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Crowdfunding Round-Up March 13th

Welcome to another week of Crowdfunding Round-Up. This week there are 13 new projects on offer, ranging from 3D terrain and small box beauties to gruesome vintage battle. There are a lot of new publishers this week with weird and wonderful looking games. I'm sure everyone will find something to fit their individual tastes and budgets. Remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

After the death of the beloved sheriff of Eureka Springs, Ruffians are coming in droves to take advantage of the defenceless town! It is up to you and your fellow townsfolk to wallop these troublemakers into oblivion. And who knows—if you play your cards right, you may just prove yourself worthy of becoming the new sheriff!

Townsfolk Tussle is a co-op boss battler for 2-5 players. In each game, your goal is to take down four unique Ruffians, each one tougher than the last! You'll build up your townsfolk with gear, explore Eureka Springs, and concoct unique strategies to take down even more unique hoodlums.

Point City

From the team that brought you the smash hit Point Salad, Point City is a card-drafting, engine-building game with more than 150 unique building cards, giving you the opportunity to create a completely different city each time you play!

The rules are simple: Take two adjacent cards from the dynamic city grid and add them to your expanding city. Use your resource cards and bonuses to construct building cards that require specific combinations. Build special civic structures to multiply your city's points and be the top urban planner!

Point City takes the same simple concept of drafting cards and building the best combinations, then adds new layers of resource management and engine building to the mix — making the game easy to learn, but challenging for everyone!

Deep Dive is a press-your-luck set-collection game in which you use your waddle of penguins to dive deep into the ocean to amass the most bountiful collection of food!

Turns are simple: Flip over an ocean tile, and see what you reveal. You can take what you reveal in the shallows or dive deeper, hoping for a larger catch — but the deeper you go, the more plentiful the predators become. As you surface with food, you build sets of three colours. Target the colours you need to complete sets and score the maximum number of points.

When one of the depths of the ocean has been fully explored, the game ends and the penguin waddle with the best sets of food wins!

Maladum is a fantasy miniatures board game in which you control a band of adventurers seeking their fortune in the ancient dungeons of Enveron. They must fight off the Revenant hordes as they search for valuable artefacts and negotiate with a varied cast of NPCs.

Maladum is built on the bestselling sci-fi game Core Space but has been overhauled and updated to accommodate the fantasy theme and rich lore. Like Core Space, Maladum takes place on a detailed 3D board of award-winning Battle Systems terrain, included in the box!

Your Adventurers will return to the town between games, where the exciting campaign system will track your party's fortunes, developing their skills, upgrading their equipment and telling their story.

Welcome to Old Mage, the Spell Blasting Adventure game of Arcane Domination!

Explore ancient ruins, battle fierce monsters, invoke mighty spells and unleash powerful relics as you compete for the High Wizard’s throne. Terrible monsters and treacherous hazards await - yet none quite so terrible, nor so treacherous - as your arcane rivals!

Claim victory in one of two ways: Find the Master Orb and deliver it to a Mage Tower across the Great River ... or Destroy your foes with spell, steel and guile! But beware, Old Mages do not die quietly; they become Haunts that plague the living, or return as Undead Liches!

Is your sorcery strong enough, Old Mage?

The overpopulated Earth is slowly dying. Three human Factions: The Confederation of Sol, the Outer-Worlds Alliance and the Praetorans of Mars have been fighting for domination of the solar system with space fleets from their bases orbiting Earth, Mars and Titan.

Now with the perfection of the FTL hyper drive, Scout-ships are finally able to explore distant stars. Earth, Mars and Titan have agreed a truce in order to settle colonists in new star systems far from our star.

With a small fleet of ships, you must seek out and settling habitable worlds, but you would be wise to hire warships from these factions to protect your Outposts, for the future of these colonies will be beyond the control of Earth.

Send out your Scouts to explore new systems, send out your Transports to bring back rare minerals and gasses to finance your fleet. Hire warships from the Confederation, Alliance and Praetoran navies for your private fleet.

Build Outpost ships and finally Colony ships to settle worlds and claim the title of Star Lord!

In the game you will upgrade your starting deck of Scout ships and Basic Transports with a fleet of warship cards from the three space faring factions. You can buy Outpost ships to build Outposts and later upgrade these to Colonies on suitable worlds you have explored or else capture them from other players. You may control 4 systems at any time by deploying your ships there.

Objective: Control 4 Victory stars. Each Outpost is 1 star, Each Colony (upgrading Outpost) worth 2 stars. This means you win immediately when you control a Colony on 2 worlds, or an Outpost on 4 worlds.

