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Crowdfunding round up week 18th Oct

Here's a quick list of all of the crown funding games coming to Gamefound and Kickstarter in the next 7 days. Have a look at them all and let me know if you think any are interesting.

It is said that Wiraqocha created the sun and the pre-Columbian tribes of the Andes.

Under his leadership, those who will train the mighty Inca people came out of their caves to discover new horizons in order to subsist and grow in harmony with nature. They venerated Pachamama, Mother Earth, the basis of all living things, plants and minerals, on earth and under the earth. Lead your tribe into unknown territory in search of new lands to cultivate. Your goal: To explore regions and draw outlines to develop cultures according to the customs and legacies of Pachamama. If you honour Her by respecting its great principles of diversity and complementarity, Nature will reward you. Otherwise, you will suffer his wrath. In this race, risk taking, deduction, intuition and a good sense of timing should allow you to get through.

It’s up to you to choose the type of scenario depending on the number of players and the type of game you want: Quick and opportunistic or longer, more developed and strategic.

In this 1-4 player strategic board game, you will lead a unique, asymmetric hero and their army, trying to be the ultimate victor in a war that unfolds over approximately 120 minutes. Players will choose from various actions, such as building monuments, hunting monsters, ravaging the lands, gathering armies and artefacts. Gods will grant you blessings that will heavily impact the game and create a unique combo for each player. On top of all that, special runes will play a significant role in levelling up your armies or earning other bonuses that include control of deadly monsters.

While the game is spiritual successor of Lords of Hellas and implements a lot of core gameplay aspects, there will be a lot of new mechanics and twists, so prepare yourself for fresh, new thematic experience!

Multiple victory conditions will keep players at the edge of their seats until the end of the game, making room for some stunning, carefully planned last-minute reversals!

Final Challenge is a party game so packed with action it does not have to pose as a drinking game! However, if you decide to drink while playing it please record the conversations next morning, and send them to us (we want a portion of the laugh too)!

Our seemingly harmless and colourful cards may give you a false sense of security, but after the first card is drawn you will be sent into a hectic and hilarious whirlwind of challenges. Watch your friends speak in an invented language, convince the rest of the group they are Satan himself, while someone is crying heavily for no apparent reason! And all of that while you are trying to use the force on a piece of paper, with a straight face on.

After some playing time and a couple of successfully performed challenges you may get cocky, as anyone would, which is usually when other players will use one of their special abilities to put you back in your place! It is not uncommon to get yourself in a situation where you have to perform more than one challenge simultaneously. One second you are trying to be the funniest, the next you are trying not to die of laughter because one of the players decided it was a good idea to call their mom at 3 in the morning to tell her they were arrested! In this game you are competing to outplay everyone in a creative way and be the funniest, bravest and most resourceful. Perform the challenges successfully, delegate unwanted challenges tactically, use the active and passive abilities to your advantage and be the first to gather one of the cards of each type and unlock the Final Challenge!

Players draw a card and reads the challenge out loud. They then choose to: Perform the challenge themselves, Ask for a volunteer to perform the challenge or Attack another player. If the challenge is performed successfully, the player keeps the card.

The player with the most challenge card at the end of the game wins.

City of the Great Machine is a One-vs-Many strategy game set in a grim universe of technocratic Victorian steampunk. The game features the conflict between the Great Machine, an artificial intelligence network, and an alliance of Heroes.

The Great Machine controls the City built on mobile platforms in the sky. As the Great Machine, the player commands a force of perfected Servants and mechanical Guards. The Great Machine's ultimate goal is to suppress social unrest and complete its grandiose Master Plan to perfect the mankind.

The other players are Heroes working together against the Great Machine to start a revolution. They encourage discontent in the City, enlist the support of famous citizens, and inflame riots. They also attempt to prevent the Great Machine from completing the Master Plan, as it leads to the enslavement of the mankind.

Game features:

• Modular board allows for infinite City layouts. The players may reposition the City Districts during the game.

• Hidden movement. Each round, the Heroes secretly choose the Districts they will go to.

• Resource management. Both sides of the conflict have multiple actions to take and pay for them in Trust (Heroes) or Bonds (the Great Machine). The same is true for movement and other tasks.

