometimes you will be more mobile, while next turn you hoard more resources. Carefully plan your game, as every card is different, brings unique Special Effect and provoke various obstacles to overcome.

Point Masters is the newest, fast-paced, family-friendly card game on the market. It calls for both strategy and speed. Here are the details:

Number of Players: 2 - 4 players per deck

Objective: Earn the winning # of points

  • For 2 players, 4 points

  • For 3 players, 6 points

  • For 4 players, 8 points

  1. Each player will start by drawing one of each Directional Cards (up, down, left, and right), and 2 Chaos Cards until everyone has 6 cards in their hand. (IMPORTANT: If you draw a card with a red border before the game starts, put it back in the deck because that’s a Specialty Card!)

  2. Next, figure out who goes first! This person is named the “Pointer”. Whoever went to bed the latest or woke up the earliest will go first. (We don’t really care, just pick someone!)

  3. Whoever goes first will count down (3-2-1-go!) and every player will immediately place a directional card on the table (the harder you slam the card, the more likely you’ll become a Point Master. Well, not really, but it’s definitely more dramatic.)

  4. The “Pointer” gains 1 point for every player who plays the same direction as them.

  5. Now that the game has begun, all players can play a Chaos Card any time, even if it’s not their turn. This is your time to get revenge on your (ex) best friend for that one time they stole the fries from the bottom of the bag, so play those Chaos Cards!

Chaos cards can collect points (one example: Winds of Change), remove points (ex: Redacted), block attacks (ex: Forcefield), or take points from other players (ex: Vacuum).

  1. Play continues in a clockwise direction, with each new Pointer beginning the next turn.

  2. During their turn, if the Pointer does NOT have 2 Chaos Cards in their hand, they may draw one more card from the deck. If they draw a Red Specialty Card (a card with a red border), it must be played immediately. They may only have a maximum of 2 Chaos Cards in their hand at any given time.

  3. Next, the new Pointer repeats step 3.

  4. Play continues until there’s a winner!

In Point Masters, you can play any Chaos Card at any time - even if it’s not your turn - so get ready to destroy your relationship with your in-laws and cause chaos on your way to victory!

Players have to lead a revolutionary organization, eliminate internal conflicts, expect the help of various countries, develop resistance organizations, use both peace and force to consume the energy of the Red Army, and accelerate the end of CCP's rulings.

Or play the role of the Red Army defending the rule of the CCP, defeating all separatists and revolutionaries with an iron fist, guarding social harmony and stability, national unity and national unity, realizing the great rejuvenation of the eastern mainland, and trying to win Taiwan.

Or play the role of the Taiwanese government, using the power of a maritime nation to intervene in the mainland situation, while attacking CCP agents and appeasers in China, using spy networks and covert actions to win this final battle.

From Novosibirsk to Jakarta, from the Pamirs to Sakhalin, 264 cities and towns across the land and sea in the game, unite the 8 countries in the east, mediate the 7 major powers, and liberate the motherland from the iron curtain built by the trade unions!

There are 9 powers for players to play in the game, and each power has different advantages and disadvantages. Different powers can choose different bases, which also means that the powers that can be relied on are different, and different game strategies will be developed accordingly.

Rocky ‘Roid is an asteroid-mining roll and write in which you individually try to find the best asteroids to mine and then race back to sell the ore you’ve mined in the shared market.

In the first half of the game players choose two of three shared dice to decide where to move and what asteroid they find at that location, optionally using additional fuel to modify the dice for themselves.

Once players have headed home they sell the minerals they have collected one at a time in the order they arrived home, with each sale reducing the price for all other players.

The game comes with multiple maps, each with slightly different rules and more maps will be added over time.

BGG Link

THE LAB is a competitive card game for 3 to 6 players in which you will be faced with some of the most dangerous microorganisms in existence. Be the first to earn 10 Cure points and try not to succumb to any of the insidious infections you will encounter throughout the game.

Before starting the game, each player receives 3 Marker tokens, 1 Blood Transfusion token, and chooses a Player board. The first player takes the Patient Zero token and goes first, determined by the person who was most recently sick in real life.

Infections cards are shuffled and placed as a deck on the table. Each player is dealt 5 Treatment cards, keeping them hidden from others, and the remaining cards are placed on the table. Lastly, the Bad Luck cards are shuffled and placed on the table.

Each Round begins with Patient Zero creating the Round deck by drawing cards from the Infections deck. Then, starting with Patient Zero and proceeding clockwise, each player takes their turn. They choose a card from the Round deck and fight the infection by playing Treatment cards. If they can't defeat it alone, they can seek help from other players. Successfully curing the infection earns them Cure points, while failure results in 1 Infection point. Players then draw new Treatment cards to replenish their hand, up to a maximum of 5 cards. Finally, the Patient Zero token is passed to the next player in clockwise order.

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