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Paleo: A New Beginning

Return to the stone age in a new cooperative adventure! Paleo is a survival strategy game for 2–4 players, who form a tribe of people working together to explore their surroundings and undertake the ultimate paleolithic quest: completing a cave painting.


A year has passed since the release of Paleo, but in the world of the game several thousand years have passed. We've tried to settle, but nothing is as peaceful as it might seem. New dangers and tasks await us, but with a little skill and new tools we can manage to settle down.


Paleo Base game required*

Paleo: A New Beginning

VAT Included

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    • Player Count: 2-4
    • Play Time: 45 - 60 Minutes
    • Age: 10+
    • Genre: Expansion
    • Play Style: Strategy 
    • Key Mechanic: Action/Event, Cooperative Game, Deck Building, Variable Set-up

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