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Crowdfunding Round-Up 30th January

The end of January is fast approaching and the board game space is heating up week by week. Before we know it, there will be more projects than we can handle and money will be running low. I am enjoying the slower pace of games before the big push that comes with spring. This week there are some long awaited projects hitting Gamefound and Kickstarter; like Andromeda's Edge and Mage Noir. No game has convinced me to support this week but we will see how the campaigns go. Remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Behold, Andromeda's Edge: A dazzling, uncharted region of space on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy. Littered with the modular debris of the precursor civilization, patrolled by malicious extragalactic raiders, and bordered by dense nebulae, The Edge is a last resort for the brave and foolhardy who seek a new life beyond the oppressive reach of the Lords of Unity.

In this game, you lead a desperate faction seeking to build a new civilization on Andromeda's Edge. You begin with only a space station, a few ships, and a handful of resources. By carefully placing your ships, you will gather resources, claim moons, acquire modules to add to your station, populate planets and build developments on them. You will battle opponents and compete with others to ascend the progress tracks: Science, Industry, Commerce, Civilization and Supremacy.

On your turn, you either launch a starship or return your ships to your station. Launching sends one of your starships to a region of Andromeda, either collecting resources from planetary systems or taking actions at Alliance Bases. If the region is occupied by your opponents or fearsome raiders, face off in a dice battle, with Supremacy on the line but where strategic manipulation can turn a loss into a reward. Returning to your station allows you to activate your engine, using the modules you’ve acquired to generate energy, gain resources and carry out actions.

Throughout the game you will build up your unique faction, building developments (Observatories, Factories, Spaceports, Cities and Obelisks) and gaining station modules which move you up the progress tracks. Advancement on the tracks is rewarded both during mid-game events and at the conclusion, and is the key to victory.

Minigolf Designer is a competitive free form puzzle board game for 1 to 5 players that plays in 60 to 90 minutes (around 20 minutes per players).

In Minigolf Designer, players will compete to collect tiles representing sections of minigolf holes, and arrange them the way they want to form a 9 hole miniature golf course. However, in the end the players will gain more or less victory points depending on certain aspects of their minigolf, and also depending on the number of people drawn on their minigolf.

Tiles are proposed to the players ordered from the least to the most valuable tile (depending on the number of victory points that the tile provides), but this order becomes also the player's next turn order.

The game is simple and plays fast, as players do only one thing during their turn: pick a tile and place it on their minigolf design. After placing around 40 tiles, their minigolf is complete and players can score them to declare the winner.

Year 2054. Tabletop games have been replaced by interneuronal games.

Tentricks: A new form of entertainment with echoes from the past that is a blast among neurogamers. A fun challenge where you will have to place your Tentricks pieces avoiding the Limit Bar or you will be eliminated from the game.

Your objective is to avoid being eliminated from the game. To do so, you must carefully place the Tentricks pieces indicated by the cards on your player board, while trying to avoid the Limit Barfrom reaching your pieces. Additionally, during the game, you can gain Effect tokens that will grant you benefits and interfere with your opponents` plans.

F.O.R.K. (Fox, Owl, Rabbit, Kale) is a 2 to 6-player trick-taking game. The goal of the game is to capture animals or kale in the food chain.

In the game, players take turns leading the trick. The active player calls the suit (terrain), and players must follow if they have the cards or play a fox because it is wild. When playing a card, players must play kales face up and everything else face down. After all players have played a card, reveal all cards and resolve from the highest number to the lowest. The player who played the fox can score an owl or rabbit. If the owl survives, it can score a rabbit, and so forth. There can be more than one player scoring a card per trick.

When a player has five scorecards, the game ends, and the player with the highest score wins the game.

In a six-player game, players are in a team of two. Team is optional in a four-player game.

Micro Bots is a strategic duelling game where you must outmanoeuvre, and outwit, your opponent. Card effects (attacking, moving, etc.) become more powerful based on the number of cards you have previously placed. So the order you play your cards determines your strategy - do you hold back your big attacks for maximum firepower, or deplete your opponent’s defences with a first strike?

