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Crowdfunding Round-Up November 1st

This week's Crowdfunding Round-Up comes back to a manageable amount of projects after the insanity of 30 last week. This week is relatively quiet by recent standards, but there are still some huge campaigns coming in the form of, Slay the Spire and the next instalment from the Roll Player team. I hope you all navigated the labyrinth that was last weeks Crowdfunding. Have a great week and happy gaming.

Slay the Spire is a cooperative deckbuilding adventure. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and finally become strong enough to Slay the Spire!

With 3KSES, read "Trikses", you are getting a lot of fun for two to six players, set of three exciting and battery-free games. Players train their minds, learn about famous world locations, and enjoy playing the game at the same time. The game can be played on any flat surface, does not need a game board. It's compact size allows you to play anywhere, even on a train, during a lunch break in the office, in a tent while camping or at a small table in a pub. The rules are short and quick to learn.

Goblin Uprising is a Semi-Cooperative board game featuring the world’s favourite punching bags: goblins. But this time they will be the ones doing the punching. Join the fray with your friends in this rebellion against the Tall Races (plus dwarves) for the future of Eldain. The objectives change with every game; fight with your friends in one match or against them in another, you’ll need all the help you can get in order to dethrone the monarch and win the game. Topple tyrants, make powerful allies and betray your friends* in this chaotic adventure made for 2 to 6 players.

Each player controls a goblin from a tribe on their journey to save the kingdom of Eldaine, which finds itself under the tyranny of the High Races. The first player to defeat the tyrant of Eldaine will be the winner, however it’s not as simple as it sounds: as you advance, your feats start to be recognized and you start to become famous by drawing the attention of the tyrant, each ruler has a different behaviour and a unique method of ending your revolutionary spirit, whether with your allies or preparing cunning traps. But don’t worry, you can also count on powerful allies, since the most ancient times of Eldaine the Guardians of Nature took care of the elements of nature and life and death, with the invasion of the Tall Races their altars were destroyed and they went missing into Eldaine, find them, prove your worth and recruit them for your revolution, this cannot remain as it is the lands have always been of the Goblins, they cannot remain marginalized.

Venture forth, perform adventures, complete quests, recruit powerful allies, fight, gain experience and gather more Goblins to your cause, become a hero and regain the throne of the kingdom of Eldaine! But beware, you’re not the only Goblin with this goal!

Your Roll Player characters now join the Heroes Guild, leading you on an epic adventure…

Two thousand years before Azema’s return through the gate at Brizoor Waal, the world of Ulos is at peace. But a new era dawns: In order to unify Ulos under a single banner, Queen Gimnax establishes the nation of Nalos. Others band together, forming the Dragul Alliance to resist the steadily growing kingdom of the Gnomish queen. Meanwhile, Ulos’s greatest inventor, Gulpax the Crafter, builds a mysterious device of tremendous power deep in the Frozen Expanse. The peace enjoyed across Ulos, threatens to come undone.

With war on the horizon, it’s a dangerous time to be a hero. You’ll make allies and enemies, unravel the crafter’s mystery, and decide the fate of Ulos. Lend your unique skills to uncover Gulpax’s Secret. Who will gain the upper hand in the upcoming great war?

Roll Player Adventures: Gulpax’s Secret is a new seven-adventure campaign for the critically-acclaimed, co-operative storybook board game for 1-4 players. Players take on the role of fantasy heroes to face new challenges, explore new environments, meet new characters in the world of Ulos, and make meaningful decisions that change the story.

Gulpax’s Secret requires the Roll Player Adventures base game to play. Embark on a heroic journey with your hero! Pick from one of eighteen pre-generated characters or a host of additional characters - either from thirty-six pre-generated characters from Adventures or any completed character from Roll Player.

Legendary Tea Farmer is a game for 2 to 5 players who each represent a different tea estate. To run a successful tea business, farmers firstly have to rehabilitate abandoned tea gardens, then grow and produce good quality tea, find a market to sell it to and also give back to the local community. As you are newbies in the tea world, then Badass Bidjo is there to mentor you. While each farmer can produce tea, only the one who manages to hire Badass Bidjo, will produce tea with enough good quality to earn a reputation on the tea market and become a legendary tea farmer. Badass Bidjo is a busy man though and tends to only one farmer per season...

Do you have what it takes to be the next Legendary Tea Farmer? With all the twists and turns that life throws at you and competition breathing on your neck, can you make tea that people would love and at the same time run an economically viable farm? Be it a cow eating your harvest, bad weather conditions affecting the harvest or an unexpected free day due to a wedding in the village, you need to find a way to adapt and come out of it as the best tea farmer in the region.

This game was created by actual tea farmers, so the game includes real-life adventures, surprises, failures and successes from the life of tea farmers.

