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Crowdfunding Round-Up May 1st

This week there are 10 new projects to inspire our imaginations. We are heading deep into space for the majority of this week's offerings, and back on earth it's Christmas time....? The major project of the week will be, Clank! Legacy 2: Acquisitions Incorporated - Darkest Magic. Yet another dive into the popular world of Clank! after the recent success of Clank! Catacombs. All of this week's projects look great, I can't wait to see how the campaigns unfold. As always, remember, back with your head, not your heart and most importantly, love your games.

CLANK! Legacy returns with an epic sequel — Clank! Legacy 2: Acquisitions Incorporated - Darkest Magic Play co-operatively and competitively in the world of Penny Arcade's Acquisitions Incorporated!

The Hunters A. D. 1492 is a fully cooperative game which enables you to play solo or with a group of friends.

Players become monster hunters who participate in a complex and gripping campaign comprised of hundreds event, road and town cards and tome of tales. The narrative presented on the cards and book is full of story twists and difficult decisions to make.

During the campaign, players execute quests. Each of them takes 30 to 60 minutes to play. It may take place during the day or at night-time, in various weather conditions. Every time players must choose proper tactics and equipment matching current circumstances.

Players may barter with local inhabitants, undertake various jobs, overcome unexpected obstacles or expand their wagon in order to manufacture over 70 different types of equipment from resources found during the game.

Gold Nugget is a gorgeous and unique twist on the bluffing genre where 2-5 players compete as woodland creatures trying to find, steal and secure the gold nugget from amongst the many stones in the Raven's nest.

The raven's left the forest for a few days, leaving it's precious gold nugget unguarded. Which woodland creature will successfully raid the nest in this unique bluffing and deduction game?

Each character has a unique game breaking power - as well a time of day where they go to sleep. Yup, once per day you'll have to close your eyes and go to 'sleep', making it even harder to keep track of the gold well as the stones that hide negative consequences when revealed!

The game encourages interaction and is sure to make you second-guess your opponents! It's also packed with a host of unique cards, special actions and a ton of creatures that will keep you coming back for more.

Cities of Venus is a medium weight, scifi Euro, based in the year 2222. Various countries on Earth have set up colonies in cities that float in the clouds. Each player represents the governor of a floating city and must compete with other players to maximize the growth of their city by growing their population and strategically deploying it across the various departments to keep their city running. To help the cities, Earth has been sending immigrants and city upgrades in the form of Drops. At some point, a catastrophe occurs on Earth, cutting off communication with Venus. No one knows when the last Drop from Earth will come.

Each round, players move through several phases: Resolve events, erode shields, grow and deploy population, mine for resources and modify the city, and grab a drop to improve the city.

A player can gain victory points in the following ways: Points on station upgrades Points for a certain amount of mined resources Points for city population Bonus points for the most populous, the richest, and most upgraded cities

Some time in the third phase of the drops, a card (randomly shuffled into the card deck) will turn up with the Earth on it. This card signifies that this is the last drop that will arrive from Earth and triggers the end of the game.

The player with the most victory points at that point wins.

The deckbuilding battle for all creation!

You and your opponents start with identical decks of low-level angels. Each turn, you will have the opportunity to purchase cards to add to your deck. Angels…will form your “host” army. Demons…will oppose the actions of your opponent’s host. Relics can be attached to angels, making them more powerful. Humans…can also be added to your host and your horde, granting group bonuses. And miracles, bring incredible powers into play each time they are drawn.

Build your host…and when you have enough points, challenge one of the three locations in play. If your host is strong enough and can survive a horde challenge from your opponent, the location will be yours. The harder the location…the greater the rewards.

Once three locations have been won by either player, it is time for the final battle. You’ll examine the rewards granted by conquered locations: They will allow you to add a certain number of angels and demons to your final army. You’ll search your deck, pull your rewards, form your army…and compare against your opponent.

Greatest power among final armies wins all!

Hordes of monsters are attacking the world of Skytear and the legendary heroes from all four realms have forged an alliance to repel the common threat.