Thousands of plants and animals have been discovered but haven’t been seen for decades and could be on the brink of extinction. In order to save these species, we must first find them again. The Search for Lost Species is a game about this real-world search. You are scientists on an expedition to find one of those Lost Species. While there are Lost Species all around the world, this game focuses on several Lost Species in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The organization Re:wild has compiled a list of Lost Species around the world at They engage in expeditions with numerous partners to find these Lost Species, and encourage others to conduct their own expeditions to rediscover these amazing Lost Species. In this deduction game, you'll work to locate these lost species and put them back on the map!

Features: Follow up to the hit game The Search for Planet X, one of the 2021 SXSW Tabletop Games of the Year! Use logic and deduction to search for species thought to be extinct. Report your sightings through the free app to determine if they are confirmed Double-sided board provides two different island maps to explore. 6 different Lost Species to find! Eco friendly production!

You look across the ravaged landscape of Alynthia as Dragons fly through dark clouds overhead. Your fellow guild members look to you for leadership after fleeing the devastation, and you feel the incredible weight of that responsibility. Your beloved guild is a shadow of its former glory and despair threatens to overwhelm you. But you are determined and begin to plan your strategy to reclaim your homeland.

In Alynthia’s cooperative mode, a horde of Dragons has just destroyed the cities of Alynthia and built deadly Nests atop their ruins. You are among the survivors who have united to free Alynthia from the Dragons, so you take your turns simultaneously. You must band together to retake the land by defeating all Nests before the end of round 5. Don’t wait too long - starting in round 2, if you don’t defeat at least 1 Nest per round, Alynthia will fall.

In the competitive mode, it has been years since Alynthia was first decimated by the Dragons. They still roam the land, but they are fewer in number and much less deadly. The time has come to turn your attention to other matters. You are competing against your fellow guild leaders to become the new leader of Alynthia, so you take your turns individually. To win, have the most Renown by the end of round 5, securing the support of the people.

Whether you like working together, fighting your friends, or playing alone, Alynthia lets you play the way you want while seamlessly transitioning between modes. The diverse set of abilities and guilds plus a semi-modular board also ensures that each game will be different. Build outposts, slay dragons, and conquer the land as you seek to win the hearts of the people and lead them on the path to victory.

The Adventures of Dex Dixon the Board Game is a scenario-based strategy game set in a multi-spoked, inter-dimensional, noir, horror world filled with Paranormal Detectives, Monster Crime Bosses and Vampire Torch-Song Singers. Choose your Boss, recruit your Mugs, assemble your gear, and charge your magical powers. Defeat your opponents and obtain your objective by outwitting them with each characters’ unique abilities. No two game sessions will be the same.

A limited area skirmish game with characters that have specific powers and abilities that can be augmented with cards that you draw throughout the game.

Mage Noir is a spell crafting card game.

Become a Mage and duel your opponents by using the spells at your disposal.

Experience exclusive mechanics among card games:

  • A shared Mana pool.

  • A simple and engaging spell crafting system.

  • 6 exciting elements, each with an elegantly designed theme and playstyle.

  • Access to the Mage Noir status, an incredible gain of power and a gateway to devastating spells.

All of it beautifully illustrated by 7 passionate and talented artists.

Will you be the next Mage Noir?

Upon Ni Nan, The Soul Eater's entry into the world of Catharsis, a demon targeted him for a shady deal; however, he beat this demon at its own game, tricking it and consuming its essence. Now, he hunts monsters to claim their souls, simultaneously preventing the world from falling into chaos.

Catharsis Sagas are true solo game boxes that include one character & one boss. If you own the base game, the boss plays up to five players. The game requires strategy, cooperation, and a touch of luck to succeed as the party fights through traps, monsters, and more. You will hunt down the boss while going through an epic narrative. Roll your dice to activate your powers, but be warned, your powers are also your health. You must carefully decide when it's wise to activate a power and how to resolve damage. Spend your morale wisely, or else you and your party will fall to the corruption of Verity.

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