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Crowdfunding Round-Up 7th November

This week brings the long awaited release of Unconscious Mind; I have been excited for this one since I first saw a preview of it a year ago. After watching recent reviews, I officially can not wait any longer. I'm all-in on this one, Take My Money! This week is slow in comparison to previous heavy weeks but it's always nice to have a break. Have a great week and happy gaming.

In the early 1900s, the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud established a revolutionary theory called psychoanalysis, related to the study of the unconscious mind. As his work took hold, a number of followers were invited to meet at Freud's apartment every Wednesday afternoon to discuss various ideas about psychology and the meanings of dreams. This group was called the Wednesday Psychological Society. It marked the beginning of the worldwide psychoanalytic movement.

As a member of this society in Unconscious Mind—a game that blends worker placement, engine building, action programming, and multiple rondels—your goal is to master therapeutic techniques, establish a practice, and grow your clientele. By delving into your clients' dreams—their unconscious minds—you can help them reach catharsis and recover from their traumas and layers of grief. As a result, the people you treat will be able to live happier, more productive lives. Alongside that, you can document your discoveries by publishing treatises—which may later be cited by other researchers—to advance your scholarly reputation.

In more detailed gameplay terms: on your turn, you may place speech-bubble-shaped "ideas" to access different action spaces on the meeting table board. Then, depending on which row you chose, you will advance the inkpot on your player board's rondel a number of steps—triggering the effects of all the technique tiles in the given line. Besides the meeting table, there is a second board showing central Vienna. You may visit key historic locations on it with your professor meeple—sometimes meeting up with Freud himself to gain bonus actions (or a potent cup of coffee). Once you have gathered enough insights (the main resources in the game), you may use them to interpret your clients' dreams. As you work your way from surface-level "manifest" dreams down to deeper "latent" dreams, you can help your clients dispel their grief layers (represented by lifting off transparent cards) and eventually resolve their issues altogether—unlocking ongoing rule-bending abilities and end-game scoring opportunities. The game has many interconnected systems that flow into each other, making every turn one that results in cascading, chain effects.

In A Wayfarer's Tale, 1-4 players race to explore uncharted islands, collecting Treasure and avoiding Monsters along the way to score the most points. Turns are taken simultaneously, and there are no rounds in this 30-45 minute Roll & Write voyage of discovery.

Instead, players choose from a shared pool of dice each turn, adding 2 dice values together to enlist the services of an intrepid Explorer to help them traverse tricky terrain.

Play continues until a player visits every Town on the island, but true victory is measured in fame and wealth! Your final score in A Wayfarer's Tale is based on how many Towns you visit, how much Treasure you discover, and how many Monsters you face.

Good luck, Wayfarers, and may the most bountiful expedition win!

Fit to Print is a puzzly tile-laying game about breaking news, designed by Peter McPherson and set in a charming woodland world created by Ian O’Toole!

Thistleville is the world’s most bustling little town — it’s a challenge to keep up with everything going on, from who took home first prize for their baked goods at the community fair to who has been digging in Mrs. Brambleberry’s carrot patch.

As an editor at one of the local newspapers, your job is to tell their stories!

The front page is due in just a few hours and you have no time for perfection. Grab the big stories before the other papers get a chance, and make sure you get the right photos too. A newspaper is a business, so the money has to come from somewhere — don’t forget the ads! After you’ve picked out a combination of stories, photos, and ads, it’s time to lay out the front page. Did you take enough tiles to fill the paper, but not so many that things have to be cut? Over the course of three hectic days, your skills will be tested as you compete to be the most newsworthy editor!

Fit To Print is a tile-laying game for the whole family. Players simultaneously collect newspaper tiles, stacking them on their desks until they think they have what they need to make the perfect front page. Then, they will yell “Layout!” and begin to lay out the page by carefully considering the placement of centrepieces, articles, photographs, and advertisements. When everything is just right, they yell “Print” to be the first off the press and gain their choice of centrepiece for the next round! This hectic spatial puzzle features over 100 unique newspaper tiles, 6 characters with their own special abilities, as well as 3 decks of Breaking News cards — so that each and every time you play you will be solving a new puzzle!

If real-time games aren’t your style, Fit to Print has a number of alternative modes to satisfy every type of puzzle gamer. In Slo-Mode players take turns drafting tiles from a shared market and arranging them on their front pages. In Puzzle Mode, take a specific set of tiles and piece together the highest-scoring arrangements. Whether you enjoy relaxing solo puzzles on your own, or frenetic action for up to 6 players, you will have a blast helping the critters of Thistleville tell their stories!

