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Crowdfunding Round-Up July 17th

There are 8 new projects hitting Crowdfunding in the coming week. I know Halloween is still a few months away but with 2 spooky games landing this week I definitely feel like carving a pumpkin. As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

Baron von Zom and his undead underlings are hungry! To open the portal to the dimension of the living and fill their bellies, they need to find the correct spectral sequence. Help the Baron, and he will reward you handsomely – with fresh brains! Muahahaha!

A roll & write game about survival on a on a foreign planet .

The game is designed for 1 to 4 players, age 12+ with an average game time is 20-40 minutes.

In each turn, the active player rolls 4 D6 dice and performs actions using the dice pool. The goal of the game is to perform the scenario. For example: Carry out an exploratory mission, repair a ship, contact a space station.

The biggest obstacle during the game is declining oxygen levels, radiation protection and generation of energy needed to use technology. It is also possible to die at the hands of another player and various dangers on the planet. In addition to taking care of his fate, the player also has his space vehicle, which is a separate location .This ship can be developed, repaired and used in a number of ways specified in the scenario. It is a HUB to which the player regularly returns with the acquired resources.

The game continues until the scenario is completed or all players die.

In War of the 3 Sanchos 1065-67, the fourth game in the Pocket Campaigns series, you are one of three King Sanchos, fighting for control of castles and towers across Castilla, Navarra, and Aragón. The game is designed for 1-3 players.

All three of the King Sanchos, including any non-player Sanchos, are competing to win by fortifying the castles and towers illustrated on the board (one in each region). Players gain victory points for each castle or tower fortified with their pieces: 3 points for a home castle (2 points in the solo game), 2 points for a neutral castle, and 1 point for a tower. If at any time during the game a Sancho has 10 or more victory points, they win a major victory. If no player achieves this during the game, the Sancho with the most victory points after the last card is played wins a minor victory.

The game is played in rounds. Each player has a turn during each round. At the start of the round, the commander for the round plays a card from their hand. This card indicates the number of command points (CPs) from 1 to 3 that the commander uses during the round, and it also describes the actions that each other player must take on their turn, if possible. The game ends either at any point when a Sancho has 10 or more victory points, or after the final card from all players' hands has been resolved.

In Avant Carde, you want to build a collection of stunning cubist artwork. Each player starts with a deck of ten so-so cards: 1s and 2s in six colours that don't match and four high-value cards, each in a different colour. Each player draws a hand of seven cards, then puts on the best exhibition possible by matching colours and numbers, e.g. red 11, red 1, purple 1, purple 13.

Each card you play earns you $1, and in turn players can buy cards from the gallery stacks: a 2 costs $2, a 3 $3, etc. Once per turn, you can bury a top card in a gallery stack on the bottom of that stack. If you don't spend all of your money and don't already have a change token, take a change token from the bank; it's worth $1 when you decide to spend it. End your turn by discarding all played cards and cards still in hand, then draw a hand of seven cards, shuffling your discard pile when necessary.

Six patrons numbered 2-7 are in play, and they give cards additional powers. If you played the most 2s, for example, you have an extra $1 to spend; if you played a 3, you can trash a card from your hand or played area; when you play a 4, you can change either its colour or number. Avant Card includes multiple sets of patrons, and you can use the cards from a single set or mix them.

Why are you building this collection? To gain awards! If you earn at least $6, you gain an award, and higher amounts net you more awards. Earning $11 is worth four awards, and while you might wonder how you can earn $11, a 7 patron lets you draw additional cards on a turn and a 5 patron lets you earn an extra $1 for each 5.

When the deck of awards runs out, whoever has collected the most awards wins.

Shards of Infinity Saga Collection is an extraordinary deck-building experience that immerses players into the ever-expanding universe of Shards of Infinity. The Saga Collection is the perfect starting point, including all expansions and promo cards, along with new and upgraded components.

Beyond the PVP, Solo, and Co-op modes, the Saga Collection introduces an exciting new Legacy mode that immerses players in the rich world of Shards of Infinity. This mode allows them to master gameplay from every set while delving into the game's lore. Additionally, the inclusion of a brand-new Shard Master enables epic showdowns with up to six players.

In Shards of Infinity, players must strategically tailor their decks, acquire new cards, and utilize allies and champions to diminish their opponents' health to zero. Only through meticulous planning and aggressive gameplay can one player emerge as the ultimate victor.

