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Crowdfunding Round-Up 6th June

All of these projects are launching in the next 7 days on Kickstarter and Gamefound. This is a very quiet week and although some on these games looks stunning, none of them are attracting me into backing this week. If you back any this week let me know in the comments.

Enigma: Crime Scene is a replayable crime investigation game that can be competitively, cooperatively or imposter mode.

Players attempt to pinpoint the criminal from 10 suspects using a variety of tools including newspapers, riddle cards, maps, fingerprint cards and more. The base games comes with 4 scenarios set in London, New York, Chicago, and Sicily. 3 cards (location, weapon, and fingerprints) are placed face down on the board.

The first person to combine the location, weapon and fingerprints clues and find the criminal, wins the game.

First in Flight is a push-your-luck, deck-building game about the race to early flight. Players take on the roles of the Wright Brothers, Samuel Langley, and other flight pioneers, racing to build and pilot the “flyers” that preceded modern airplanes.

Each player’s flyer design is represented by a deck of cards that they can steadily improve and refine, and which may include unknown design flaws that threaten their success.

Flying is a blackjack-style challenge to test a design, break new records, and gain experience -- hopefully without crashing. Then, players head back to the workshop to refine their flyers and improve their chances on future flights. There are dozens of available technologies, pilot skills, and friends in the field available for players to customize their own play style and strategy.

In Space Lane Trader, you are playing a character in control of a cargo ship, trying to make a fortune in the newly opened up shipping trade. You buy and sell goods transporting them between planets within the Terran Federation, preferably to where demand and prices are high. The main objective of the game is to earn money (credits) faster than your competitors and return to show off your success.

During the course of the game, you can fit your ship with upgrades that will make it go faster, attack harder and defend better – all with the goal to ensure that you manage to beat your competitors to the goal. You can also buy new ships with better capabilities, that can carry more goods for you, go faster or fit more upgrades. Your character will develop during the game – from the inexperienced person starting play at Terra station in the Solar system, to a grizzled space ship captain with much improved skills. You develop your character by spending Experience Points (XP), that are earned by drawing Event cards as the game progresses.

The most obvious way of earning money is buying goods, transporting it to another planet and selling it there. Another way however, is attacking your competitors and take what should have been yours anyway. Winning combat against another player will allow you to either steal cargo from your opponent or take loot in the form of Debris cards. Debris cards can either give you valuable salvage that can be sold on planets, or the best equipment in the game that will improve your ship beyond the capabilities of your competitors.

Not all parts of space are safe. Planets away from the most busy parts of space are characterized by a wild west mentality and the Terran Federation security forces don´t have the capacity to uphold law and order everywhere. This is reflected by two different security levels in the game – green and yellow. Green security level planets are safer, and although bad things can happen, the negative consequences are not so extensive. On security level yellow planets however, the dangers are higher but also the rewards.

This Didn't Happen is a card game about changing history to nullify the apocalypse. Travel through time with 1-4 players, gathering supplies, changing events, and fiddling with the time-stream. Each player has a unique time traveller with individual strengths and weaknesses.

The goal is to change key events throughout history and cause enough changes that the apocalypse doesn't happen. Changing one event can cause others to change, too! With planning and precision, you can change several key events by changing only one event. However, without planning or caution, you may cause the world to tumble into an even darker timeline! Remember, if anything goes wrong: This didn't happen!

Players travel from event to event, either by waiting for time to move them or by using the Time Machine. Players collect supply cards, which help them during random events or which can be used to change the event their character is on. Changing an event can affect future events, softening them up and making them easier to change, or changing them outright. Changing too many events may cause a change to the End of the Era, resulting in an earlier apocalypse.

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