The Thinning Veil is a 1-4 player solo or co-operative board game of horror fantasy inspired by Celtic mythology and Irish legend. It can be played as a narrative based progressive campaign across many scenarios or as one shot games from the Game Night Scenarios book. This gives players the option of an adventure game format or a dungeoncrawl experience. This roguelike system offers elements of puzzle solving, objective based and narrative based scenarios, and compelling gameplay, exploring a world familiar yet fantastical.

Once you have selected a Hero your journey begins! Will you be valorous and pure, or villainous and corrupt? Will your legend help bring humanity to a new dawn of fresh hope or prolong the night, plunging us into ever deeper darkness? Confront treacherous and deceitful cultists with hidden agendas, fight restless spirits and veil-dwelling horrors from the Land of the Dead; combat or outwit the denizens of the Other Side of Midnight, in this exciting game of high adventure!

Wander: LaCluck's Revenge is the second game in the Wander series. A fully cooperative, campaign-driven, miniatures board game. The Cult of Barnacle Bay was meddling with magic far beyond their understanding and accidentally resurrected the Ghost Pirate Chicken Lord LaCluck and her mutinous crew of Ghost Pirate Monkey Grunts, Ghastly Pig Gunners, Wailing Albatross Banshees, and Rampaging Rhino Cannoneers!

In Wander: LaCluck's Revenge, players will select one of five unique heroes from the Wanderer's Guild and join their friends to fight back against these ghost pirate phantoms to save the poor town of Barnacle Bay. Defeating foes and surviving random encounters earns players experience points and loot. Loot, like weapons and Armor, is a persistent upgrade, staying with the heroes as they continue on their adventure. Experience points are used to level up heroes during their current adventure in the campaign. A dual-facing upgrade tree allows players to continually try new combinations of skills each adventure to determine what fits their play style, or current set of foes, best.

Using a modular tiles, players assemble maps as indicated in the choose your own adventure campaign book, then use action points to move or attack with their hero.

All enemies in the game are controlled by a simple line of sight A.I., and automatically hit the players' heroes once they're able to. This means there is no player rolling for success for enemies' attacks. Heroes will, however, be able to roll for defence in an effort to prevent incoming wounds. One set of custom dice determines a hero's success for both defending and attacking. Random encounter cards, which are revealed when players enter an unexplored "darkness" space, also promise that no campaign adventure is ever be the same.

Grim Dark Dungeon Master introduces the concept of competitive dungeon building.

In this game one player assumes the role of the Grim Dark Dungeon Master who wants to protect key areas of the dungeon to prevent interruption to the dark doings occurring there.

Meanwhile 1 to 3 other players assume the roles of heroes, working together to penetrate the dungeon, push past obstacles, and find three key locations to purge of evil and slow, if not outright stop, the spread of darkness across the land. However, neither the Grim Dark Dungeon Master player nor the hero players know the layout of the dungeon at the start of the game. That will be determined as the game is played with both sides trying to influence the position of key rooms as they are played on the table. Thus, both sides compete to build the dungeon that will most easily achieve their goals.

In Aerodome, players select a pilot to represent them in the Aerodome, craft their Manoeuvre Hands from their collection, and challenge others in a game of one-on-one aerial combat. During their turn, players activate cards to move their ship around the board, engage with special attacks against their foes, and hope that their pilot has a trick or two up their sleeve to become the champion of the Aerodome.

Aerodome is a game of both chance and skill, expertly crafted as a quick to play, easy to learn, difficult to master gaming experience.

The Game

In each Aerodome game, rounds are broken up in three phases: Initiative, Action and End.

Initiative Phase Each turn starts with the initiative phase. Players secretly select one of their 9 Battle cards from their hand and place it face down. Once both players are ready, they simultaneously reveal their selected cards. The player who revealed the highest initiative Battle card gets to complete their Action phase first.

Action Phase During a player’s Action phase, they complete the actions listed on the active card’s action bar. Players must complete actions from the top of the card to the bottom, but can skip any action that is not locked.

Locked actions are indicated by the lock icon.

Reactive Actions with a black background allow players to perform the manoeuvre up to the speed listed.

Keywords and unique pilot abilities may also change how actions and cards interact. Once a player completes their Action phase, the turn proceeds to the next player.

End Phase After both players have completed their Action phases, they return their active battle card to their hand and begin a new game turn. Cards with the Dazed keyword receive dazed tokens and cannot be returned to the player’s hand until they have played a card with the Recover keyword to remove dazed tokens.

When a fighter has taken 15 damage, they are defeated leaving the fighter remaining as the victor. Do you have what it takes to become the Aerodome Champion? Can you help decide the fate of the galactic-verse?

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