The Shards of Infinity Saga Collection includes the following:

  • Updated artwork and components

  • Shards of Infinity

  • Shards of Infinity: Relics of the Future

  • Shards of Infinity: Shadow of Salvation

  • Shards of Infinity: Into the Horizon

  • All released promo cards and new, unreleased promo cards

In The Impossible Hell Train Core Set, players take on the role of a group of traveling Heroes riding the railroad through the corrupted territory of the American Southwest. With the long-awaited rail lines of the Western Express now up and running, an influx of new blood have set their sights on making a name for themselves in the Badlands of Brimstone. But these are dangerous times, and swarms of HellBats darken the sky while gangs of Train Robbers lay in wait for the next locomotive carrying precious Dark Stone and wealthy passengers looking for adventure.

Players take on the role of Heroes like the Bounty Hunter, boarding trains to seek out her next bounty, dead or alive, the daring Cavalry Officer, master of Hit and Run attacks, wielding a pistol and sabre, the cunning Reporter from the big city, searching for the story of a lifetime, and the hearty Rail Worker, swinging his two-handed sledgehammer to smash demons as easily as he drives rail spikes to build the lines.

New Enemies include hordes of Soulless, demon-possessed undead passengers that have had their souls ripped out, Mounted Train Robbers on horseback to ride up alongside the train for a high speed shootout, as well as Train Robbers on foot for when they board the train searching for goods and Dark Stone to steal, Grotesques, nightmarish winged gargoyles from the Badlands that descend from the skies to tear their way into the train, and the hulking Hellborn Engineer, fused with the burning coals and twisted iron of the train itself, this brute burns hot with the power of the Darkness!

This set also features the otherworldly Hell Train, itself; a nightmare locomotive that runs on rails of fire, barreling through the Void and burning its mark across all worlds! Flickering in and out of reality, the runaway Hell Train belches black smoke from its stacks, and the sound of its whistle splits the night as the thunderous rumble of its engine shakes the foundations of the earth as it approaches.

In the Lost Tombs of Khamuntet Core Set, players take on the role of a group of 1930s pulp adventure Heroes, exploring the dark chambers and crumbling passages of ancient Tombs, in search of fortune and glory! Lost in the desert sands of Egypt for thousands of years, these cursed temples are overrun with terrifying mummies, flesh-eating scarab swarms, and mythological guardians from Egyptian lore, brought to life through the power of the Dark Stone.

The Heroes of your expedition include the fearless Archaeologist, using her mastery of Egyptian Lore to explore the tombs while seeking out ancient artifacts and relics to bring back to the museums of Cairo, the combat-ready Soldier of Fortune, blazing away at dangers with his twin .45s, the scholarly Professor, using his knowledge of the occult and vast academic expertise to solve the riddles of the past, and the heavy-hitting Mechanic, using her hefty wrench to smash Enemies and her mechanical knowhow to overcome the deadly traps that litter the ancient halls.

New Enemies include Crypt Mummies, bursting forth from their burial chambers to take their revenge on the living, vicious Scarab Swarms that pour out of infested Sarcophagi to consume anything that lay in their path, the Cult of Horus, fanatical followers of the ancient ways working to resurrect the corrupted sorcerer Khamuntet, Anubite Jackals, terrifying supernatural hunters and warriors of Anubis, and the towering Tomb King, an ancient and massive statue brought to life to bring ruin on intruders!

This set also features the Sunken City of Pharrox, a brand new OtherWorld to explore. Once a powerful kingdom of the ancient world, ruled by a dynasty of ruthless vampires, the island city of Pharrox Atlantea was destroyed in a cataclysm of war with the Ancient Egyptians and their gods. Submerged beneath the roaring seas, the ancient city has been lost for millennia; its remaining inhabitants lay in twilight slumber until the long dormant gateways to the ancient city are activated once more.

It's the first block party of the summer and you and your neighbours are ready to go! There's just one problem... There's one grill and several grill masters ready to show off their best to their neighbours. You and your friends have to fight for space on the grill and the table to serve the most delicious dishes possible to please the crowd. Will you be the top griller?

Ding-Dong is a quick and fun party game full of Halloween shenanigans for up to 9 players.

Players assume the role of grumpy adults on the night of Halloween that want to scare as many kids as possible away from their homes and onto their neighbors'.

Ding Dong is based on set collection, hidden information inference, card play, and some take-that mechanics to complement the Halloween pranks while being easy and quick to play. Each player has his own special powers, his own personal board, and a deck of cards to scare away the little pranksters.

During a game of Ding Dong, each turn players draw a trick & treater card and place it in front of the player who has the Ding-Dong token in front of them. Then that player either uses treats to send the kid to another player, spends house decorations to scare the kid away, or simply has to suffer the prank the kid is going to play on them if they don't.

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