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Kickstarter Round-up 1st February

This week's Crowdfunding Round-up is all about Kickstarter. There are a lot of projects all launching this first week of Feb. Prepare your wallet well and choose wisely. This weeks top pick from me will be: Trekking Through History, it looks really cool and I already own the other Trekking games. If you decide to back any let me know in the comments.

In Trekking through History, you go on a 3-day tour of human history, traveling thousands of years in a time machine to experience great moments from our past.

The game takes place over three rounds, each representing one day of your trip. Each day, you’ll visit a series of historical events, spending a different number of hours at each.

On each turn, you'll choose to visit one historical event, and spend a certain number of hours doing it. Doing so will yield benefits, like checking off items on your itinerary for points, and earning Time Crystals so you can bend the space-time continuum on future turns.

Along the way, you’ll also score points for visiting historical events in chronological order.

The player with the most points after three rounds wins.

Patria Libre 1821 is a game that recreate the historic events occurred in Mexico (New Spain) 1810–1821 between the Insurgents who sought to separate from Spain and the Royalists who tried to prevent it.

It is played with two sides, insurgents and royalists.

2 to 4 players may participate.

The side that obtains more victory points will be the winner at the end.

Use orders that will allow you to recruit, move, attack, and level-up your units, collect taxes or gain victory points, build a stronghold, or buy event or character cards. Your objective is to gain more victory points than the other side. To achieve this you must control key regions and use cards akin to your faction. Climbing rising in popularity will help a lot.

Cards are essential. With them you can buy characters that joins your faction or event cards that will grant you interesting rewards.

Popularity is very important in this game, if you have the support of the people, you will be able to strongly link your orders, however, without the people´s approval, your cause will dwindle .

Historically, characters changed factions, this is also true in the game. So a few characters may change their minds over time, according to their preferences, sadly joining the opposing side.

Fantasy Commander is a strategic board game with highly detailed resin miniatures at a scale of 1:72 (20mm) by Signum Games. Take part in an epic showdown in the Signum world, where the glorified heroes bring their armies of fantasy creatures to the battlefield and unleash a real war out there.

Although the game is basically designed as a two-player duel game, you can involve even more players in additional game modes, as well as test yourself in a single-player Narrative Campaign, where you can easily master basic game rules.

BONC! is The Battle Royale Of Card Games, it is a fun, intense, and strategic card game for kids and adults alike.

All players start with 5 lives each. Take turns playing one card face-up on the discard pile.

Try to BONC! the player right before you by matching the number of the card they played. Or get fancy & use wild cards for special attacks, protection, & healing.

If you lose all your lives, you’re out of the game. The last one standing wins!

Welcome museum curators! A Spinosaurus skeleton has just been discovered in your area, and all the museums want it for their dinosaur exhibits. As a curator, you must roll for curation tools, expand your exhibit areas, manage storage rooms, and create impressive layouts of fossils in your dinosaur exhibit. The museum with the most curation points will receive the Spinosaurus skeleton for display.

Players take turns rolling the curation dice, choosing their tools and shading their map, using pillar tokens, and displaying dinosaur fossils to create the best dinosaur exhibit. Place your fossil tiles just right to create more bonuses to increase your curation points score.

A memory and bluffing game featuring monster cards from classic literature (plus some modern ones like "hunk vampire" and "teen wolf") and the neutralizer cards that can destroy them. Each monster has an ability such as triggering the top card of your discard pile. You don't play cards from your hand; you take cards from a 4-card pool and trigger the card as you take it. At the end of the game players discard down to their best 2 cards. Neutralizers then destroy their corresponding monsters, and the player with the best surviving combination of cards wins.

GOAL End the game with the highest combined point total between your final 2 cards.

SETUP Shuffle all cards and deal 4 face-up into the center row (the Pool), and one face- down into each player’s personal discard pile. At any time, players may look at (but not rearrange) their discard pile. Choose a random “start player” to begin.

EACH PLAYER’S TURN (proceed clockwise) Draw a card from the Pool, say its name and number aloud, and trigger/resolve its primary ability. (If another card gets triggered, reveal it and resolve it.) Fill the Pool back to 4 from the face-down deck.

