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Crowdfunding Round-Up April 4th

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The popular Maglev Metro comes back this week with a series of expansion maps. Cyanide and Happiness are returning with something new but we have no idea what it is.

This week will be quiet for me, as I am still waiting for Maul peak, it is scheduled to drop this week but unfortunately has not been confirmed.

Tell me if you are backing anything this week, I would love to know.

Two brand new recessed expansion maps for Maglev Metro that tweak the rules and gameplay, giving the base game even more replayability.

The robots who were so helpful in creating your Maglev metro in Berlin and Manhattan have created a new robot city, complete with super-powered giant mech robots.

  • Create new Mech half-hubs and place oversized mech robots on your player board

  • Unlock new capabilities for each of your actions that are "manned" by mechs instead of robots, such as:

    • Drop off passengers from a distance

    • Unlimited robot/mech adjustments

    • Free no-action passenger pickups

The Mechs recessed map provides more possible connections than ever before with the Hub, 4 mech half hubs, and 14 stations all being in play by the end of the game

Help build a world-class futuristic theme park in Monorails, as you cater to VIP passengers in addition to regular attendees.

  • New VIP passenger meeples are added to the mix, and they have a twist: they can be dropped off at *any* station

  • Become more efficient than ever by connecting to other trains as they move through your location, getting a free ride around the park even when it isn't your turn

  • New themed Bonus cards provide additional ways to score end-game points, such as:

    • Creating a loop around the park

    • Keeping passengers in your train at the end of the game

BILLOWING SMOKE FROM THE NORTH As battles wage through Skulk Hollow, a thick, dark, haze appears around Maul Peak. The smell of war wafts down through the valley as clouds of wrath engulf towns and villages. As fate spreads the smoke far and wide, destruction follows. A foxen scout, their fastest, is hastily dispatched to learn more...

GAMEPLAY Maul Peak is a two-player, asymmetric, tactical combat game in which players take the roles of either a tribe of bears or a towering behemoth of a Guardian.

Maul Peak is a stand-alone sequel to the original Skulk Hollow, however all Guardians / Heroes can be pitted against each other. All new guardians work with the original Foxen Heroes & Map, Bears vs old Guardians, Bears vs new Guardians - you name it!

Combining the two games also allows up to 4 players to pit 2 guardians vs both bear and foxen heroes for Epic Battles.

  • One vs Many Asymmetric Combat creates a fresh, fun, 2-player experience.

  • Action takes place on the Board AND the Guardian. Not only does the battle occur on the Kingdom board, but the bear must traverse full size, Guardian gameboards. Each guardian has unique routes and abilities to stop the bears.

  • Dual Purpose Cards give players a wide range of movement and ability powers while keeping them quick to pick and easy to play.

  • Unique Bear Leaders and Guardians creates a range of tactics and dynamics, adding depth and strategy that makes each game a new challenge.

Scott Almes' Silicon Valley puts players in the shoes of budding entrepreneurs struggling to be the first amongst their competitors to have their startup company valued at $1 billion.

Players hire staff for their start-up company to put out new products, with the nature of the products being determined by patterns that you build with polyominoes. By putting these products on the market, you gain income, but other players might copy your product and take some of that money for themselves — refining your ideas to steal market share, as it were. Along the way you need to acquire funding, hire and fire staff, seek investors, expand your HQ, and try not to go bankrupt while working you way toward being the first company to be valued at $1 billion, which nets you the win.

Silicon Valley plays in 60-90 minutes and includes a challenging and innovative solo-mode.


In this game you'll create wacky characters and shamelessly pander your way into the heart of the Sexy Single. Come play with us and participate in weird and wonderful stretch goals to unlock special limited backer reward tiers and exclusive items. We also hope you'll join us as we take you on a romantic quest for true love in a very special interactive animated series.

How To Play

In Master Dater, one player is the Sexy Single, searching for their perfect companion in the time honored tradition of reading their wants and desires off of cards. By selecting Head and Body cards from their hand, along with a dash of imagination, players create new wacky characters to vie for the attention and affection of the Sexy Single as they attempt to make every one of their dreams come true and win the title of MASTER DATER!

Barnyard is an 18-card drafting game designed specifically for 2 players in which you will compete to corral the best combination of farm animals that you can. Manage an ever-shifting barnyard of animal cards and carefully wrangle the animals you want into your corral to score the most points and win the game!

On your turn, you'll choose an animal in the farm and use its power to manipulate the animals in the Barnyard line. Then, you'll flip that animal over and add it to the back of the line.

Next, you'll take whatever animal is currently at the front of the Barnyard line and add it to your corral.

Be careful! Some critters get along better than others, so you’ll have to carefully plan the layout of your corral if you want to score the most points and win the game.

Want to ramp up the complexity? Every copy of Barnyard comes with the free 6-card Farmers Expansion. Work towards your own secret corral objective to score even more points at the end of the game.

Welcome back to the vibrant world of Sordane – a massive and sprawling setting of diverse nations, cunning crime syndicates, bustling economies, and adventure everywhere! Lost more than 300 years ago to a powerful convergence storm, Aldarra was left uninhabitable. Centuries later, the chaotic magical energies began to finally subside. Now, Aldarra is being claimed by those seeking wealth, land, and power. Suddenly, nations from all over Sordane’s largest continent, Bordair, are sending fleets out. The first to stake their claim will reap the benefits; the power, the advancement, the riches, but who will emerge victorious?