In this cross between Game Of Thrones and Monty Python become a medieval Lord and puppet master, and use your monstrous and loyal henchmen who will do ANYTHING to help their master satiate his thirst for prestige!

A second edition with a lot of changes: new gameplay, new design and even 2 new expansions to come! These 2 new expansions will be included in the box during the Kickstarter campaign (from the main pledge). They also will be available separately as an upgrade pack for the ones who owns and supported the first edition

Henchmania is a strategic board game taking place in an odd medieval universe. Each player is the Lord of one family, among four. With the help of your loyal henchmen, capture parts of the city and use your influence to win the battle! The objective is to win as many prestige points as possible in four days, or to be the first player to reach 30 prestige points. There are many ways to earn (and also lose) prestige points! At the end of each day, everyone counts their points before the beginning of the next day.

So battle, strut, pray, denigrate... It's a no-holds-barred war to become the new seneschal of Montfleury!

FUTMES is The Most Ruthless Fútbol Board Game Ever. In this game you can live the experience of a soccer match full of unexpected events.

Your team will consist of one Coach, one Captain, three Football Players and one Stadium where you will play your home matches. Use your cards and your strategic skills to defeat other teams and win the FUTMES LEAGUE. Always pay attention to the skills of your team members, they could be the difference between a win and a defeat

In FUTMES the resources are called EVENT CARDS and are useful for controlling the unexpected events of the game.

Anything can happen during a FUTMES match flipping the CHANCE CARDS and find out if your goal was successful.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Renovations are special double room type tiles that you can use to renovate your castle...while you build it! Get double the completion rewards and fulfil favours twice as fast with a wide variety of renovations in every size.

The retail version of “Renovations” will not be compatible with the new colossal edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig‘’.

YEAR: 2219

The days of Earth being the centre of humankind’s attention have ceased. The time of interplanetary spaceflights, space exploration and exploitation is already upon us.

MARS, having been terraformed and colonized for more than 50 years, facilitates, among others, the headquarters of the Asteroid Mining Assembly of Corporations (A.M.A.C.), a regulatory and corporate instrument of authority overseeing all issues that concern the Asteroid Mining Corporations.

CERES, the largest object in the asteroid belt stands as the last resort before the outer planets, a trading port established as the ultimate sign of stability within the chaos of the asteroid belt. Ceres is now the home of the Asteroid Mining Complex and its great establishment.

Take up the role of one of the Asteroid Mining Corporations. Plan and execute your company’s agendas, construct facilities, deploy mining probes in the asteroid belt, research for new technologies and exploit your power in the council of Mars.

CERES awaits you!

Ceres is a 1-4 Sci-Fi worker placement game where players take the role of an Asteroid Mining Corporation in the near future and try to outplay their opponents and rule Ceres! The game consists of 3 rounds that represent 3 years in Ceres and the respective full business cycles of the corporations. Players can choose among a variety of actions including launching mining probes to the Asteroid Belt, trading raw materials, constructing and upgrading their core facilities as well as expanding the colony of Ceres, improving their technology through research and liaising with the Mars council in order to exploit their power even more! Ceres has been co-developed with an astrophysicist for the best possible thematic applications and brings a couple of innovative twists to the worker placement genre!

Helionox: Chronicles is a stand alone solo/cooperative scenario based deck building board game set in the Helionox universe (not compatible with other Helionox games). It combines asymmetric starting builds, tactical in-game deck construction, engine building, resource management, and action selection.

In the distant future, terrible events plague the solar system against the backdrop of a slowly dying sun. 1-4 players act cooperatively as the Architects of the future, vying for influence against a wide variety of different opponents composed of wealthy and ruthless political, religious, and corporate entities. As the sun rages and the events become increasingly catastrophic, the need to prepare for the future is all too evident. However, where the Architects hope to protect all life, the opponents focus solely on the interests of the wealthy.

Influence is the path to victory and can be gained in many ways. Each player begins with a player board that serves as their ship's command centre and a ship token to show your current location on the game board. A unique deck of cards and access to a faction based market allows players to add new tech and operatives to their decks which help create powerful combos and offer unique scoring opportunities. A multitude of building types can be dropped on locations throughout the solar system (the game board). These supply engine building and strategic infrastructure. Each starting setup can be customized at the beginning of the game and used with distinctive Architects for a vast array of combinations and asymmetric game play.

Can you and the other Architects gain more influence than your opponent? Craft your deck with powerful faction cards, build on and utilize the system’s worlds, and gain influence so you can lead civilization to a new beginning in the wake of the Helionox…

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