At the end of your turn, if you exceed your hand limit (3 cards), discard excess cards face-down to your discard pile. When the draw deck is empty, continue taking turns until everyone has had an equal number. Then Resolution begins.

NEUTRALIZER CARDS These do nothing when drawn/triggered; instead they are used during Resolution. Most Neutralizers negate the points granted by 2 specific Monsters (in any players’ hands). Neutralizers are not Monsters; their points can’t be negated.

RESOLUTION (combine / score your 2 cards) All players discard down to just 2 cards. In turn order, each player dramatically reveals their highest-number card. Then they reveal their other card. Resolve all Neutralizers. The player with the highest total score wins the game. If there is a tie, the tied player with the highest-value surviving Monster is the winner.

A two-player game about saying goodbye.

We had such a good run. We were great together. Now we standin' front of each other, just minutes before our last goodbye. There's so much to say. And so much we know will be left unsaid.

I Guess This Is It... is a powerful, emotionally charged game about saying goodbye. It is about loss and reflection. Two players will form a path created by the bonds they shared as they try spend as much time together before the last goodbye. Players must decide the nature of their relationship; whether they are friends, lovers, rivals or something else. After deciding the location of their goodbye they will use cards with one word prompts on them. Barrier, clash, joy, passage. After discussing the memories attached to the prompts the players will find only a few cards remaining in their hands. These are the cards that are memories left unsaid. Perhaps your final card in hand is Fear. This card is for you to reflect on after the departure. These are your final moments together, how will you say goodbye?

Rogue Angels is a character-driven solo or co-op Sci-Fi adventure for 1-4 players. The game blends engaging narrative with impactful choices leading to multiple paths through various missions and personal journeys.

Rogue Angels merges tactical combat with fluent turns and action management with asymmetric abilities, where you fight behavior-driven enemies through combined card and dice play.

Throughout your journey the decisions you make will permanently shape your character's personality and their relationship with other individuals, opening and closing possible paths along the way.

Rogue Angels offers individual difficulty settings allowing players an experience best suited for their level.

Set in the Burning Suns universe, you will be travelling a diverse galaxy with various factions all vying for their way of life. You get the opportunity to become a hero, shield civilians from conflicts, defend your spaceship from boarding enemies, and help save the galaxy.

But be careful, as your team will be tested in numerous scenarios and face difficult choices in and outside of combat, and you will not be offered a second chance.

As a leader you must be willing to sacrifice everything and your legacy to bring peace to the many species of the Burning Suns.

In Seas of Havoc, players take on the role of a unique captain of a ship in a naval combat game where players are competing for the most renown. Players can gain renown for discovering shipwreck and battling it out on the high seas.

The game is split between a combat phase on the high seas and an island phase where players send out their skiffs to worker placements to gain resources, improve their decks, repair and upgrade their ship. During the combat phase, Players will play out a hand of cards to maneuver their ship; navigating obstacles, searching shipwrecks and firing cannons at their opponents. Multi-use cards offer options as the battle unfolds and card bonuses reward smart play.

What is Captain’s Log the board game?

It is a 1-4 players sandbox board game with an estimated playing time of 2-4 hours and recommended for people aged 14+ where you will be in charge of a ship from the colonial period and you will compete against other players to become the most famous captain of all.

The game starts with the election of our ship. You will have a choice between a swift and agile but fragile ship; a well-balanced ship, if you want to play it safe; and a heavy and slow but strong ship.

With our ship, we will try to become the most famous and well-known captain of all seven seas and get a place in history. How? We can transform our ship into a frightening man-o-war and loot boarded ships or into the fastest sailboat ever imagined. We will be able to trade in the market to get doubloons, grow our crew, improve our weapons and load capacity, enrol on a mission and get a reward, explore the ocean to search for treasures, fight against or with others, and above all acquire wealth. At the end of the day, it’s a sandbox board game, so you set the limits or the board does.

