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Drags 2 Riches™ Spotlight

Will you be: Busted? Thirsty? Fabulous or a true Extravaganza!!

What is she though?

Drags 2 Riches™ is the deckbuilding card game that finally allows players to live their drag truth. Take on the role of a drag queen building up their wardrobe of fierce and fabulous heels, wigs, outfits, make-up and accessories, laying them down in combinations that will stun the competition.

Players work on their looks in secret, deciding whether to reveal them at the end of the round, or keep them hidden and build even more fabulous combos ready to win the most prestigious events. Every round is full of tension and excitement as you never know who will reveal a look, and only one of you queens can win!

So, if you want to slay the competition… be fabulous, be sassy, and most of all, be fierce!

How to Slay!

Build your wardrobe of fierce looks, wearing your best items to win events across the drag circuit. The person with the highest prestige score earned from event cards at the end of the game wins.

Gameplay consists of rounds, with each player taking a turn to play and buy cards. At the end of the round, players decide whether to compete for the available event. Begin the round by turning over a new event card.

Starting with the first player, each player does the following three phases on their turn.

You betta Turn it Girl!

Play as many cards as you like from your hand. LOOK cards can either be PLAYED or WORN (never both). You can also choose to not play cards, these are discarded at the end of your turn.

PLAYING a card is done face up and allows you to use the action written on the card. You must perform the entire action on the card if possible.

WEARING the card is performed by placing it face down in front of you. This card now forms part of your LOOK. A LOOK can consist of between 1 and 5 cards and may only include 1 of each type of card (HAIR, OUTFIT, HEELS, MAKEUP, ACCESSORIES).

Cards can be replaced in your LOOK at any time during this phase by discarding the card you want to replace.

Every character card has an action. These actions are powerful, but can only be used once per game on your turn (unless otherwise specified), so use them well!


Once you have finished playing cards, you may buy as many cards as you want from the LOOK decks using any COIN you have on the cards you have played. As soon as you take a card from one of these decks, replace it with a card from the draw-pile. The cost of each card is written in the top left hand corner (this is also the LOOK value of the card).

Optional Rule: If you can’t afford a card, you may take the cheapest available card for free.


Purchased cards don't get played this turn but are placed in your personal FLOORDROBE (discard pile) along with all played cards, and any cards left in your hand (you don't get to keep cards for future hands). Draw 5 more cards from your WARDROBE. If you don't have enough cards left then draw what you can and then DRY CLEAN (shuffle) your FLOORDROBE and place it face down to form your new WARDROBE. Now continue to draw cards until you have 5 in your hand.

Your turn is now over. The round continues until everyone has had a turn.

Time to Slay Queen!

The round ends with players competing to win the event card. On the count of 3, all players with LOOK cards on the table must declare with thumbs up or down whether they want to try and compete for the event or not. All players with thumbs up must reveal their entire LOOK. The value of each LOOK is calculated based on the number (cost) at the top of each card. The player with the highest value LOOK wins the event card. All ties are decided by the first player. All players who competed this round must discard their entire outfit into their FLOORDROBE whether they have won or lost. Players who chose not to compete may keep their outfits hidden, and can keep them in play for a future round. If no players decide to play the round, the event card is TRASHED (permanently removed from play) and a new card is revealed at the start of next round as normal.

The round is now over, pass the first player token to the player on your left and start a new round.

Snatch that crown!

The game ends when the last event card is resolved. The winner is the player with the highest total prestige scored from events. Ties are won by the player with the higher number of event cards, otherwise all tying players are declared joint winners.

Founded by David Pettifer in 2020, Bored Wreckers Inc has grown to be a diverse team of individuals who all champion representation, freedom of expression, and inclusion. With our first game - Drags 2 Riches™, we hope to address the distinct lack of representation for LGBTQ+ characters across gamers’ shelves globally. The game was conceived in 2020, and has been developed in close collaboration with members of the drag community to ensure true and honest representation.

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