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Game Spotlight: Heroes of Tenefyr

Dark Dungeons and Dangerous Foes.

The village of Tenefyr is a bastion of light in a valley surrounded by darkness and countless evil creatures. But the many dungeons that litter the mountainsides aren't the only source of danger. Something more terrible is planning an attack on the village. Will you be one of the heroes that saves Tenefyr?

Heroes of Tenefyr at its core is a deck builder with a Dungeon & Dragons skin.

The idea of a D&D deck builder already fills me with immense joy but Heroes of Tenefyr goes a step further, with twists and turns that give the genre a fresh and fun feel.

Sure, you could head straight to the final boss and try your luck but with a hand full of 0’s and 1’s you will probably end up very flat and crispy. So, what to do? Clear out some of the lower level dungeons and absorb their power, of course! Every monster slain in the current dungeon gets added to the victor’s hand, increasing their strength and chances of victory in the next epic duel. Here’s where things get tricky; Heroes of Tenefyr adds a clever mechanic that moves players one or two steps closer to the final battle, depending on how they exit a dungeon. This adds much needed strategy and tension to the game. Do you clear out the easy dungeons and risk running out of time? Or, do you push your luck and take a chance at the bigger creatures? No guts, no glory!

Heroes of Tenefyr becomes completely addictive once you get your first taste of power, discarding some of your lower level cards for stronger dungeon monsters. I felt engaged all the way through the game with the sense of tension and danger increasing with each dungeon we explored. Once you think you have a strategy pinned down, turning over the next monster card can throw your entire team into peril with unique powers and card effects. This stopped me from ever getting bored or the game feeling too similar, instead forcing me to rethink my deck and combinations on each turn. All together, Heroes of Tenefyr was surprising and engaging with moments of frustration and turns of truly over powered brilliance. I will definitely bring this one with me to the next game night.

Once you add the Second Curse expansion, you quickly double your adventure with new character classes and a whole array of new monsters to fill your dungeons.

Both, Heroes of Tenefyr and the expansion Heroes of Tenefyr: The Second Curse can be purchased in the store. Happy gaming and welcome to the BoardGame Nation!

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