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Damnation: The Gothic Game, Kickstarter edition



Damnation: The Gothic Game is a 2 - 8 player horror board game with one simple goal - to be the last surviving player.


The game takes place in Dracula’s Castle where a cast of victorian era inspired villains must face off in a brutal battle royale. It is an updated version of the 1992 cult classic, The Gothic Game, developed by Robert Wynne Simmons and Nigel Andrews.

Damnation: The Gothic Game, Kickstarter edition

VAT Included

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    • Player Count: 2-8
    • Play Time: 45 - 90 min
    • Age: 14+
    • Genre: Horror
    • Play Style: Competitive
    • Key Mechanic: Card Game, Dice, Exploration
    • Copy of Core Pledge + Expansion + Bust
    • A copy of Damnation: The Gothic Game together with a copy of Night of the Vampire expansion.
    • Also includes a collectable resin bust of Dracula. 

Buy 2 Games Get £5 off

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