In Aldarra, you play as one of four mighty factions, warring for control of this long lost nation. Each Faction has its strengths, and its history, within the lore of Bordair. 3-4 players will select their faction and take as many paths as they can to emerge the new rulers of Aldarra. Use your fleets to exterminate your opponents. Complete secondary objectives and build up victory points as you venture forth from your stronghold to explore new territories, expand your control. Manage and extract the resources and Sordalite crystals you need to grow, replenish, and upgrade your forces. Strategically use the unique abilities of your faction to out maneuver your opponents, and gain control of this magical land.

Aldarra will feature over 150 massive and finely detailed minis,randomly generated hex tile maps and variable starting positions that demand dynamic tactics from turn one and ensure no two games are the same.

Proxy War immerses players in the conflicts of the modern era where angry citizens take up arms against an oppressive government while lurking foreign powers try to beat their rivals through exploiting war for profit. Proxy War is the ultimate 2-8 player game of cooperation and competition where players become dictators, rebels, and greedy foreign powers.

Rebels & the Government are in a bloody struggle to seize land & secure Resources for the war. Resources are funneled out to the global market through ambitious Foreign Powers, eager to outdo their rivals. And Military Equipment is funneled in for a quick profit or to shore up an ally’s success on the battlefield.

Every 2-3 player match has 1 winner. Every 4-8 player match has 2 winners. Different players have different Victory Objectives. Government and Rebel players are trying to eliminate each other and be the last player on the board. Foreign Powers are competing with one another to be the first to gain 10 Victory Points. The game ends when a player meets their Victory Objective, OR if 10 turns have progressed without anyone winning outright.

Proxy War is made up of 10 turns, with each turn having 3 phases: Collection, Negotiation, Action. During the Collection phase, Government and Rebel players collect Resources cards from the tiles they control. In the Negotiation phase, players trade Resources and Equipment, discuss building Factories together, and coordinating their actions for the Action phase. During the Action Phase, players will have a menu of actions but they can only choose three actions per Action phase (Build, Move, Support, Bombard).

Build Fujiyama through the seasons and fill it with wildlife !

Each player is trying to build the best Fujiyama Through 9 rounds, players place tiles to match season set collection for points. However, the tiles that each player places each round comes from both their left and right neighbor.

Upon receiving 2 tiles, the player will choose 1 to place and the other to give away the next round. And if your neighbor uses your tile instead of the tile from his/her other neighbor, you will get a wildlife token from them for end game scoring.

So do you give them a nice tile to help them and yourself, or do you pass on a tile that they may not desire in hopes of limiting their options or maybe getting it back next round?

The Quest Kids are back in a new expansion for the acclaimed dungeon crawler for young players 5 years old and up!

The Quest Kids: Big Bads of Tolk's Cave introduces a new Quest Kid hero (Flint the Dragon), player specific dice, unique items, story-driven event cards, epic boss battles and more.

For 2-5 players ages 5 and up Big Bads of Tolk's Cave builds on the fantasy gaming foundation established by The Quest Kids by adding even more dungeon crawler essentials.

A Quest Kids quest is never done!

Legacy of Thracks - The Awakening is an Euro-Ameri hybrid, competitive, epic fantasy game with unique semi-coop elements.

You control one of the clan Heroes (Warrior, Mage, Engineer) and your goal is to reach the legendary city of Dimara in 9 days, otherwise, the Shadows fulfill their destiny and destroy the world. Or control the Shadow Hero, and prevent the others from entering Dimara. Besides your Hero, there are Lost Souls, who you can control. But be careful because other players can move them too.

During your journey, hire Lost Souls to bring hidden crystals to the surface and collect relics. Use these crystals to complete secret quests and overcome magical barriers. Move your Hero and capture villages to take special advantages, build roads or capture a Fortress to increase your glory, or capture Castles to increase your income. Fight with other Heroes in the right moments, and via Portals surprise them in critical situations! Take specific actions to improve your Hero's special skills and use them wisely.

And don't forget: time is running out, and sometimes you need to make sacrifices together with other clan Heroes to slow down the Shadow!

Infinite replayability comes from: 1. high direct and indirect interactions between the players 2. many game modes (basic, clan, shadow with semi-coop elements, solo, team (2v2), full-coop)

The game pits one visually impaired Captain against his mutinous Crew. The Crew try to exchange Treasure Cards, but if the Captain sees them, he blasts them full of lead at point blank range. If each Crewmember (living and dead) simultaneously reveals a complete set of 4 identical Treasure Cards, the Crew wins! If they fail to do so within 5 minutes (or if their all dead), the Captain wins!

The game functions differently for 2-4 players than it does for 5-8 players, but the general theme of secretly moving Treasure Cards while the Captain is looking somewhere else is omnipresent.

Need to cool off in the hot summer sun? Splash into action with Hydro Soakers! A two player game where you compete in eliminating the opposing team.

Strategize your movement, upgrade your hydropack, and refill your water guns in this fast paced action hydration!

Play an exciting game of Hydro Soakers! Players go head to head controlling their teams of three athletes. Players will fire water guns, grab snacks, attempt to avoid getting wet by others and score eliminations. This skirmish style game makes you manage your water, choose the best time to attack and taunts you with when to grab some snacks off the buffet table.

Hydro Soakers is a fast action game where you don't want to get caught with an empty hydropack! Don't forget to fill up at the fill stations. Special events can either help you or hurt you so stay on guard. Play this unique water fight game with a friend and revisit your childhood of intense water battles. Grab your own copy of Hydro Soakers and you'll be glad you did.

- Tactical moves and strategic decisions. - Water Management - Don't get caught with an empty HydroPack. Manage your water by utilizing Water Fill Stations. - Chow down on snacks in order to boost your abilities on the field - Watch out for special events. Some are good and some are bad.

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