• Unique victory conditions. The Heroes need 3 Riots to win, while the Great Machine strives to complete the Master Plan.

• Secrecy. The Heroes need to conceal their plans from the Great Machine, however, they may discuss their intentions only in the presence of the Great Machine.

In a fantasy Island, a magic tree, the Kabula, is held in a Sanctuary to ensure immortality to all inhabitants. The balance is broken when six deranged characters from Earth find themselves transported to this Island. Their surreal adventures include humorous encounters and heavy satire on several topics.

Kabula is a competitive board game for 2-6 players set in a uniquely twisted fantasy world. It blends a sandbox RPG experience with skirmish elements and a combat system comparable to that of a dungeon crawler. Heroes will develop to one of three possible personalities as they fight and tame monsters, explore dungeons and encounter peculiar quests. Eventually, they clash with each other in pursuit of the Kabula, the tree which holds the fate of the Universe.

Once upon a time in the Far East, deep in the mountains of a mythical land, there was a world-renowned Dim Sum restaurant by the name of Steam Up.

It was the first restaurant of its kind to achieve the three Gold Ingot status. According to the Gold Ingot Guide, Steam Up was best known for its top 5 most popular Dim Sum: juicy shrimp dumpling, tender meat dumpling, soft and fluffy BBQ meat bun, flavourful sticky rice, and exotic phoenix claw. These heavenly tastes drew food enthusiasts and gourmets from all over the world!

Come join us on a feast of Dim Sum. You are invited!

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum is a competitive 2-5 player light-medium weight Dim Sum set collection and action management game offering a delicious cultural experience.

At the beginning of the game, steamers, filled with different types of Dim Sum, are stacked and placed on a Turntable. Each player takes turns performing 2 different actions each round. Actions include gaining and spending food tokens to purchase Dim Sum in Steamers within their Feast Zone. Players may also play Fortune cards to benefit themselves or affect their opponents. Starting the 2nd round, a Fate card is revealed each round to trigger an event that may affect all players.

The game ends when a specific number of Steamers is purchased or the Fate deck is emptied. Final scoring is then calculated. The player with the most Hearty Points wins and leaves the table with the fullest stomach!

Senjutsu is a 1-4 Player Samurai Duelling Game with slick Deck Construction mechanics, simultaneous reveal combat and beautiful miniatures from a panel of sculptors.

Control 1 of 4 fearsome Samurai, warriors bound to the Bushido Code, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

Using Senjutsu's Deck Construction Mechanics, forge a unique deck of devastating attacks, powerful blocks, timely mediations, and dynamic special moves. The intuitive card-classifying system makes forging your Samurai’s Ability Deck easy.

The Core Box includes dozens of different Ability Cards to shape your chosen Samurai's fighting style. There are thousands of possible deck combinations available,

Gameplay Summary:

- Position your Samurai on the Battlefield. - Draw a hand of Ability Cards from your 40 Card Ability Deck. - Choose an Ability Card to use and place it facedown with the opponent's card. - Reveal the cards simultaneously and check the initiatives. - Resolve the card and its effects.

Any Samurai who takes 5 wounds will fall... leaving the vanquisher victorious.

Where dreams come from... Inside the unconscious mind of every being lives the world of dreams. Morpheus, the orchestrator of Nightmares and Paradise has filled countless minds with terror and wonder.

Over time Morpheus recruited help; he’s named them DreamWeavers, architects of the unconscious. It’s once again time for new recruits to join the realm!

Players form two teams, taking turns influencing a subject’s dream with their actions. During their turn players will do 1 of the following: - Draw cards and gain resources - Play a card into the play area - Complete an Objective - Claim a dream (to score points)

The game progresses each time players draw a specific card (Suns). When 8 of these Sun cards have been drawn the game ends.

DreamWeavers uses a Scoreboard as a point system. Teams will need to accumulate two types of points, (Nightmare and Paradise Stars). The Teams’ final score will be the lowest of the two types.

In Somewhere Under The Rainbow, you take on the role of one of the tiny winged critters of Glistening Grove. As a loyal resident of this land, it is your sworn duty to partake in the mysterious process of creating colourful rainbows, using a rare and secret ingredient: the crystalline poop of a Unicorn!