Throughout the game, we will make contact with other ships commanded by our friends (although we know in a board game is better not to rely on friendships). While exploring the map, we will start catching sight of other ships belonging to the different nations in the game. These are Spain, Holland, France, England, and pirates and corsairs. During the game, you will be able to decide if you want to side with any of these nations which will give you a variety of perks. However, nothing in this life comes for free and your acts might take you to make enemies of some other nations which will make their ships come after yours and try to sink you into the ocean.

Can you be a pirate and become another nation’s ally? Of course! You will sign a letter of marque with that nation and you will become a corsair/pirate. This way you will be able to get up to mischief but you will be loyal to the other nation and leave their ships alone.

As the game moves forward, the sea and wind might not always be in your favour, a storm might surprise us. What if the wind stops all of the sudden or there is low tide? We will have to be ready to deal with our enemies as well as the ever-changing weather. This is just an overview of the game but, fear not! Once you purchase it, you will get an in-depth instruction manual. After finishing this “captain’s log” and if you reach the required fame before the rest of the players, you will be crowned the most famous captain in the history of the Caribbean!

It is the height of the Ming Dynasty. Literati artists hike and sail across the land searching for inspiration to compose the greatest works of the age. Those seeking the greatest fame present their work at the capital city of Nankin. However, aristocracy is fickle. Will you follow the latest trends, or start them?

Jiangnan: Life of Gentry is a worker placement and action tile bag building game for 1 to 4 players. Jiangnan can be played as a single scenario or through multiple campaigns. Players are literati and artisans of the elite gentry class living in Jiangnan, the prosperous region to the south of the Qinhuai River, and are highly skilled in literature, calligraphy, brush painting, and the musical and performing arts.

But you'll need the skills of bureaucracy to drive and guide aristocracy to evolve your work from today's latest trend to an everlasting classic to be sung and studied for thousands of years.

Nightbreak is a medium weight competitive hero-based fantasy card game that features a fixed turn count, a day/night resource system, spatial positioning mechanics, and push your luck mechanics.

Players choose three Heroes from their faction and enter a battle with a duration of two in-game days. During each player's turn, that player gains at least one Blessing Point from their Goddess. Blessing Points are resources used to activate Hero powers. These resources also allow Heroes to escape from the battle undetected, or allow Heroes to pray to their Goddess for further blessings on a future turn.

As the battle progresses, Heroes take damage and eventually become overwhelmed forcing them to temporarily retire from the battle. When a Hero becomes overwhelmed, a new Hero from that player's Hero deck arrives to the battle. The player who overwhelms an opposing Hero gains favour from their Goddess. At the end of the two-day battle, the player that earned the most favour from their Goddess is the winner!

You are a spaceship captain and you cruise your ship between planets to create your own destiny. You can perform different kinds of jobs. You can be a bounty hunter or sabotage others. You can deliver cargo or perform heroic acts. You want to become famous and it is up to you to decide how to reach your objectives. You might get involved into politics and decide to support the terrans or the Aeroneans. Or you might ignore both and try to pick your own quest. The possibilities are limitless in Selsia, but one thing remains constant: you must keep getting stronger! Upgrade your spaceship and recruit crew members to help you reach your goals.

Selsia is a 1-4 players game that takes 30-75 minutes to play. Players will compete throughout the game for fame. The player with the most fame points wins. In Selsia, the following mechanisms are utilized: action selection, area control, pickup and delivery, rondel movement and dice rolling.

In the start of the game, each player get their own spaceships. Later on, players will have the chance to upgrade different parts of their spaceships using a catalog of at least 28 unique upgrades that allow different strategies and provide a high replay value. Each upgrade slots into the player board based on its type giving a nice visual appeal and a sense of advancement. Players will install new weapons, better defense systems, stronger battery units, better engines, ...

Selsia uses various unique and easy to grasp mechanisms. Players have to move their spaceships and perform an action, it's that simple. The rules are easy to learn, but making the right decision is not so easy. There are many strategies available to choose from, and the best of them all is revealed only at the end of each game. And the icing on the cake is a novel, rewarding and exciting combat system.

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