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Hideous Abomination + Robots and Rot Expansion

Hideous Abomination Base Game & Robots and Rot Expansion bundled together at a great price. 


Hideous Abomination Base Game 

A competition for creative miscreants

Sharpen your bone saws and practice your whipstitching, the competition has begun! Take turns laying body part tiles to build your own unique abomination, trying to get the most desirable features and win the most trophies. With randomized win
conditions, secret objectives, and 100 unique body parts, no two games are ever the same. Who can breathe life into the most repugnant and bizarre monstrosity?


Robots and Rot Expansion 

Not hideous enough for you?

Freshen up those stale monstrosities (or push them further into decay) with this expansion that adds new ways to play and deeper strategy to Hideous Abomination! Rot tiles make other tiles useless. Robot tiles are automatically bolted down and resist Rot. It's a disgusting new dimension to the game!

Hideous Abomination + Robots and Rot Expansion

VAT Included

Buy 2 get £5 Off

    • Player Count: 2 - 5
    • Play Time: 10 - 30 Minutes
    • Age: 8+
    • Genre: Modern, Monsters 
    • Play Style: Family
    • Key Mechanic: Tile Placement

Buy 2 Games Get £5 off

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