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Crowdfunding Round-Up 5th June

Great things come in small packages! The statement has never been more apt than in this week's round-up. There may only be 6 projects this week but they all look amazing. The limited run of 'ICE' both excites and worries me in equal measure, it's never great when a company needs more money to fulfil its shipping, but selling extra copies to help the process is a shrewd move. 'Witchcraft' has me intrigued with the games hook and I'm eager to see the full campaign.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

In 2021, we at This Way! launched our first game on Kickstarter: I C E. While everyone marveled at its unique table presence and gameplay, the ambitious project proved to be quite complicated to produce. But we did it! The game has finally been manufactured and is soon ready to be sent to original backers!

We just need to get through one last hurdle: the surprising shipping costs that ended up being nearly double our initial quote. With your help, we can get through this last obstacle and deliver ICE (both to original backers and new ones from this Campaign), while ensuring This Way! has a long future ahead!

You can read more about why we decided to do this support campaign HERE, and our detailed FAQ section should answer any questions you may have.

Tectonia is a boardgame where players become a chieftain of one of four different archaic tribes which wage war against the other tribes. 247 years ago Tectonia was hidden by an energy beam which lead to an burst and activity of the tectonic plates. Start your game with an individual formed world of water, grassland and rocky tiles. For the game setup you get a huge water map on which the grassland and rocky tiles where put on top. By replacing or removing the grassland and rocky tiles you create the boardgame map and change it during the game.

Game-play: Players collect energy income. They invest in units, buildings, battle card upgrades and terraforming actions. Attack adjacent areas with your battle units. Battles are solved with battle dice and battle cards depending on the involved battle unit types. Establish buildings to recruit stronger units. Develope your battle cards to improve your fighting power. Random and player induced terraforming happens during the game so be on your guard.

Goal of the game: Become the "Emperor of Tectonia" by owning victory conditions or form alliances and force your opponents to surrender.

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Great question! Quest Chests contain a myriad of elements to help draw players into the world in a tactile and meaningful way. While each Chest is different, you can expect resources such as:

  1. A Quest Guide

  2. Authentic prop map

  3. Metal coins

  4. Wax-Sealed, mission-based letters

  5. Riddles and secrets hidden within physical props

  6. Customized scenario music

  7. Interact-able storyline items

  8. And more!

Marco Polo has made a daring escape amid the chaos of the assault on Khutulun’s Amu River Encampment. Hot on his trail are three formidable women: Miriam, a diplomatic envoy of the Muhandasat guild; Boraqchin, seeking retribution on behalf of Khutulun herself; and Farvardeen, an inquisitor for the Order of Assassins, desperate for answers. Yet, they'll soon uncover that Polo isn't bound for Europe as anticipated, but towards the enigmatic Indigo Grotto, a vital clue to the mysteries of mythium and its influence on their world. Embark on a quest with the Indigo Sisterhood, locate the Grotto, and forever reshape history!

Worldbreakers: The Indigo Sisterhood is the inaugural expansion to Worldbreakers, a tactical two-player card game. You start the game with a Worldbreaker that has a unique special ability and a deck of 30 cards. As the game unfolds, you'll recruit followers to claim the board and develop location cards to accumulate resources and power. The first player to amass 10 power emerges victorious!

The Indigo Sisterhood enhances the gameplay with fresh events, followers, and locations for all four guilds. It also ushers in two new Worldbreakers: Miriam, entrusted by the Moon guild with the mission to locate the Indigo Grotto, and Kublai Khan, a distinguished master of the Stars guild. Additionally, the expansion extends the narrative of the Worldbreakers solo campaign, drawing players deeper into the unfolding saga.

A midnight bell tolls on the streets of Wildegrens as the villagers shutter their windows against the darkness. Something moves through the night–in the forest, through the fields, across the old battlefield. The isolated village is in danger. Crops are failing, animals are dying, and villagers are disappearing. Townsfolk are scared. Some of the women are fighting back, but the villagers suspect that these women may be dealing with the devil himself. From behind the old school a shadow crosses to the town well. A feeble light reveals two witches who nod to one another, shutter the lantern, and make their way towards the dark woods.

Witchcraft! is a fast-playing, card-driven solitaire game where you lead a coven of witches in a fantasy world where magic is real–and so are the monsters. Building on the hidden / revealed mechanism of Resist! you will decide when to use magic to defeat the challenges you face–revealing yourself to your fellow villagers and being imprisoned for witchcraft. As you complete missions and defeat enemies you will try to prove to the villagers that magic is not evil, and convince a jury that you are protecting the village. Three jurors will decide your fate and their conviction is strong. Can you persuade them? Or will evil overcome you and the village?

At the beginning of the game you assemble a coven of witches from families of women represented by a deck of cards. Selecting multiple witches from a family makes that family more powerful. Each family is focused on different tasks in the game–revealing challenges, increasing attack power, uncovering the conviction of the jurors, or capturing familiars to help you in your fight. The fight is real and each of the eight jurors face a different villain. Is it the Headless Horseman, Baba Yaga, the Scarecrow, or some other fiend? On setup you choose three jurors, their missions, and their unique challenges–providing 56 possible combinations with great variety in the types of challenges and monsters you will face. If you fail two missions or lose five villagers, you lose the game. Even if you defeat the missions you still face the trial, and you are only sure of your fate when you reveal the conviction of the jurors and see if you have done enough to persuade them.

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