Skytear Horde is a lane-based card battler in which one or two players fight against the horde of monsters controlled by the game. In the competitive game mode one player controls the horde while up to two players fight together as the alliance.

Players say Skytear Horde gives them the feeling of playing a solo or cooperative version of competitive card battlers such as Keyforge, Hearthstone, or Magic: the Gathering.

In the six lanes of the battlefield monsters attack your castle while beyond the enemy line smaller minions pillage your resources, forcing you to discard cards from your deck each turn.

You lose the battle if your castle is destroyed or your deck runs out of cards. You win if you destroy the portal spawning the monsters and the epic monster leading the horde.

There are many interesting choices on the tactical and strategic level: strike a balance between defending and counter-attacking but also fighting the minions pillaging your deck and the monsters destroying your castle. While you juggle all these decisions you also have to be careful not to run out of cards, as the principal way to draw new cards is to destroy monsters!

Skytear Horde is really quick to setup, play, and store away. There are 3 difficulty levels suitable for complete beginners and veterans alike. In just a few seconds you can restart a new game giving it a strong “just one more try” aspect.

Out of the retail box there are 3 ready-made alliance decks with different play styles and 3 horde decks with their own boss. All decks can be mixed and customized to provide additional combinations.

The Rings Of Saturn is a 2-6 player board game where captains race their space ships from the outer rings of Saturn inward to the planet of Saturn while navigating the difficulties of space travel. The first one to Saturn wins.

Actual gameplay involves a multiple step process where captains (1) gain resources from rolling and their generator cards previously purchased,(2-3)trade and buy improvements for space travel or buy travel to the next ring, (4)hire crew members, and finally (5) draw an anomaly card where unfortunate events happen to your crew.

Naughty or Nice is completely modular, but what does this really mean?

Modularity can allow to teach a more lightly skilled player the basics of Naughty or Nice and streamline the experience, or introduce more complex decision making and focus their efforts towards variable player powers, that give a much more diverse experience while retaining the essentials of the game.

With this method you can easily teach the game step by step, occasion to occasion and it will guarantee a full experience every time, with differing rules, however it will guarantee that the full table is having fun and that all the players are able to participate with their individual skills and abilities.

Can you ensure a garam (hot) cup of chai (tea) is served to your ever-growing customers on a rainy day? Get ready to dive deep into running a chai tapri (tea shop) by ensuring that your customers get their specific chai and snack orders on time. Earn their appreciation for every correct order, but be quick as another player might steal a few of them away. Run the most successful shop, and be the wealthiest player at the end of the game!

Each turn in Chai Garam, players take one mandatory action, either selecting up to three ingredients from the display (tea leaves, additives, water, milk, godown power cards, etc.) or serving their cooked tea to the grid of customers in the central board and collecting money.

Additionally as free actions, players need to cook tea, compete for goals to improve their star ratings, attract customers to their own shops, or play a "Chai Garam" card to take a double action! The game continues until a special "evening" customer triggers the end of play or any player achieves five stars. At that point, whoever has the highest value from money as well as stars wins.

"Clack! Zap! Boom!" A frightening roar echoes through the chambers of the arena. This is the sound of something sinister. This is a beast, grinding and twisting, bending the forces of the universe to the will of its master, a master who is obsessed with finding the definitive answer to the question of "Who is the greatest wrestler of all time?"

Now, his beast, the world's only time machine, brings forward the very best — champions of past, present and future generations. legends who seek to cement their legacy as the best of all time. This is where legends collide. This is where your destiny awaits.

All Time Wrestling is a card-and-dice game that brings the fast-paced action and excitement of professional wrestling to your Tabletop. With standard and advanced modes of play, ATW is accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike, using intuitive mechanisms that are reminiscent of your favourite wrestling games.

Choose your champion from the legends of past, present and future, each with their own deck of attacks, abilities, signature moves, and finishers! Play your cards to unleash devastating combos, powerbombs and piledrivers, aerial stunts and deadly submissions...but will the dice be in your favour?

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