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Kickstarter Round-Up Week of Feb 7th

This week we have really good mix of different games coming to Kickstarter. These projects span the whole range of different game mechanics, themes and complexity. Something for everyone in the week's round-up. I think, I will probably be backing Rolling Heights.

If you back any this week please let me know in the comments.

Roll Your Meeples, Build the City.

It's the 1920's and your career as a general contractor is about to take off. You have just started your business in a rapidly expanding city.

In Rolling Heights, players roll workers in the form of meeples. Standing meeples work hard that day and provide special actions and building materials, while face-down meeples provide nothing. You can always push your luck for better rolls, but you might lose valuable materials you need to construct new buildings. Completing buildings gains you prestige, as well as new workers to help you construct even larger buildings, including skyscrapers.

Will you construct the next famous landmark?

Load up your vehicle with supplies, strap on a few weapons, and prepare to make your wreckland run.

Wreckland Run takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape known as the Wrecklands that's filled with marauders and other dangers. In this post-apocalyptic solitaire game of vehicular carnage, you choose a vehicle and driver to guide through a seven-chapter campaign, trying desperately to get supplies through to the last holdouts of civilization. Each chapter introduces new options and challenges, and the whole game can be replayed with different combinations of drivers and vehicles.

Scott Almes’ Silicon Valley puts players in the shoes of budding entrepreneurs struggling to be the first amongst their competitors to have their startup company valued at $1 billion.

Players hire staff for their start-up company to put out new products, with the nature of the products being determined by patterns that you build with polyominoes. By putting these products on the market, you gain income, but other players might copy your product and take some of that money for themselves — refining your ideas to steal market share, as it were. Along the way you need to acquire funding, hire and fire staff, seek investors, expand your HQ, and try not to go bankrupt while working you way toward being the first company to be valued at $1 billion, which nets you the win.

Silicon Valley plays in 60-90 minutes and includes a challenging and innovative solo-mode.

Floating Floors is a tactical balancing duel in which you, a ninja, become the architect of your own domain, creating a labyrinth of floating floorboards for your rival to cross.

In more detail, you create a stable path to your target by balancing a labyrinth of floorboards that will also be used by your rival. The trick is in strategically using your jutsu tokens to keep your new ninja camouflaged with the surroundings, while sabotaging the rival ninja's path.

The first ninja to claim all four bansen seals, concealed by your rival during set-up, wins.

In a fantasy Island, a magic tree, the Kabula, is held in a Sanctuary to ensure immortality to all inhabitants. The balance is broken when six deranged characters from Earth find themselves transported to this Island. Their surreal adventures include humorous encounters and heavy satire on several topics.

Kabula is a competitive board game for 2-6 players set in a uniquely twisted fantasy world. It blends a sandbox RPG experience with skirmish elements and a combat system comparable to that of a dungeon crawler. Heroes will develop to one of three possible personalities as they fight and tame monsters, explore dungeons and encounter peculiar quests. Eventually, they clash with each other in pursuit of the Kabula, the tree which holds the fate of the Universe.

Story The game Iron Forest takes place in a fantastical land called Neemus. Several different clans call Neemus home, including Wolf Clan, Hedgehog Clan, Rabbit Clan, and the Owl Clan. While the many clans have called this land home for as long as they can remember, they know they were not the first to live here. On the edge of Neemus lies a place the clans call Iron Forest, filled with strange looking structures and creations. Upon deeper exploration, the combined forces of Animal Clans discovered incredible technology that they quickly learned how to use, creating their own amazing machines that helped them develop their own civilization. However, one day, Iron Forest sprang to life and rose into the sky, building machines of their own. This Iron Force has one objective: to take back the technology stolen from Iron Forest. Now Animal Clans must fight back to protect their homeland.

Gameplay Iron Forest is a flicking game for 2-4 players, split into two opposing teams: Animal Clans or Iron Force. Each scenario offers asymmetrical objectives that each side needs to fulfil in order to win. Scenarios involve players trying to control certain areas of the game board, destroy opposing team mechas, collect certain objects, and much more. On their turns, players draw cards from their team's activation deck, then activate the mecha depicted on that card by either flicking it or launching it. Players also have access to a range of different power-up cards that will grant their side unique abilities, turning the tide in their favour!

Astro Knights is a cooperative deck building game where your deck is never shuffled. Your goal is to defeat the Boss before it destroys your team or the Homeworld you’re defending.

Each round, the players and the Boss will take turns in a random order. During a player’s turn, they will be able to acquire Fuel, Tech, and Weapons from the supply, equip and attack with those Weapons based on the number of slots they have, gain new slots, power up, and use their special ability. All four of the Bosses in this game have their own decks and abilities, and will require a different strategy to be defeated.

Build the city's greatest theme park, whatever it takes, with more themes now available in the Unfair Expansion: Comicbook Hacker Kaiju Ocean. These new themes can be mixed with old favorites and with each other:

  • Comicbook: Superheroes are among us! Masterminds, origin stories, super powers, secret identities ... and the occasional villainous monologue.

  • Hacker: What do you get when you mix a cyberpunk cityscape with skilled IT professionals, Wi-Fi for your guests, and a roving AI? There's only one way to find out!

  • Kaiju: Giant monsters, previously seen only in movies, now here to stomp around the Market. Help to defend a grateful City, or benefit from the chaos - it's lucrative either way!

  • Ocean: The ocean gives us amazing creatures, rich resources, a wealth of fabulous natural treasures. And seagulls.

You can also tailor the game to suit your preferred play style with new game changer cards.

Become a jewel hunter and mine building master! In the basement of your castle is the entrance of an old mine. Dig into the depth of the earth in search for gems. The deeper you go, the more valuable these will be.

Dinamine is a mine building strategy game for 2-4 players. The goal is to build the most valuable mine in 10 rounds. Players must build tunnels and mine veins. The deeper the veins, the more valuable the gems that are mined from them.

On each turn, a player will build one or more tunnels in their mine by obtaining tunnel tiles that add up to the number of points obtained from round token + dice roll. The tiles chosen must be of equal or lesser value, as long as the number of points acquired does not exceed the value of the tunnel tile(s). In some cases, players can perform an extra action depending on the tile type.

The game ends when the last round token is played. (There are 10 rounds) The victory point (VP) count is then performed to determine who is the winner. The player with the most victory points (VP) after counting veins, altars, wells, rewards, items and missions is the winner!

In Last Resort, each player is the proud new owner of a defunct space station, which they plan to turn into the galaxy’s trendiest space resort!

Each round (or ‘season’) players will select one of their four advert cards to play, broadcasting it across the galaxy to attract tourists! These advert cards also dictate which parts of your station guests can check out of (generating income) and what kind of tile you can build this round. But beware – playing the same advert as another station will generate interference, causing Malfunction tiles to crop up on both stations!

When players are done checking out tourists and buying new tiles, rockets packed with new tourists will arrive! In the Arrivals phase, players draft tourists to visit their stations, with the players whose attractions and amenities most align with current trends getting to pick first (which usually means they will also get extra tourists, as arrival numbers are rarely an exact multiple of the player count!) If a player does not have a suitable spot for the type of tourist they wish to draft, the tourist is ejected into space, negatively affecting your station’s ratings!

At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most QUID – or Quantum Universal Intergalactic Denomination, the accepted currency of all space resorts. QUID is generated not only by checking out tourists, but also competing to be the highest in each of the four ‘Prestige’ categories – Thrills, Entertainment, Relaxation and Inspiration!

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