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Heroes of Tenefyr

Heroes of Tenefyr - the Heroes (players) are working together to defend their village against the approaching evil. Searching through dungeons they build up their strength so that when the evil actually arrives they are able to defeat it or the village will be attacked. Heroes are faced with 10 dungeons, 2 dungeons of each of the 5 levels, to explore but not enough time to search them all so must make two decisions - which dungeons to explore and if they have enough collective strength to complete each dungeon search to defeat what lies within and score the improvement cards. If their draw deck is running low before entering a dungeon the heroes can decide to rest and the evil draws one step closer, but if it runs out mid dungeon the evil draws 2 steps closer. The heroes win condition is to defeat the evil, anything else is considered a loss.

Heroes of Tenefyr

VAT Included

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    • Player Count: 1 - 4
    • Play Time: 60 Minutes
    • Age: 14+
    • Genre: Fantasy
    • Play Style: Cooperative, Push Your Luck
    • Key Mechanic: Hand Management

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