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kickstarter Roundup October 11th

Here's a quick list of all of the crown funding games coming to Gamefound and Kickstarter in the next 7 days. Have a look at them all and let me know if you think any are interesting.

Forgotten Treasure is a strategic and easy-to-learn turn-based card game from Wicked Magic Games. In this game, you are competing against fellow pirates to collect Treasures using various Keys, Items, and Defenses while protecting yourself against other players and dangerous Events.

The game is played over a varying number of rounds, all with the goal of being the first player to claim 4 Treasures. The first player to claim 4 Treasures is the winner.

Each turn you have two action points that can be used to draw cards, play Items, or claim Treasures.

There are five card types in the game: Treasures, Keys, Items, Defenses, and Events. Treasures are the main goal of the game and provide you with helpful effects when claimed. Keys are used to claim Treasures. Items have a variety of effects that assist you in claiming Treasures or hinder other players. Events are crazy, game-changing cards that are played immediately when drawn. So Events may cause to you keep your hand exposed to all players, while other might force you to trade hands with other players. Defenses are used to protect yourself from Events or stop other players from playing Item cards.

Bardwood Grove is a tableau-composition euro game where each player assumes the role of a fantastical Bard. Set in The Five Realms universe (Merchants Cove, Rise to Nobility, Cavern Tavern), players will adventure to the Halfling Realm, the home to the finest, highly-talented, and most-legendary Bards of all the land.

As Bards, players will manage a unique tempo dial mechanism to build temporary Song tableaus from your deck, while exploring and activating locations around the lush woodland city. Each Bard starts with asymmetric skill decks that match their style, such as the Bardbarian, Sword Dancer, and Wardrummer. Learn new Bardic skills, tell tales and perform gigs, soothe the dissonant creatures invading the Grove, and contend with other Bards for the most Glory and Fame. Once all Glory has been collected, the Bard with the most combined Glory and Fame wins!

Each turn, players draw two cards from their unique skill deck and play one to their Story (discard pile) for instant benefits, while the other is added to their Song (tableau). Bardwood Grove challenges players to carefully craft their Song tableaus, coordinating them with their Composition cycle that governs how frequently they sing. As players strategically use resources to upgrade their decks, Songs will release powerful combos and allow players to interact with multiple locations. This creates a unique ebb and flow to the game, as players build their songs, and then decide when and where to sing them.

Rumor has it that Bardwood Grove is full of hidden secrets. As the game is played and decisions are made, players will unlock content and evolve the game naturally. An achievement system tied to the choices and performances of each game will guide players through a series of unlockable content. As new content emerges through each play, the game will provide players with new content that is based on unique outcomes and player decisions. Grove locations will change, additional Bardic skills can be unlocked, Bard decks become more powerful, new Bards arrive in town, and a variety of characters (both good and bad) can enter the game.

Unravel the mysteries of Bardwood Grove!

In Blokk! you are the Architect and must build the perfect cube. Test your logic and problem-solving skills by using the game's 360° rotating stand, and construct The Cube based on the stencil in play - this is a process known as The Build.

The game has 36 unique 3D coloured blocks where Architects can select only one block on their turn. Players must choose one out of three construct modes per game:

Free Blokk! - Architects choose a block of their choice on each turn

Dice Blokk! - Architects roll a six-sided dice and play the color rolled per turn

Card Blokk! - Architects draw from the deck and play the block on their card each turn

These modes can be played either solo, or with friends and family in a co-op or versus game. Architects can also complete various difficulty challenges and unlock mystery blocks.

A game is completed once the Architects have come as close to a perfect cube as possible based on the stencil in play.

The Architect with the least imperfections wins!

The King is coming to the City in three days and will feast in the Tavern that offers him the finest banquet. In addition to the prestige that will come with this royal reception, there is also mention of a purse full of gold coins... You are the owner of a tavern and you will send your workers to brave the cursed forests and face a thousand dangers in order to gather the rarest ingredients for your recipes. Magical mushrooms, wild plants, dragon eggs... Nothing is too tasty, or too dangerous, to attract the king...

Taverns & Dragons combines dice placement mechanics with worker movement, in an adventure game full of heroes and dragons. At the beginning of each round, players roll their dice. Then, each player will play one dice, either to activate one of their workers or to collect gold and energy. Your workers can also engage in risky but rewarding dragon hunts, or visit locations to get bonus actions. You can also attract Heroes to your tavern, who will help you to slow down your opponents or perform powerful combos.

