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Crowdfunding Round-Up 9th May

I hope everyone had a great bank holiday weekend. This week's round-up features 10 new projects. The themes are hugely varied this week and feature everything from paleology to theme park building and everything between.

As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Wishland: Dreams from America is the first expansion pack for Wishland.

It will include: - Components for a fifth player - A new card type - New achievement tiles - Updates to the base game - New entrepreneurs

"Wishland: Dreams from America" 's release brings a new type of cards that combines the effects of rides, actors, restaurants and hotels from the base game.

Many generations after the events of the original Astro Knights setting, a group of rag-tag intergalactic scrappers find great power and responsibility forced upon them! Astro Knights: Eternity is a stand-alone, cooperative deck-building game with several scenarios connected by a single, ongoing narrative.

Continuing the gameplay lineage of Aeon’s End, player decks are never shuffled in Astro Knights, with the collective goal of defeating that scenario’s Boss before it destroys that mission’s Homeworld, or all the players seeking to defend it.

In addition to the familiar structure of the first Astro Knights game, players will be introduced to all-new mechanics throughout the narrative campaign, along with refreshed elements from the Aeon’s End series.

Can your team of unlikely heroes adjust their strategies to overcome the powerful and unpredictable enemies that threaten the stability of the galaxy?

The thrills of classic car rallying, from preparing the car and logistics, to the days on the road competing and assisting the car, in order to try to get it to the finish quicker than the others.

Classic Rally is the board game that brings the classic and historic cars world to the Tabletop. This game emulates the features, behaviour and even problems of real life classic cars. At the same time, it simulates the main features of real life road rallying, like road books, checkpoints, weather changes, hazards, service areas, assistance cars, overtaking other cars on the road, etc.

This is a strategy game with a great component of logistics, just like in a real life car rally. Fuel and tires management play a great part on this game. Properly understanding the road book and going the right way is crucial to succeed in this game, as it is in real life car rallying.

This game has an initial setup phase, where each player contributes to the construction of the board, by tile placing road segments - this makes every game play unique.

Each player manages 2 cars (one competition car and one assistance car), having to select the features of the competition car and what each car will carry. There are dice to influence weather conditions and car malfunctions. There are cards with car features (like sport suspension), car accessories (like fog lights) and consumables (like fuel). The cars are moved by using fuel cards, depending on its feature and accessory cards and influenced by the weather conditions and malfunctions.

Raising Robots is a competitive, simultaneously played, engine-building game.

In Raising Robots, you are a famous inventor seeking to assemble the greatest collection of robots. Each round, you simultaneously choose and perform two or more actions: upgrade, assemble, design, fabricate, recycle. Every action will be performed with a variable amount of power to make the action better or worse. However, the most powerful actions will also help your opponents.

Whoever has the most points after eight rounds wins.

The Great Rat Wars is an all-vs-one tactical skirmish game in which one player controls an army of mutated Rats trying to take over New York City. The rest of the players must work together as small squads of Human characters to defend the city and push their Rat overlords back to where they came from.

The Rat player will have to make difficult decisions on where to send their soldiers and which Humans to target. They will have a lot of power at their finger tips, but how they use it will be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Human players will be taking simultaneous turns, interweaving their skills and their maneuvers to create strong combos and deal out massive damage. Their path to victory is paved with cooperation - the Humans are strongest while working together.

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Lunar is a quick-playing, trick-taking game for two or four players in which players combine the phases of the moon and nocturnal animals to form cards played into tricks, which are combined to determine their value within each trick.

Each round consists of twelve tricks played, and at the end of each round, a score is awarded based on the number of tricks and cards acquired. Once one player (or team) reaches 30 points, the game ends, and the side with the most points wins!

Pies is a quick and tasty trick-taking game in which players play fruit cards over the course of three rounds with the goal of collecting combinations of ingredients to prepare the tastiest pies

Each round consists of six tricks (five in a five-player game). One card is played by each player, with the person playing the highest-value card drafting one card from the trick into their display, with others following in order of descending card value, with the last player also receiving a Plum card. Special actions can be triggered at this point, allowing players to steal fruit cards or call the dog to protect their fruit from other thieves!

At the end of the game, the player with the most valuable pie mixes wins.

Mori is the Latin word for death and the Japanese word for forest. Both of these interpretations are represented in this artwork of this card game.

Mori is a quick-playing trick-taking game that asks players to carefully manipulate their hand of cards by playing tricks and using dice to find their way to the best possible score.

Bacon is a fixed-partnerships climbing game for 4 or 6 players that is all about going out early as a team. The only team that will score is the team that goes out first, but their score will depend on when the rest of the team goes out. If your team does NOT go out first, your job is simple: make the other team go out as late as possible.

The rules also include the Applewood variant for 3 to 6 players: this is the no-partnerships version of Bacon. There are no teams; it’s every person for themselves. Your score will depend solely on the position you go out so go out early.

Merit is a fast-playing, no luck required, skirmish style game in a hex based arena!

Take turns manoeuvring your heroes on the map, battle to control powerful Realm Stones to unlock devastating new abilities, and unleash brutal attacks on your opponents’ heroes!

To win, either defeat all of your opponents’ heroes, or control each Realm Stone on the map.

Long ago, the once-gentle leviathans lost their minds and tore the world apart. After generations of hiding and struggle, humanity discovered that the frenzied leviathans can be restored. Climbers willing to take the risk must explore the wilds and work together to remove a series of binding crystals to heal the leviathans roaming the world.

In Leviathan Wilds, 1-4 players will confront these colossal beings, with each creature being depicted across the spread of a spiral-bound storybook that makes up the game's board. The book also forms the basis of a connected campaign mode built around the game's story, with each of twenty included scenarios estimated to last around 45 minutes. Tougher difficulty levels are also available for added replay ability.

Each character's deck of multi-use cards is unique, allowing them to climb, jump, and glide around the board in different ways. The number of cards left in the slim deck represents their grip on the leviathan's body; if the deck runs out, the player loses their grip and begins to fall down the board until they're able to reach a rest space, which resets their deck. Moving onto rest spaces also provides a way to regain one's grip without falling. Other spaces reduce a character's health or grip or they increase blight, a status that reduces their overall hit points.

The leviathan has its own deck of cards, which triggers various effects at the beginning of a player's turn, from targeted attacks that reduce health to effects that move players between spaces or loosen their grip. As the game progresses, the leviathan gradually gains "rage", which intensifies the effect of its event cards.

Players' characters can move around a square grid overlaid on the creature's body by spending action points — the number being determined by a card played at the start of their turn — and their remaining hand of ability cards to reach the crystals and reduce them to zero. Victory is achieved by reducing all crystals, which vary in strength, to zero.

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