Armed with an enchanted plunger, you will fly your way through piles of multi-coloured Unicorn Poop and gather precious pieces of faeces to build stunning rainbows. At the same time, you’ll need to prepare as many delicious dishes for the Unicorn as possible, to make sure the supply doesn’t run out.

Gameplay: On your turn, you can decide to either "Gather Unicorn Poop" or "Visit the Village". When you Visit the Village, you must perform at least one of the following three actions in whatever order you like:

  1. Rainbow Maker: Trade Poop Tokens for Glitter Cubes by depositing at least 2 tokens of the same colour into the tube of the Rainbow Maker. The more tokens you deposit at once, the more Glitter Cubes you receive in return.

  2. Market: Use the Glitter Cubes to buy Ingredients at the Market.

  3. Food: Earn Tasty Points by combining any two Ingredients to create a Food of a specific colour to feed the Unicorn.

A rainbow is created once all six different colours of Poop Tokens have been deposited into the tube of the Rainbow Maker. The game ends when four rainbows have been created.

Poop Tokens used to make rainbows throughout the game can score you valuable bonus Tasty Points at the end. The more tokens of one colour that were used, the more bonus Tasty Points go to the player who has earned the highest number of Tasty Points from Food of that colour during the course of the game.

Goal: The player with the highest total number of Tasty Points wins the game, and is officially named the best Rainbow Maker in Glistening Grove!

The initial quakes were only minor tremors, but as the land began to unravel, so did our sense of security. We watched the cliffs of Hytazch fall into the sea. Mighty trees of old, swallowed up by the caverns below. As the waters rose, a great roar was heard across the plains. This was no cry of disbelief or heartache, but of jubilance. Songs began to fill the air as our once peaceful hosts, now readied themselves for war. Suddenly on the horizon, what appeared as huge bolts of energy shoot out into the depths of space, before disappearing again. Despite the inevitable shock wave heading our way, the clans continued to cheer as they made haste towards the origin of the blaze. What could cause such elation? Why abandon caution in favour of chaos? Had we missed something - some crucial misunderstanding of this planet and its inhabitants? Upon reaching the site, we were immediately plunged into combat. Across the landscape lay six massive structures, towering over the forces fighting below. They seemed to pulse and flicker with a golden haze. Could these be the ancient relics the Oxataya spoke of? There is so much we still do not understand, but we cannot concede to indecision. Will we stay and fight, or retreat back to Moontide?

In Circadians: Chaos Order, players take on the roll of 1 of 6 asymmetric factions. Each faction has their own means of winning the game, unique leaders, attribute cards and other abilities.

"Who are we? Where are We from? Explore the origins of humanity in this set collection game."

Aurora is a card game where players are creating star systems and trying reach sentience. Other victory conditions include maxing out resources (water, oxygen, carbon) and supporting life in multiple star systems.

Each turn players create, or expand, star systems, collect resources, and try to stall the expansion of other players' systems. Each turn you can play 1 negative action on another player and 2 actions on themselves. After cards have been played and resolved, resources are collected and unused cards are passed to the player on the left. Everyone then draws back up to 8 cards and a new round begins.

Too Many Bones: Unbreakable is the standalone conclusion to the Too Many Bones franchise.

Join new characters Figment and Gale as they traverse the dangerous caverns beneath the land of Daelore using the game mechanics of Too Many Bones.

Too Many Bones comes loaded for bear by breaking into a new genre: the dice-builder RPG. This game takes everything you think you know about dice-rolling and turns it on its head. Dripping with strategy, this fantasy-based RPG puts you in the skin of a new race and takes you on an adventure to the northern territories to root out and defeat growing enemy forces and of course the infamous "baddie" responsible.

Team up or go it alone in a 1-4 player Coop or Solo play campaign. With over 100+ unique skill dice and 4-7 classes to choose from, every battle is its own mini challenge to figure out. Your adventure will consist of 8-12 battles before you reach your final destination and face off against one of a number of possible kingpins in order to win. Along the way, you will be faced with storyline decisions that will quickly have you weighing risk/reward, odds, and logic - with dice woven into every aspect! Your party will also be faced with other decisions: when to rest, when to explore, or even which fights to pursue! The Encounter cards offer fun plot twists and some comic relief, all while setting the stage for your next battle.

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