The main USPs for Star Colonies are:

  1. Area control (of star systems). Deploying ships to defend or to trade: carrying over unused credits, but you take a risk: extra Credits or nothing if system is seized.

  2. Flip discard to draw deck (not shuffle!) so build order stays intact. In the advanced game we add Infiltrators as deck manipulators.

  3. Interaction: ability to intercept an attack (with cards from hand) or to target specific star systems and deployed enemy ships.

The full game works just as well with 2, 3 or 4 players. Players can start with a more peaceful tutor-mode game before the full on strategy game with the full card set.

It’s picture day, but… The ducks need help. Their hair’s a mess. Others look nice. Their hair looks great. Grab the mousse. Help the ducks.

Game-play involves several different sets of rules:

  • Normal rules (similar to the "Duck Duck Goose" children's game) - Players throw down a card at a time until mousse appears. The first player to slap the mousse gets it and mousses one of their ducks. The first player to mousse all their ducks wins.

  • In Style rules (a sets game) - Players use the non-duck animal cards to search for sets of 3. One animal card is chosen as wild. First player to get 3 sets of 3 wins.

  • Blowout rules - Players divvy up all cards evenly, then play as fast as possible to get 5 ducks and 5 moose. A less-intense version involves stealing extra ducks or mousse left in the centre discard pile, and the craziest version involves stealing directly from others as they uncover cards from their respective decks.

Sidney's Quest is a worker placement board game about beating your friends to the cushiest job in the village.

Get ready, keep your resources under control and strive for Sidney's favour!

Sidney's Quest is played over 8 rounds. Each round you focus on a combination of actions to gather new experiences while being able to pay your bills.

You get points for every goal card you complete and lose points for the ones you don’t succeed with. The player with the most victory points becomes the new village elder.

Take over the world... with cakes!

Players compete to rule Earth by offering delicious bribes of cakes to its inhabitants. They must also watch out for any baking disasters from devious opponents. The first player to control enough regions will win.

A casual, light-hearted card game of cakes and aliens, Cake of Doom is perfect for non-gamers, casual groups, families, or as a palate cleanser for games night.

Let the bribery and sabotage begin!

Worker placement with a bidding element. Players take on the role of a CEO in a beverage company. You, along with your rivals have agreed to help fund the creation of a new stadium in your city. However, only the company with the highest reputation will be allowed to sell their drinks inside.

A round starts with bidding for how much money you will get to use in a round. This money is then used to pay for actions around the board.

Once the local stadium is complete, the game will end. A cutthroat game from Japan; Beverage combines the nostalgic with the modern.

A super-variable roll & write game for players new and seasoned. It’s as simple as rolling 2 dice and selecting a number to record each turn, but that’s also the tricky part, only one number.

Players attempt to get the best score by recording a single number each roll to one of 6 different cards they’re playing each game. The game features over 50 unique cards each with their own scoring mini game. Dice Cards also works for large group play with point based victory options.

Falconry is a card placement strategy game, where thinking ahead matters. As one of several competing nobles, players place markers, send out falconers and birds, and seek to outmaneuver other contestants for the grand prize.

Each noble begins by placing his or her falconer, and the race is on! Falconers and birds can be used to claim other players markers for themselves, and falconers can ambush other players’ birds. Players race to be the first to align 5 or 6 cards in a row (depending on the variant).

Variations include forming alliances between players that require new strategies, as well as asymmetric game play, where a single player faces two allied opponents.

Transperceneige, the game is an asymmetrical semi-cooperative game for 3 to 5 players based on the French comic book by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, published by Casterman. Following a climatic catastrophe, the Earth has been plunged into a new ice age, removing all life from the planet. Only one group of humans has managed to board the Transperceneige, a train that runs around the planet forever, keeping them alive. The players, in command of the different groups of passengers, will have to make choices and collaborate with each other (or not!) to take control of the Transperceneige. But they still have to survive the trip...

To gain influence, you must satisfy your passengers, prepare revolts and achieve secret objectives. However, selfish choices will jeopardize the survival of the whole train, leading to defeat. Can you make the right decisions?

Action planning, cooperation, resource management and bluffing will be your best assets on board the train of a thousand and one cars. Welcome to the Transperceneige!

How drunk will your team get you?

The baseball drinking game designed to keep everyone's attention on the actual live baseball game while still handing out plenty of drinks.

Gather your friends around a live baseball game on TV or in person and bust out this game to deal out drinks with trivia, challenges, group votes, and even secret actions that only you know to watch out for during the live game.

Can you guess which Secret Plays your friends have?

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