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Trailblazer: the John Muir Trail Kickstarter edition

Trailblazer: The John Muir Trail, takes place over the course of 12 Days/Rounds of backpacking and hiking along the John Muir Trail (JMT).  Each Player/Hiker will experience daily trail encounters, choose to explore destinations along the trail, acquire and manage natural and personal resources, discover and observe the sights and sounds of their environment, adapt to ever-changing weather conditions, and move along the whole trail, all the while using wisely the gear in their backpack to maximize their experience.


Trail Points are earned in several ways along the journey creating many forms and layers of scoring.  There is set collection in the Field Guide Cards, instant scoring through the Destination Cards, bonuses for timely and efficient use of your Backpacking Gear and special end-game scoring by acquiring Medallions and Journey Bonus Arrowheads.

Trailblazer: the John Muir Trail Kickstarter edition

VAT Included

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    • Player Count: 1-4
    • Play Time: 30 - 120 min
    • Age: 14+
    • Genre: Adventure, American West, Animals
    • Play Style: Competitive
    • Key Mechanic: End Game Bonuses, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Set Collection
    • One copy of Trailblazer: the John Muir Trail
    • Black Bear and Bluebird Mini Expansion
    • Advanced Solo Mode by John D Clair
    • All unlocked Stretch Goals included 
    • Upgraded first player token
    • Neoprene game mat

Buy 2 Games Get £5 off

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