Players earn points for recipes cooked, Heroes attracted to their tavern and trophies brought back from Dragon hunts. At the end of the 7 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game.

Ever wondered what gaming hardware that comes to life to play with you would look like? We did, and our answer is OLEM: a robot that assists you in new type of board games.

Micro Medusa is a 2 player competitive drafting, tile building and tile-revealing game. Players can be The Mighty Medusa, trying to extend their serpentine tress and defeat the intruding Champion. Or be the Champion, who is charged with using their equipment and cunning wit to anticipate Medusa’s next move without being turned into stone.

Players play a tile from their drafted hand onto the field. Medusa plays tiles in face down, hidden from the champion, and the champion places a responding tile face up adjacent to that tile. Medusa will then reveal the tile in order to resolve what happens. The outcome could tip the scale!

Birdwatcher is a fast, competitive game where players are rival wildlife photographers on a hunt to snap photos of the elusive and illustrious birds of paradise.

Players will lure birds to their tree from the jungle, take photos of the birds in their tree, and publish their findings. The photographer with the most citation points at the end of the game is awarded the Global Geographic Photographer of the Year, and is the winner!

In Birdwatcher, each player has three actions on their turn. These actions may be spent calling birds to their Tree from the central Clearing and Jungle, snapping photos of birds in their Tree, or running into the Jungle to flush new birds to the Clearing. Players can also use their actions to set up a zoom lens to capture a bird from another player's tree, or to Publish a paper. Photos and Publications will be assembled from left to right in the player's photo journal, where they will score points at the end of the game.

Gartenbau is a 2-4 player game in which players place and layer tiles in a tableau to meet the growing requirements of specifically drafted flower tiles.

More generally, you and your fellow players are gardeners racing to create and grow a garden that contains four fully mature flowers, along with other seedlings and plants, in an effort to earn the most prestige by fulfilling each of the flower's unique growing requirements. The player with the most prestige at the end of the game is crowned "Gartenmeister" — The Master Gardener.

Perpetuity, an artificial star with a system of orbiting planets is misbehaving and slowly sinking into chaos. The inhabitants of the system will soon be lost to oblivion. Time is short, resources are scarce and heroes are desperately needed.

Perpetuity: Grave Descent is a science fiction worker placement game for 1-5 players and plays Cooperatively, Competitively and Solo. Each round players place workers on work tiles to collect resources, repair damaged tiles, upgrade tiles, build ships and eventually fly missions to evacuate alien villages on the dying planets. Players must navigate a quickly changing game where lower level workers become less effective. Players must balance choices between keeping systems operational and spending limited resources on ships and rescue missions.

"Perpetuity" itself (the artificial star) can be played by one of the players or a set of A.I. cards. Perpetuity in both cases works against the other players and attempts to hinder their evacuation efforts by unlocking abilities in Gravity, Space, Time and Matter.

In Cooperative play, players race to save all the alien villages and workers. If any are lost when a planet is destroyed, the game ends in failure.

In Competitive play, players vie for the most victory points by maximizing opportunities for points with repairs, exploration, evacuations and collecting resources.

Paint the Roses is a 2-5 player cooperative logic deduction game that automatically adapts to your skill during play.

Set in the puzzling world of Alice in Wonderland, you and your friends are the newly appointed Royal Gardeners. You are working together to finish the palace grounds according to the whims of the Queen of Hearts. Use strategy, logic, and teamwork to finish the garden whilst staying one step ahead of the Queen, otherwise, the last thing you hear will be, "Off With Their Heads!".

Short Overview: The Queen's whims are shared via cards, secret instructions each player is given into how the garden should be arranged. Her whims are always changing, so as soon as you solve one, a new one is in your hand.

Every turn, together as a team you must guess at least one of these secret whim cards. You can't say what your card shows, but by carefully placing a new shrub tile into the garden (taken from those available in the Greenhouse) you are able to reveal clues, tokens that will show any matches between the arrangement in the garden and the secret whims each player holds in their hands.

Although you can't discuss your own secret whim card, you can openly discuss other players. Share your theories at the table and then make a guess. Correctly guessing a whim will move you forward on the score track, but the Queen is always following and her speed automatically adjusts based on your current score. Guess incorrectly and the Queen moves twice as fast, her axe ever closer to your neck.

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