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Crowdfunding Round-up 9th January

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back to our Crowdfunding round-up. We hope you all had a great holiday season. Let's hope that 2023 is another great year for board games, with less shipping issues and more amazing games. This week starts off slowly with 5 campaigns and all of them look interesting. Among Cultists has my interest this week.

Our New Year's resolution is to play more games from our 'Shelf of shame' and to finally get the board game café open this year.

Spell Wars is an intuitive, fast-paced strategy card game that is always entertaining and can be played by 2-4 players. Each player masters the eight schools of magic to defeat their opponents by dealing enough damage to reduce their Hit Points to 0. The deck comprises 64 cards, eight cards for each of the eight schools of magic found in DnD. Each of the eight cards has two different effects that allow for an almost unlimited combination of strategic decisions and outcomes.

OrcQuest Warpath is a cooperative game for 1-6 Players (playing 2-6 Heroes) in which you take the role of green skins who embark together on an adventure to avoid the potential annihilation of their race. Together, they will use their teamwork and unique skills to overcome the enemy and hopefully find the source of all evil.

Throughout the adventure, you can develop your weapons, and working together as a team, you will pay homage to the Badass God by leaving a trail of blood and bones everywhere you go!

Ten scenarios on double-sided modular tiles that will test your stealth, your teamwork and your Orc skills against the human scum and maybe… other surprise guests!

Players follow a campaign where the objective is to find out what motivates the expansion of the human lands. Players will go through different quests (saving allies, fighting big bosses...) and will develop themselves as well as their equipment as the campaign advances. In order to reach the end they must use their team spirit as well as their stealth skills to go through the different scenarios. Players win by reaching the last chapter and defeating a "still secret" opponent. Players lose if the Alert Level reaches the maximum allowed or if all heroes die.

Explore the dangerous ruins of post-apocalyptic Venice to bring back its legendary treasure !

It is the not-so-distant future, and humanity has come close to extinction. Numerous ecological disasters and incessant wars have caused it to regress to almost prehistoric levels. Nature has reclaimed its rights, invading the former world, the remains of which are barely visible under the luxuriant vegetation. Yet, little by little, a new civilization is emerging. And it is sending explorers to the ruins of the old world to try to discover its secrets. One of these cities, which was once Venice, is the focus of much interest. For a long time, it was inaccessible, almost entirely submerged under waters teeming with predators. But a few months ago, the sea level began to drop, revealing an ancient city just waiting to be explored. Several tribes have sent their best trackers to follow rumours of a mythical treasure and numerous artefacts from the past. But the city holds many threats, including a mysterious half-man, half-machine guardian known as the Doge.

In The Last Doge, you play as the champion of one of six tribes living on the outskirts of the city, each with a good reason for wanting to explore the city and find the treasure, the nature of which changes according to their legends. This will not be easy, but you can also be satisfied with bringing back artefacts from ancient times, or simply getting in the way of the other champions...or at least escape with your life !

To win, you must be the player with the most trophies at the end of the game but also survive long enough to escape the wrath of the city's dreadful guardian.

Chesney is a game perfect for players who love social deduction and strategy and enjoy a bit of chaos thrown into the mix. With its dual factions system and various characters and hand cards, all games are unique.

Players will use their cunning and strategy each round to outmanoeuvre their opponents and emerge victorious. But beware, the unpredictable nature of the game means that anyone can be targeted at any time. Will you be able to withstand the chaos and emerge victorious? Join the fight and help your faction emerge victorious in the kingdom of Catrolia!"

After 3 rounds of independent games, get the final victory with the highest score.

Story Background

The forest kingdom "Catrolia" is going through a chaotic era, and the king encounters an assassination without having yet to name an heir to the throne. The 4 major factions in the territory set off a power struggle, but due to the control of the Central Army and the fear of being jointly attacked, none of them hastily raised troops. So the parties evolved into intelligence wars, secret battles, and win-over forces, trying to expand their influence.

As a native, put yourself in this faction wrestling in the forest kingdom of "Catrolia". Fight hard for your honour and help the faction that matches your ideals to resolve kingdom disputes!

Become a member of M, a secret society! 4-8 investigators try to prevent the arrival of a big evil in University... but watch out: evil cultists are already among us!

AMONG CULTISTS, a unique social deduction experience, inspired by the masterpiece AMONG US from Inner sloth!

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