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Crowdfunding Round-Up 2nd May

This looks like a quiet week in the crowdfunding space. A lot of these projects are unconfirmed and as such may move in date. The popular Euthia is back with a reprint and expansion on Gamefound. My pick of the week will go to The Flood, because it looks cool and interesting.

In the Fierce Powers expansion, you will confront dark forces tormenting the land in new scenarios with unique mechanics to exploit and challenges to overcome. A new hero, Eltrea, joins the battle accompanied by loyal familiars who she controls using her powers. The expansion further enhances the variety and gameplay options of the core game with extra monsters, more modular map tiles, an additional type of elementals, and new abilities for each of the 6 existing heroes.

The Crawling Shadows expansion introduces unique challenges for the solo and cooperative gameplay modes. Engage in a 3-scenario long struggle against the rising power of a necromancer automa (Necroma). Venture on epic dungeon quest scenario with multiple questlines to follow and final bosses to fight! This expansion will also introduce new cooperative mechanics with events that can be used in all existing scenarios.

Keresis is a strategic game: A mix of exploration, territory control and resource management. Each player takes the lead of an ancestral tribe and faces his opponents to become the master of the four elements.

The chaotic world of Keresis is about to collapse. To save your tribe, you must find a way to reach the lost shrines. As an explorer, you have a special ability and can unlock new powers later during the game. A shaman and some of your fierce warriors will join you in this unique adventure! Dangerous events may occur at any time during your expedition: Will you play it safe by following well known paths or will you put yourself in danger by exploring uncharted territories? The decision is yours!

Each player takes a turn to play and execute some of the following actions: Explore Collect movement points and explore the map / Lay hex tiles and connect them to create paths to follow.

Gather/trade resources Collect and use the available resources at your disposal: Energy, element stones and powerful action cards.

Control territories / Battle Use element stones to deploy some of your warriors or expand your domination by invading enemies territories.

Summon your shaman Protect your territories, rotate them or unleash the mysterious powers contained in the shrines.

Place your amulets Each amulet placed on a shrine will bring you one step closer to victory! But it won’t be easy: Each territory is only associated with one shrine. Controlling the right kind of territory is key for placing your amulets!

Will be declared winner the first player to place an amulet on each of the four shrines OR the player with the highest score at the end of twenty-four rounds.

UNIQUE GAME FEATURES: - 2 difficulty levels: Start as a disciple and become a tribe leader! The adaptable rules set offers a challenging and unique game experience for beginners and experienced players. - Play in team 2 vs 2 with 4 players (Alliance & Betrayal mode). - 2 modular board games and 60 unique hex tiles offer near infinite map layouts: You will need to use a different strategy and adapt it each game.

In this game each player is a wombat general, managing their wombats.

Players recruit fighting wombats with different amounts of Poo. When players have two or more cards of the same wombat in their hands, they can lay these cards on the table (if they want) to collect Poo at the end of the game. If, however, an opponent lays out more cards of the same type, then the wombats of that type already on the table are flipped and placed in the respective player’s burrow, face-down. The game ends when one player lays down five different wombats in front of him/her or the Draw Pile is exhausted, then players proceed to collect Poo.

Each card depicts a wombat with a different fighting style. The number on a card indicates how many of that wombat is in the game – eighteen samurai wombats, for example, but only four boxer wombats. The number also indicates the amount of Poo that each type of wombat gives during scoring. Some cards have a special skill icon on the top left corner too, which only activates once (as you lay them down). It doesn’t matter how many cards with icons you have in one set of wombats.

The player with the most Poo wins. In case of a tie, tied players roll the power dice once (or more if still tied) to break the tie!

Designed by Bedouin Games and Illustrated by Ben Maier, Macro Paganessi, sculpted by Ludwik Lukaszewski. The Flood is a euro-style game with Dice/ resource and event mechanics as well as 140+ miniatures.

In The Flood players are taken back in time to the pre historic world before the flood. Their objective is to build a network of Huts and Camps and collect enough resources to build the Ark before the flood. Each player can obtain a Mammoth- the hero miniature that can collect strategic resources as well. Each turn players will roll the tool and two commodity dice to collect resources from their structures on the triangular hexagons. Commodities include: Gopher wood, Tar, Wool, Vegetables, Limestone and water.

The board includes 23 triangular hexagons that are set up with the board edges being the weather markers. Tool tokens are placed on each triangular hexagon. When the correct commodity and Tool is rolled the players will receive resources. During their turns players will build and collect commodity cards, resource tokens, move the mammoths as well as obtain story cards. Story cards control the weather and offer multiple other bonuses and negative effects. Players can choose to strategically purchase re-rolls of the dice to potentially gain an advantage.

Trading is a strategic part of the game. Players are able to trade resource cards with each other, the supply in two different ways. All players may loose if none finish building the ark before the flood.

Ra is an auction and set-collection game with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Each turn players are able to purchase lots of tiles with their bidding tiles (suns). Once a player has used up his or her suns, the other players continue until they do likewise, which may set up a situation with a single uncontested player bidding on tiles before the end of the round occurs. Tension builds because the round may end before all players have had a chance to win their three lots for the epoch. The various tiles either give immediate points, prevent negative points for not having certain types at the end of the round (epoch), or give points after the final round. The game lasts for three "epochs" (rounds). The game offers a short learning curve, and experienced players find it both fast-moving and a quick play.

When you play Pirates Dragons Treasure, you take on the role of a Pirate Captain. Pirates like you have sailed these seas for generations -- plundering their waters, creating treasure hoards that rival the riches of kings. Indeed, times have been good for you swashbucklers, but times are about to change. Where you find gold, sure you'll find pirates, but you'll also find... DRAGONS! The scourge of the land, sea, and sky have invaded your world and aim to steal your treasure! Can you outwit your rivals and build a crew strong enough to defeat the dragons?

In Pirates Dragons Treasure players take turns building their drawing cards and using treasure to purchase crews and ship upgrades. Once ready, players challenge the dragon that torments the group, and the player who defeats the beast first wins the game.

The game provides a rich world of characters, upgrades, curses, and dragons, through beautifully illustrated artwork, easy-to-learn mechanics, and ample opportunity for group engagement and trickery. The game is created for novice to seasoned games and creates exciting engagements for players time and time again.

Theme — Avalonia is a strategy board game. The story of Avalonia transpires in the lands of Avalon after King Arthur was betrayed and defeated by the four tribes, being left sedated on the Excalibur Tower. A plague was unleashed through the Excalibur, twisted most of the Pure Bloods into Variants, and made them permanently infertile. The four tribes — the Reapers, the Raiders, the Saviours and the Seekers, all thirst for power, endeavoured in hunting down Pure Bloods, using them as breeding machines to sustain the strength of the tribes. Now, a dreadful tribal war is embarked, never ending until someone crushes down the others and takes over the throne in Avalon.

Gameplay — Each player will lead a faction, aiming to expand their army, gain resources and conquer lands on the Avalon Map in order to be strong enough to defeat other factions. There are four phases for each round, the Planning Phase, Action Phase, King Arthur Phase and the Clean Up Phase. During the Action Phase, players have to decide their own combinations of actions to be taken from the 6 types of actions available. Over the course of the game, players have to win Artifact Units before the others, gain Pure Blood resources and eliminate troops from other factions. There are two ways of ending the game, either when the Throne Area of King Arthur is full or when one of the players has reached the ultimate score.

Objective — Players gain Victory Points through harvesting Pure Bloods. In whichever ways that the game ends, the players count their victory points, whoever gets the highest victory points wins the game and becomes the new ruler of Avalon.

Steam-belching iron horses roar across the wild plains! Age of Steam relives the era when pioneering U.S. railroads built the tracks that transformed America's economy. The cut-throat action is centered on the industrial powerhouses of the growing nation: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago, and beyond.

Challenges that await you:

  • Can you finance both the most extensive track network and the most powerful locomotives?

  • Which routes will give the best returns on their costs?

  • Can you beat the opposition to the most lucrative shipments?

  • Will you make enough money to pay your aggressive creditors?

Competition is brutal, with the game usually going to the player who plans most carefully.

Each self-contained phase in the game keeps players constantly involved in making vital decisions and interacting with other players. Age of Steam also allows towns to be developed into cities, ensuring that no two games are exactly the same.

Creators Of The First Dawn is a turn-based building strategy game for 2-6 players.

And so it begins, the first morning on a new world. Equipped with omnipotent magic powers and armies of underlings, each player slips into the role of a deity in the struggle for supremacy. With only their goal in mind, they endanger their own creation and set the world ablaze.

Into an empty universe, players create a three-dimensional game world. The players acquire resources in order to conquer the territory of the other players with their forces. At the same time, their god can cast more powerful spells turn by turn and thus decisively influence the game.

The goal of the game is to defeat all of the opponents' units so that their god cannot return to the world. One's own tactics and the behavior of the opponents always give the game captivating twists and make the events unpredictable.

The turn-based building system gives new players the opportunity to gradually familiarize themselves with it during their first game. But Creators Of The First Dawn also offers new challenges to experienced players. The basic rules can be supplemented with modifications to freely shape the level of complexity of the game and shift the tactical focus according to one's own wishes.

SMAKdraw is not your average drawing game. It's a SMAKtalking drawing and guessing game that promotes fun and interaction.

What is SMAKdraw? SMAK a wordcard onto the Guesser's back using our special High 5 Hand. Flip the timer, and everyone else draws. Times up! The guesser turns around, and the SMAKtalking begins! The Guesser chooses the most and least helpful drawings and then reveals his guess. If the guess is correct then the guesser scores along with the chosen drawer(s). If incorrect the chosen drawer(s) have a chance to give a one word hint to help the guesser. If correct, then those players and the Guesser score 1 point each. The player or players that drew a picture that helped the least can defend and explain how their drawing resembles the wordcard. The guesser and all other players become the Jury. The Jury votes and 1 point is awarded to each drawing or drawings that received 50% or more in favor. The players that had no chance for a point in this round can elect to earn a Bonus point and compete in the challenge that is rolled with the special dice.

The Goal of the game is for every player to be involved at all times and for everyone to interact and share laughs.

This game was designed to include mechanics that High 5 has used in interactive team building events since 2001.

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